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VonShef Professional Juicer Review

Everyone in town is talking about juicing; from top celebrities to the common folk and with good reason.

The nutritional value of freshly squeezed juices cannot be emphasized enough, particularly when good quality cold-press juicer such as the one we will review below is used.

VonShef Professional Juicer Overview

It features a 200W motor that rotates at 80 RPM Max, which prevents it from overheating to reduce the nutritional value of your ingredients while crushing them into a smooth final product. This same feature is what makes it ideal for wheatgrass, leafy kale, and spinach. In the same breath, the VonShef handles hard vegetables and roots at its pace.

The strainer inside the chamber catches any stray fibers so that the only juice that makes in into the collecting the 0.8-liter pitcher is easy to down. The 0.8-liter pulp tank ensures for continuous juicing, as you do not have to stop to empty it.

Its 10.2 x W: 7.5 x 16.3 inches size can be accommodated at the counter top and its weight (15.3 pounds) grounds it when juicing. Despite the powerful motor (200W), this juicer is not noisy.

Features and Benefits

It has a powerful motor that crushes the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and roots without interfering with the nutritional value of the ingredients. Because 80RPM prevents oxidation and heating, your juice stays fresher for up to 72 hours after making it. The VonShef is a complex juicer with a simple design, which is quite easy to assemble and disassemble. You can also run it for up to 30 minutes, which is more than enough time to make butter.

It handles any fruit and vegetable that you can lay your hands on. This juicer processes wheatgrass, barley grass, ginger roots, carrots, almonds, and leafy greens into a smooth, silky juice.

The detachable parts are few and make cleaning bliss (you have the auger, the pitcher pulp container, and the strainer). If you wash it immediately after using, you could have the job done in 2 minutes.

Suitable For

Those people who juice on a regular basis. It can handle daily activity. If you prefer making your own nut butter, VonShef juicer runs for over 30 minutes without exhaustion, which is double the time you need to make smooth nut butter. If you fancy some flavor, wheatgrass not only packs valuable nutrients but flavor as well, and this juicer milks it to a dry pulp.


The initial set-up can be a bit tedious. Before you get the hang of assembling it, it may take you up to 20 minutes to put everything together. The manual comes in handy, though, and it gets getter with time as shown by a majority of customer reviews.

Stalks clog it and so when juicing kale or celery with long stems; you may have to chop them into smaller bits to avoid the clog up.

Bottom Line

Users have reviewed this juicer positively for its ability to handle leafy vegetables and roots. It is a worthy investment.

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