Top Rated Best Juicer On the Market (Reviews & Buying Guide) 2022

You have finally given in to your friends’ nags to get into the juicing wagon. That’s a wise move, so wipe that gloom off your face. You will soon be nagging them with your ‘thank you notes’ from all the benefits that this decision will bestow you.

Now that this decision is made, you are on your way to experiencing the world of juicing. There are several of good juicers on the market and you will need some help finding the right fit (trust me). Spoiler alert, though, there is no such thing as the perfect juicer. You only have numerous choices that are top rated in their category.

What we will do on this review is give you an in-depth analysis of each type of juicer to make the decision easier.

As you plunge into this new world, we will go deeper into the four types of juicers there are. You have centrifugal, masticating, single auger, and twin gear (aka triturating juicer). We break then down for better understanding.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing The Best Juicer Machine?

You want a good juicer machine that does that does its job faster without compromising on quality of output. You want:

High Quality Juice – You want juice that has all the valuable nutrients and enzymes. After all, that is the main reason for starting this juicing journey.

Efficient in Extraction and Easy to Clean – As much as you want to follow a healthy routine, you do not want to spend an hour making your juice and cleaning the juicer. You want a juicer that is easy to clean, i.e. 20 minutes for the whole process should suffice.

Not Too Noisy – Peace of mind is paramount.

Reasonably Priced – And of course, a reasonably priced machine because you do not want to break the bank in the name of juicing.

Comprehensive Juicer Reviews To Discover The Perfect Juicers For Your Juicing Needs

Now that you are up to speed with what to look for in a juicer, let us delve into the top rated juicers there are in the market for the various categories.

Best Masticating Juicers

As we discussed earlier, masticating juicers are slow and excellent for the retention of heat-sensitive nutrients and enzymes that make up fruits and vegetables. Unlike their centrifugal counterparts, they do not shred your ingredients but instead, press them to extract all the juice. Their slow pace keeps your juice fresher for longer.

1. Tribest SS-4250-B Solostar Horizontal Masticating Juicer

While there are many juicers on the market, we find the Tribest SS-4250-B Solostar Horizontal Masticating Juicer to the best option for these reasons;

It has a pretty low RPM (57 revolutions per minute), meaning that it beats most of the juicers in its category. Most of them range between 80 and 100. This rotation ensures that your juice retains all the goodness of your ingredients and stays fresh for up to 72 hours.

Point to note: you do not have to refrigerate your juice and so the taste remains the same.

On top of being excellent in quality, it yields highly. It also juices green vegetables well, which is a great property especially for those who want a little green goodness in their juice. Did we mention that you could use it as a food processor too? Well, now you know.

While these pros are quite convincing, the major con for this juicer is that it costs a pretty penny. If you have just started juicing and aren’t sure whether you will stick to this new routine (oh, believe me, you will), or you are on a budget and cannot afford to spend too much on a juicer, you could try Omega J8006 Juicer. While its revolutions per minute are higher than Tribest’s (80 RPM), it does just as well as the former.

2. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

This juicer doubles up as a food processor, just like the Tribest. It produces juice in the same class of quality and keeps it fresh for a reasonable period. It cleans easily since it only has few detachable parts.

You only need 15 minutes to make your juice and clean your juicer. It also works quietly, so you do not have to worry about waking the entire family or pissing off neighbors if you have any. For those fond of leafy greens, this juicer works fairly well with them.

Our Pick: Best Masticating Juicers

Tribest SS-4250B

1st Choice


  • It has a low rpm (57) that retains the integrity of your ingredients.
  • Works well with leafy greens.
  • It is easy to clean by hand and the parts are dishwasher safe.
  • It is less nosiy
  • You can make large batches of juice and keep it fresh for up to 72 hours


  • It works slowly
  • It’s quite pricey

Omega J8006

2nd Choice


  • It is cheaper than the Tribest.
  • Is dual purpose, so you can use it as a food processor too.
  • It is not noisy.
  • Has an automatic pulp ejection system for continued juicing.


  • 80 rpm allows in some heat to reduce the quality of your juice.
  • It has a vertical auger and so it is not an auto feeder. You’ve to push the food down the chute.

If you are interested in comparing other masticating juicers on the market, you should check out this post: Masticating Juicer Reviews & Comparison: Top 10 Best Masticating Juicers On The Market.

Best Centrifugal Juicers

While centrifugal juicers are not as highly regarded as the masticating kind, they serve their purpose. Chief among the reasons that make them attractive is the pace at which they work and their lenient price. They also have few parts that are detachable, and so assembly, disassembly, and cleaning is a party (the happy kind).

1. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Juicer

If you are out looking for a juicer machine that meets the above requirements, look no further than Breville JE98XL Juicer. This appliance is popular among the centrifugal die-hards because of its two-speed control that enables you to work on both hard and soft vegetables.

It goes to the highs of 12,000 RPM and lows of 6,500 RPM. It is quite noisy, but not enough to get you evicted (okay, depends on your neighborhood). It also yields quite well.

It features a wide (3-inch) chute that makes preparation easy. You do not have to chop your vegetables into tiny pieces. Matter of fact, you could feed whole fruits through this humongous chute.

Cons of Breville JE98XL

Every good thing has a shortcoming, and this kitchen gadget is no exception. The juice is exposed to oxygen, regardless of its low-speed control. You will lose some valuable nutrients in the process unless you drink your juice within 15 minutes of making it.

We have written an in-depth review on Breville JE98XL Juicer.

2. Jack Lalanne PJEB Juicer

The juicer is priced right for the purpose its serves, but if the cons put you off, you could counter them with Jack Lalanne PJEB Juicer. The sturdy handle makes this 14 x 16 x 12 inches, 12-pound beautiful monster easy to carry.

Well, it works because the reviews for both products are skyrocketing. The primary reason for choosing this juicer is its 3,600 RPM, which is among the lowest for centrifugal juicers. The rate of oxidation will be lower, and you get to retain most of the nutrients in your fruits and vegetables.

Cons of Jack Lalanne PJEB Juicer

Granted, your juice will take longer to make since this juicer works slower than the Breville.

Our Pick: Best Centrifugal Juicers

Breville JE98XL

1st Choice


  • It has a two-speed control so you can use it for both hard and soft vegetables
  • Works fast.
  • It is easy to clean by hand and the parts are dishwasher safe
  • It occupies less space and it has a wide chute


  • Your juice will lose some of the vital enzymes in the ingredients
  • It’s quite noisy
  • It does not work well with leafy greens
  • It’s quite pricey

Jack Lalanne PJEB Juicer

2nd Choice


  • It is slightly cheaper than Breville and comes at a reduced price
  • The RPM is lower, so the nutritional value of your ingredients will not be compromised as much
  • It has a large chute that allows you to feed whole fruits
  • You do not need to push your food into the feeder for it to juice


  • 80 rpm allows in some heat to reduce the quality of your juice
  • The pace at which you juice is slower considering that the motor rotates at 3,600RPM
  • Still does not do a great job with leafy vegetables

Easy To Clean Juicers

This part is a deal breaker for most people. As much as we care for good health, no one wants to spend the better part of their morning making juice and cleaning their juicer. You could have the best juicer on the market, but if disassembling it and cleaning it is a small event, you will leave it to gather dust in storage.

So, which juicers clean the easiest?

According to John Kohler, vertical juicers clean faster. Most of them are ready to go in only 3 minutes of cleaning. Why is that so? Because they do not have too many complex parts. Actually, all you need to disassemble is the nozzle, the strainer, and the feeding chute. A good rinse in warm soapy water and a scrub on the strainer (using a special brush) is all you need. The parts are also dishwasher safe, so you can pop them in the top rack and wait for it to do the work for you.

Below are our top pick from the 10 easy to clean juicers that we have reviewed.

1. SKG Masticating Cold Press Juicer

This juicer features a vertical auger, and so you can clean it in only three minutes. The only thing that needs closer attention is the strainer because it holds quite a lot of stringy pulp, which if not cleaned thoroughly would render it useless.

So, what’s good about this juicer?

Apart from using the cold-press technology (which retains nutrients), this juicer has a 3-inch chute to throw in your ingredients without chopping them too much. Due to its low 60RPM, you can juice your kales and spinach without any worries.

Cons? It is quite pricey, which is why we have an alternative, which works in the same way the SKG juicer does, only it will not cost you as much.

2. Flexzion Cold Press Juicer

The Flexzion Cold Press Juicer Machine works in pretty much the same way as the SKG. It features the same vertical auger and runs at a low RPM (65) that ensures your juice is in the quality that you want it. It saves you almost half the money you would have spent on the SKG.

Cleaning Tip: It is prudent to clean your juicer as soon as you are done using it because the strainer gets sticky and could take monger to clean. If you do not wash it within 15 minutes of using it, you would need to soak it for a minimum of one hour to get the pulp out.

Our Pick: Easy To Clean Juicers

SKG Wide-Chute Masticating Juicer

1st Choice


  • It has a low rpm (60) that retains the integrity of your ingredients
  • It does well with leafy vegetables
  • Best part: It is easy to clean by hand and the parts are dishwasher safe. It takes you 3-4 minutes to hand wash the parts
  • Whispery operation
  • Your juice keeps for up to 72 hours without losing its taste or degrading


  • It is quite heavy (weighs 16 lbs). It needs more storage space
  •  It is expensive

Flexzion Cold Press Juicer

2nd Choice


  • It costs half the price of SKG
  • It has a vertical auger and so it makes for easy cleaning
  • It is not noisy
  • With a motor rotating at 65 rpm, you do not have to worry about losing vital ingredients


  • 65 rpm are not the best for leafy vegetables
  • Its 800ml pulp tank fills up fast

Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Any avid juicer will admit that getting a juicer that works well with wheatgrass is quite the task. Wheatgrass and other edible grasses are sensitive to heat and need a juicer that is made specifically to handle the nature of their constitution. For the sake of getting the best out of wheatgrass, we would recommend that you use these juicers.

1. Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

We recommend the Handy Pantry Hurricane Wheatgrass Juicer because it is manual, meaning that there would be no heating for your ingredients and that your juice would not oxidize at all. It is also quite easy to handle and use. How difficult could a manual tool be? All that you need to have is a surface area to mount it on and that’s about it!

The other great thing that you will agree with us is that your manual kitchen appliance will go anywhere with you; to the cabin for a weekend, for camping, just about anywhere. You do not need electricity to continue your juicing habits. The price is also quite enticing.

If you find that this make does not rock your boat, you could try Samson Super Juicer, which does an excellent job as the Hurricane. The only significant difference is that this make uses electricity and will therefore not require too much strength to use.

2. Samson 6-1 Single Auger Wheatgrass Juicer – Model GB9001

The motor on this juicer rotates at 70RPM, which is ideal for wheatgrass. It does not result to lost nutrients, which tends to be the case when a higher-powered motor is used.

The manufacturers make it with durable material, so you can count on having it for as long as you wish. They throw in a year’s warranty for all the parts. It has a huge chute for easy feeding and is quite easy to clean too.

Our Pick: Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

1st Choice


  • It is manually operated and so it does not heat up to degrade the heat-sensitive nutrients and enzymes in your ingredients
  • It does great with wheatgrass and hard vegetables
  • It has a handful of parts, which are easy to clean by hand. They are dishwasher safe
  • Whispery operation since it does not utilize electricity
  • Your juice keeps for longer
  • It is light for easy portability


  • You need to mount it to use it
  • Since it is manually operated, it would pose a challenge for people suffering from arthritis

Samson 6-in-1 Single Auger Wheatgrass Juicer

2nd Choice


  • It makes large batches of juice
  • It is not noisy
  • Most of the nutrients in your wheatgrass are retained
  • It is made of durable material


  • 80 rpm could cause a little degrading of some enzymes
  • It is bulky. The machine weighs 30 pounds
  • It is quite expensive being a commercial model

Best Orange Juicers

Don’t we all love our oranges? Nothing like the taste of unsweetened natural orange juice to kick start your morning. Oranges are tricky and easy to juice in equal measure. While you can easily squeeze it off the juice with your bare hands, you can just the same miss most of it to be left with pulp full of wasted juice.

Note: when we talk but the best orange juicers, we refer to all citrus fruits.

Which one among these is our favorite orange juicer and why?

1. Breville 800CPXL

From Breville, this stainless orange juicer is the ideal gadget to have for your citrus juices. The material (which is acid resistant), stainless steel is so durable that you will probably pass it on to the future generation as a souvenir.

We like its 7 by 16-1/2 inches size, which enables it to fit effortlessly on your kitchen counter. It only has a handful of parts to clean, so you can take it apart and clean it up quickly. If you wish, the dishwasher will have it too.

You also do not have to use too much energy for operation. The cone holds your fruit, and you press it gently into it. The motor will do most of the work for you. It also has the reverse option where you press one of the controls and have it run the other way for efficient extraction.

In the average standards of most oranges juicers in the market, Breville is priced on the higher side. This other option works in the same way Breville works but costs only a fraction of its cost.

2. Tribest Citristar Citrus Juicer

First, the design of Tribest Citristar Juicer will make you fell in love with it. It is an easy, glossy white, which makes it look like more of a counter top decoration than a juicer. Do not be fooled, though.

A 50-watt motor powers this juicer to make you juicing as easy and efficient as possible. Your juice also retains all the nutrients that are in you citrus fruits. Due to the cold-press effect, you do not have to down your juice as soon as you make it.

And just like the Breville, you do not need to use a lot of energy when pressing your fruits.

Our Pick: Best Orange Juicers

Breville 800 CPXL Juicer

1st Choice



  • The low motor rotation speed will not degrade the heat-sensitive nutrients and enzymes in your ingredients
  • It can handle all types of citrus fruits
  • It has a handful of parts, which are easy to clean by hand. They are dishwasher safe
  • Your juice keeps for longer since there is minimal heat generated
  • It occupies a small space
  • You require less energy to operate it with its 70-watt motor. The reverse function is also leads to high yield


  • Be careful of splashes when juicing
  • The cone is too small for large grape fruits

Tribest Citristar

2nd Choice



  • It retains the nutritional value of your juice
  • It handles all citrus fruits including grapefruits gracefully
  • It is made of durable material
  • It is cheaper than Breville


  • With its 50-watt power, you have to press your fruits a little harder to extract all the juice
  • It is a bit noisy

Best Twin Gear Juicers

These juicers utilize two gears, so basically they have two augers. They are some of the most efficient juicers in terms of the quality of juice and yield. The two augers do the job that would ordinarily be allocated to one (on the single gear juicers), so you can imagine the thoroughness with which they work.

They are highly priced, and that is a fact, but if you are going to invest in a juicer that will serve you for the longest time while giving you the highest quality of juice that your body needs, then they are your best choice.

The best twin-gear juicer in our list is:

1. Super Angel Twin Gear Juicer

The first thing you notice about the Super Angel Twin Gear Juicer is its impressive exterior. It is made of beautiful yet durable stainless steel so that it looks like part of your kitchen’s décor. It is dual purpose so that you can convert it to a food processor.

The rotation speed of the motor? 86 RPM to keep the vital enzymes and delicate nutrients intact.

This juicer gives you the high-quality juice that is almost unmatched by any other. The twin gears reduce your ingredients (including wheatgrass) to a dry pulp. Throw in a 10-year warranty on body and parts, and you have a sweet deal.

Cons? The cost of this juicer is quite prohibitive, and we know that it can be an impediment. Well, you do not have to bail on getting a juicer on that account. We have another recommendation that works almost as well as this amazing juicer.

2. Tribest Green Star Twin Gear Juicer

The Tribest Greenstar Twin Gear Juicer comes close to Super Angel in many ways, including the production of high-quality juice. It has a slightly high rpm (110 as opposed to 86 for the Angel), but the rate is still safe to ensure that most nutrients are retained.

It is similarly built for longevity, with its manufacturer giving you a 12-year warranty on body and parts. The material is just as sturdy as Angel’s. Its motor is a bit louder than Angel’s though.

Note: Even though they are quite expensive, twin-gear juicers are some of the best in the market owing to their ability to produce the most nutritious juice and their multi-function.

Our Pick: Best Twin Gear Juicers

Super Angel Twin Gear Juicer

1st Choice


  • It has relatively low rpm. The motor rotates at 86RPM to keep the ingredients as valuable as possible. The juice stays nutritious and flavorful for up to 72 hours
  • It works well with wheatgrass due to its low speed
  • The parts are detachable and easy to assemble
  • The material is long lasting
  • It doubles up as a food processor


  • It is quite heavy
  • It has many parts, so the cleaning process is quite tedious

Tribest Green Star Twin Gear Juicer

2nd Choice


  • A 110 RPM retains the nutritional value of your juice
  • Has a large chute to allow in large chunks of food
  • Made of durable material
  • Cheaper than Super Angel by far
  • Doubles up as a food processor


  • While most nutrients will endure an RPM of over 100, some vital ones get lost
  • A bit noisy due to its higher motor power
  • Quite bulky at 24 pounds

Best Cheap Juicers

So, this is the deal. You are new to this lifestyle, and you are not sure that you want to make an expensive purchase, just to have it gather dust in storage. We hear you. We have been where you are, and we got to loving this juicing lifestyle so much that we now own high-ends twin-gear juicers. For your sake, we will review two of the best juicers that are priced leniently. You can go here for the comprehensive list.

1. Breville BJE 200XL Compact Juice Fountain

The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain is quite attractive in its design (Beautiful things have a way of distracting me) and compact in shape. It is round and so its takes up only a small part of your counter.

Like most centrifugal juicers, it has a high RPM (14,000) powered by a 700-watt motor to give you your juice of glass in less than one minute.

It has a wide 3-inch chute to allow in large pieces of food and reduce prep time. If you are just getting started, you could make this your first juicer.

If you are looking for an even cheaper option that works just as well, you could check out Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor.

2. Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor

Like its centrifugal counterparts, it has a high-powered motor (800-watts), which makes it not only extremely fast when juicing, but also quite noisy. It works well with all fruits and hard vegetables but does not do well with leafy vegetables due to its speed.

Our Pick: Best Cheap Juicers

Breville BJE 200XL

1st Choice


  • It has a powerful motor that helps it work very fast.
  • It works well with hard vegetables such as celery stalks and carrots.
  • The parts are detachable, easy to assemble and clean. They are dishwasher safe.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • It automatically ejects pulp for continued juicing.
  • It has a wide chute.
    It is compact and so does not take up much space.


  • It is very noisy
  • The high speed of its motor rotation downgrades the value of your juice

Hamilton Beach 67601A Juice Extractor

2nd Choice


  • It has a high-powered motor to work very fast.
  • It has a large chute to allow in large chunks of food.
  • It is made of durable material.
  • It is cheaper than Breville.


  • Vital nutrients get lost in the heat that generates during juicing.
  • It is quite noisy due to its higher motor power.
  • Due to oxidation, the juice does not stay fresh for long.

Best Commercial Juicers

You may be thinking about taking your juicing passion and knowledge to the thirsty world. That is an excellent thought because our bodies could use some love in the name of vital nutrients. When you want to make juice in batches large enough to serve several people at a go, you need to look at some of the brands that can take a ton of ingredients per take without feeling the pressure. While we have discussed five of the best extensively here, we are going to recap two of the best from that list.

1. Vevor Orange Juicer

The Vevor Orange Squeezer machine sets the bar for orange juicers in the market. It can take in up to 30 oranges at the same time. It squeezes them for all they have to yield admirably.

You know what impresses me the most about this juicer? That you can feed it enough oranges to serve 20 customers in a minute. This means well for business as you would never have a line of impatient customers.

It also comes in orange as though to specify that it is intended for oranges alone. (Well, this is a shortcoming for those selling more than citrus juice). The material is definitely for the commercial industry, and it weighs a ton (not literally).

While this juicer is amazing in its output capabilities, it is limiting if plan to sell more than citrus juice. Our second option is this heavy-duty Waring commercial juicer.

2. Waring Commercial Juice Extractor

This mean machine weighs 15 pounds and measures 7.5 x 7.5 x 17 inches, which does not sound like much for a juicer with its capabilities. It has a powerful motor that rotates at 16,000 rpm to help you meet your output requirements with ease.

This juicer does not bear the typical imposing design of most commercial juicers but comes in a beautiful almost charming design that makes it look like your everyday juicer.

Do not be fooled by its glossy exterior. This juicer is made of durable cast-iron to return the value of your investment. The parts are easy to clean, albeit large, and assembly is as easy as eating pizza.

Our Pick: Best Commercial Juicers

Vevor Orange Squeezer

1st Choice


    • It has a powerful motor that helps it work very fast.
    • It takes as many as 30 oranges per take.
    • The parts are detachable, easy to assemble and clean. They are dishwasher safe.
    • It is made of stainless steel.
    • It automatically ejects pulp for continued juicing.
    • It has no chute, but a wide opening instead.
    • It has a safety measure that stops it from working if the top lid is not properly shut.


  • It is quite noisy due to its powerful motor.
  • The high speed of its motor rotation downgrades the value of your juice.
  • It weighs 75 pounds and takes up a lot of space.

Waring Commercial Juice Extarctor

2nd Choice


  • It has a high-powered motor and rotates at 16,000 rpm.
  • It has a large chute to allow in large chunks of food.
  • It is made of durable material and has an appealing exterior
  • It has a large pulp collection tank.


  • Vital nutrients get lost in the heat that generates during juicing.
  • It is quite noisy due to its higher motor power.
  • It allows in oxygen and so he juice does not stay fresh for long.

Wrap Up

Now, the decision is all yours…

This juicer reviews is probably the most comprehensive there is on the best juicers on the market. You have all the information on each type of juicer machine that you would like here. The final decision to buy solely depends on you. This is our last take on juicers: vegetables and fruits are chocked with enzymes and nutrients that you would hardly find anywhere else.

Juicing is the surest way of ingesting your daily requirements without feeling forced. If you want to reap the most benefits, you should go for a cold-press machine as they do not heat the juice and lose vital nutrients. You will be healthier, more energetic, and even lighter for it. Go on, take your pick, buy it, and make a lifestyle change. Cheers!