Juicing May Be The Answer To Many Of Your Chronic Health Problems

Growing up, I despised all the vegetables on my plate. Even now, as a grown up, I still dislike the veggies. Whether they are colored and dark green and part of my unwritten prescription from the doctor, I don’t like chewing broccoli, kale, bok choy or celery – celery only looks palatable and even sexy only in movies, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, experience and studies point to the incredible advantages of fruits and the unpalatable vegetables. I bet the person who came up with a juicer faced had a liking/ personality matching mine and yours – necessity is the mother of invention, isn’t it?


Well, like you, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Juicing offers us an opportunity to drink and not chew the veggies and fruits disliked by our palate.

While most people are turning to juicing as a way to lose weight, many people overlook the importance of juicing in averting major lifestyle diseases.

Just to remind you what juicing is – Juicing is a process that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables by separating the juice from the pulp. The pulp is insoluble fiber, and this means that juices are free of insoluble fiber.

Before we look at the effects of juicing on chronic diseases, a look at the overall benefits of juicing:

How does juicing help prevent and manage chronic diseases?

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Have you noticed how chronic diseases such as Type II Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and fatty liver, diseases previously relegates to the seniors is catching up with the young? More and more kids are getting these diseases at an alarming rate, and modern medicine isn’t helping. Subsequently, the number of deaths resulting from chronic diseases is higher than deaths resulting from all other diseases combined.

So what causes these chronic diseases and how can juicing help?

Nutrient Deficiency and Toxicity


Regardless of what you think, the burgeoning wave of chronic diseases has its roots in these two factors. Our bodies are full of toxins to the extent that it is unable to absorb essential nutrients necessary in fighting diseases.

When we feel sick, we only take more medication, and the meds only mask the underlying issues.

Also, these drugs meant to cure/ heal are full of chemicals and which increase the toxicity levels and clog our systems. A toxic body is a haven for disease, or rather, the perfect poisonous concoction for development of diseases.

So, to avoid these diseases, we have to take on a natural approach aimed at removing toxins, cleaning up the body system and increasing the nutrient density of the body by taking more foods rich in nutrients.

Did You Know?

FACT: All these diseases are Preventable; hence the tag lifestyle diseases.

Juicing and Overcoming Under-nutrition and Toxicity

Plants are ‘live’ and ‘love’ fruits. Love, because they nourish your body with just what you need. Live, because, berries, fruits, and vegetables, as long as they aren’t over-processed, have phytochemicals that heal and nourish your body cells.

Juicing proves effective in boosting nutrient intake by intravenously introducing minerals, vitamins, and enzymes into your cells, directly.

Better Nutrient Absorption

How many of us can eat at least three servings of vegetables every day? We all know the answer to that. Juicing extracts pulp from fruits and vegetables and this takes digestion from the equation. Even on the days that you are too tired to chew, you can depend on that natural juice for nutrients. This also means that essential nutrients get into your blood stream directly.

Without stuffing your body with excess fiber, juicing lets you consume a wider vegetable and fruit variety efficiently.

Through juicing, you access digestive enzymes naturally locked away in the fiber matrix of whole veggies and fruits.

You know the way different fruits or vegetable are rich in different nutrients, juicing lets you take in all these nutrients at once!


Reduced Toxicity

Juicing diminishes the toxicity levels in your system because of the phytochemicals in the juice. Phytochemicals dissolve free radicals in the body as well as other chemicals that can distort cell structure making you susceptible to disease.

Did You Know?

FACT: Weight gain (obesity/ overweight) is the underlying cause of most lifestyle diseases. So, if you drink juices, you detoxify your system, naturally, lose weight and lower your blood cholesterol levels. This way, you avoid diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

Juicing for Weight Loss

Our current fast-paced world is synonymous with a high salt, fat and sugar-intake world. Fast foods and snacks only offer sensory-specific satiety. This is where the flavors of unhealthy foods make you crave more because whatever you just ate feels like it has zero calories and you have to eat more.

As a result, you eat more. Besides these foods being high in calories, they also increase your risk of developing insulin resistance and the high incidence of Type II diabetes in teens and pre-teens.


Diabetes and Fruits

Though healthy, fruits are rich in fructose; sugar which in excess increases your risk of Type II Diabetes. High fructose levels increase the risk of insulin resistance making you susceptible to diabetes. The body can’t handle high concentrations of sugar in the blood, and instead of using it for fuel, the excess sugar goes into storage making you overweight.

Did You Know?

Keep your vegetable to fruit ratio 80:20. Fruits are high in fructose, and excessive intake means you have more sugars that will cause weight gain, your body needs a maximum of 25grams of sugar daily.

For every bitter or dark vegetable, add a sweet fruit.

The Effect of Juicing

juicing for beginners

1. Increases metabolism and enhances digestion

When food isn’t digested, most of it goes into storage as fat. Also, through detoxification, juicing enhances the liver’s natural storage and breakdown roles; meaning your system works well and fat isn’t stored unnecessarily.

We mentioned that juicing improves nutrient absorption. This plays a role in weight loss. In case of nutritional deficiencies, your body thinks you are hungry, and you end up eating more just because your body is looking for one nutrient that is missing. So, get more balanced juices to avail nutrients and to unburden your system from toxins increasing nutrient absorption.

2. Lower cholesterol levels

You need to lower your intake of fatty and sugary foods besides taking more juices to lower your cholesterol levels. You also have to lead an active life. For reduced bad cholesterol, consume more cucumber, ginger, celery, dark vegetables, capsicum, lemon and bitter melon.

3. Reverse fatty liver

A fatty liver has an excess of fat, and the healthy fat cells are replaced with areas of unhealthy fat. The spaces in the liver and some liver cells get replaced with fat, and the liver gets enlarged with a yellow greasy appearance. In most cases, fatty liver results from poor nutrition, obesity and insulin resistance or diabetes.

Juicing helps reverse a fatty liver by making essential nutrients available, detoxifying the body and lowering your weight.

4. Help drive out toxins

As mentioned above, juices have phytochemicals which drive out toxins and free radicals from the body. Free-radicals are considered a cause of cancer as they distort the structure of cells.

Juicing also increases good bacteria increase and suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria and other microorganisms.


Highly processed foods, toxins, excess carbs, nutrient deficiencies and high-fat diets increase the risk of inflammation which makes your body susceptible to diseases.

Inflammation reduces the body’s optimal function. Raw juices supercharge the immune system with biophotonic light energy and phytochemicals which revitalize your body.

Juicing Recipes

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The secret to making fabulous nutrient-filled juices is creativity. You can juice absolutely anything, and this means that you can have different recipes.

However, the best juicing recipes (with 80% veggies and 20% fruits) include the following fruits:

When juicing, follow fibrous ingredients like kale or ginger with watery ingredients like cucumbers to get trapped nutrients and extra fibrous bits out of the juicer.


There are numerous juicing routines on the market, and some may not work well for you. For maximum benefits, get the right kind of vegetables.

You should also determine a specific timing to help elevate your metabolism and suppress hunger. The right timing promotes the health of your liver and increases digestion.

In about 30 days, you will feel better, look more in shape, and ward off disease symptoms.


Fight Cancer, Lose Weight, Increase
Energy and Rebuild Your Health with
The Power of Juicing

All of us know that we’re supposed to eat multiple servings of fruits and vegetables every day to maintain a healthy body. But like most things in life, this is easier said than done.

To get maximum health benefits of juicing, it is advisable that you go green – stick to green vegetables. This will increase the speed at which you lose weight. Too much fruit increases your net carb content and raises blood fructose levels making you susceptible to diabetes.

While juicing proves beneficial, it should supplement not replace solid foods. With the right ingredients, right knowledge of juicing and nutrients and a system that works, you will see a great change.

Knowing that juicing increases your ability to absorb a variety of nutrients from vegetables, increases your energy levels, reduces your risk of disease and supports your brain, wouldn’t you rather drink more natural juices?


Did You Know?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans should be eating up to 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of vegetables each day.

However, recent studies found that nearly 80% of Americans don’t eat enough fruit and nearly 90% don’t eat enough vegetables.

The Consequences

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables means depriving your body of vital nutrients it needs to fight off sickness, repair itself, and carry out basic tasks.

Just look at what can happen to your body when it’s lacking the necessary nutrients it needs to thrive:


By undercutting your fruit and vegetable intake, you’re literally shaving years off your life.

But Thanks to the Power of Juicing, You can Begin to Boost Your Health from Day One

Introducing fruit and vegetable juices into your diet is an easy and tasty way to get all the nutrients you need to maintain good health.

It only takes a few minutes, but its positive effects will last a lifetime.

Unlike other processes, juicing preserves all of the vitamins and minerals found in produce, which are easily absorbed by the body.

With juicing, you get a full day’s supply from just a couple of cups!

Thanks to the huge variety of fruits and vegetables, you can create an endless number of delicious combinations to enjoy every day.


Still not convinced? Think juicing is just a fad?

Take a Look At All Of The Ways Juicing Can Improve Your Quality of Life and Boost Your Health


Unlike caffeine, energy drinks, and refined sugar, juice gives you a natural all-day boost and helps detoxify your body, eliminating tiredness caused by clearing out harmful buildup.


There are micronutrients in fruits and vegetables that you cannot get from any other food including potassium, vitamin A, folate, and many others that play a key role in your health and wellness.


Increasing your intake of key nutrients such as those found in fresh juices helps you combat aging, prevent chronic disease that’s risks increase with age and maintain a beautiful youthful complexion.


Juicing allows you to introduce huge levels of antioxidants into your body through foods such as kale and blueberries. Antioxidants fight off free radicals in your body, to help prevent numerous types of cancer.


A shot of carrot juice every day provides a major boost of beta-carotene and zinc to strengthen your eyes and fight off age-related deterioration along with vitamins C, A and, vitamin B8 and folate.


Fruit and vegetable juices are an amazing source of soluble fiber, which helps reduce the occurrence of issues such as constipation or diarrhea while strengthening your ability to digest food.

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