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Juicepresso Cold-Press Juicer Review

Hello, world! Welcome to the newest craze; juicing. While it may not be new to some people, most of us have just discovered it and are all excited to try it out. Nothing is more important than taking care of your health.

There are several brands of juicers in the market right now, and it could be a bit confusing coming to choose the one that is suited for you. In this unbiased review, we are combining all online reviews to get the consensus on Juicepresso Cold-press Juicer.

Juicepresso Masticating Juicer Overview

This masticating juicer is taunted as one of the easiest to clean that there is in the market. Backed by a very low processing speed and a powerful motor, this juicer works quite well with leafy vegetables since they require low speed. It also allows for low or no oxidation because no heat is produced during the process.

The Juicepresso juicer utilizes cold-press technology, where a powerful auger and strainer work together to squeeze the juice out of ingredients. This technology yields more as compared to the centrifugal way. The juice also keeps longer in the fridge due to lack of oxidation during processing.

Features and Benefits

The motor rotates at 40RPM, which is none of the lowest rates in a juicer. What this means for you is that your juice will contain all the essential nutrients and enzymes that you could have gotten from your ingredients (which is your motivation for juicing in the first place). It does not make all that noise that could you evicted. The rate slow pace also ensures that you get the most juice from your ingredients.

It is designed to fit comfortably in most places and will not take too much of your kitchen counter space. It measures 6 x 8 x 17 inches and weighs 14.5 pounds, which is quite manageable. Its simple but appealing design also makes it easy to clean since it only has handful detachable parts.

Suitable For

This juicer works at a very low processing speed, and it is ideal for those people who like their juices green. It also works well with beets, ginger, and carrots. You can use it on all types of fruits too as it is high yielding and effective.

It is the ideal juicer if you have limited space in your kitchen as its design makes storage easy.


The feeding tube is quite small and will only allow you to insert a handful of finely chopped ingredients at a go. Most reviewers prefer a bigger chute that would enable them to feed larger chunks as this would save the time spent on prepping.

Bottom Line

The juicer was reviewed positively by the online market. The consensus seems to be that the product is ideal for juicers mainly due to its low processing speed, which does not allow for oxidation. What do we think? We believe the specifications make this juicer a worthy investment.

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