Breville JE900 juicer

Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional Juice Extractor Review

Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional Juice Extractor was designed by the innovative, world-renowned engineer Keith Hensel.

It was dubbed the world’s first domestic juicer to accept whole fruit and vegetables without chopping or slicing. With a 600 watt motor, you can get a glass of juice in just 5 seconds.

This speed is great on busy mornings or when juicing for lots of people. So what else does it have to offer?

Features and Benefits

A happy juicing experience or not?

The 600-watt motor is centered which means it is positioned directly under the drive shaft. This enhances efficiency and speed when it comes to juicing. It also means there is less strain on the motor when juicing hard fruits or large amounts of juicing. Its micro-mesh filter has a relatively higher speed of 14500 RPMs which ensures juice is produced faster saving you time and money.

It also has a patented centered knife blade cutter assembly. This ensures that when produce is fed into the chute, a small dual-bladed Italian-made knife shreds the pulp into minute particles while pushing it against the filter.

This works to prevent uneven pressure on the cutter and filter and ultimately gives you good quality juice. This unique juicer also has thousands of holes on the micro-mesh maximizing juicing surface area which consequently every last drop of juice is gotten from the pulp.

Result? Bone-dry pulp. The holes are so small (you can hardly see them) that even the smallest seeds, pulp n rind doesn’t get through.

It has a 3-inh feed chute which accepts whole foods and vegetables. Zero time needs to spend chopping or slicing produce.

In short, it can crunch through everything from hard pineapples and hard broccoli to soft kales.

How easy is cleaning?

It is a very easy to clean the juicer. The fact that the pulp collector is designed to fit a standard plastic grocery bag makes cleaning a breeze. Furthermore, all its parts are dishwasher-friendly (top-shelf). If you opt to hand wash it, the pack comes with a brush that will help you out with that.

The slide out pulp container large enough so that you don’t have to keep emptying it when juicing a lot of produce. It is even designed to fit a standard plastic grocery bag which collects all the pulp making clean-up easier on you.


The stainless steel micromesh strainer eliminates chances of rusting enhancing its strength. The parts are also high quality to withstand the test of time.

Any additional perks?

The cord-wrap base reduces the amount of counter-space this gadget will eat up. That is especially perfect for those of you with a small kitchen. It comes with a juice collecting jar that has a froth separator. Breville gives you a one year warranty on this one.

The instruction booklet contains tips and recipes that are great especially for first-time juicers. It even has delicious recipes for muffins and cakes that can be made from the pulp. These will help you become the kitchen-guru you have always wanted to be.


It can be a bit noisy.

Bottom Line

This juicer can walk the talk; it does everything they say it can. It is a worthwhile investment you might want to consider.