Nutribullet On Sale: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Whether you’re getting a new blender or you’re looking for an upgrade, blender shopping is nowhere near easy. As there are dozens of models and brands to choose from, picking one can take a lot of time and research.

The good news is that there are a lot of great NutriBullet Black Friday deals you can check out this year. And below, we are sharing with you our top picks that are guaranteed to be worth your precious time and money.

Below is a review of some of the best Nutribullet Blenders on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

  1. Nutribullet Pro 900Limited Time Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale
  2. Nutribullet RXDeal Not To Be Missed
  3. Nutribullet 600Discounted Price Tag

Top 3 Best Nutribullet Deals This Black Friday & Cyber Monday

1. NutriBullet Pro 900 – Limited Time Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Why we love it: Easy to operate

Featuring 900 watts of power, NutriBullet Pro is one of the best NutriBullet deals you can get this year. With such power, it’s able to create really smooth nut butter, protein shakes, and green smoothies. It can power through seeds, vegetables, and fruits with ease.

While there is no control, this blender is still easy to set up and operate. It works the same way as your coffee grinder in that both appliances work with one speed. There are, however, a few techniques you can use to increase the operational abilities of the product. For one, you can shake its cup to eliminate air pockets and achieve a really smooth consistency.

Now, despite the power it offers, this blender still has a few limitations. For example, it’s not that good in crushing ice. It also has an internal breaker which shuts off the appliance if it experiences overheating. To make sure that it doesn’t stop before you’re done, avoid using it for more than a minute without pausing for a while to let it cool.

The blender comes with many accessories which can save you some money from having to buy them separately. With this set, you’ll get two cup sizes, various lids and lip rings, a recipe book and an extra emulsifying blade.

2. NutriBullet RX – Deal Not To Be Missed

Why we love it: Can process soups and sauces with ease

Now, if you want to create more than just smoothies, you’ll definitely fall in love with NutriBullet RX. Unlike most blenders these days, this one has a heating function. With it, you’ll be able to make soups and sauces with ease.

It’s also easy to use in blending frozen ingredients as long as you add water to it. Because this model doesn’t have a pulse feature, a bit of water can prevent ingredients from getting stuck.

Other than those issues, however, this blender is still one of the best NutriBullet Black Friday deals you should consider. It performs as good as high-end blenders but without the expensive price tag.

As for ease of use, you won’t really have a hard time operating this blender. While it can take some time getting used to, its hands-free operation is still a feature you’ll surely find impressive. It’s easy to clean up as well. All of its components are dishwasher safe.

3. NutriBullet 600 – Discounted Price Tag

Why we love it: Compact yet efficient

While NutriBullet 600 has the weakest watt motor on this list, it still won’t disappoint you. As a matter of fact, it’s actually an impressive product for anyone looking for a blender for personal use

It’s a handy appliance you can use to turn vegetables and fruits into really delicious and smooth drinks.

One of the issues with this product is its noise. While it’s not extremely loud, it can be uncomfortable to use in the morning when everyone at home is still asleep. The good news, however, is that the compact size of the blender minimizes any amount of vibration noise produced. So, it’s still quieter than its competitors.


The best NutriBullet blender for you will depend on what you want to achieve with your blender.

If you are just planning on using it for making your daily smoothies, you can go with the Nutribullet Pro or the NutriBullet 600. However, if you want to be able to create more recipes with your blender, then definitely consider the NutriBullet RX. With its capability to create soups and sauces, you won’t run out of recipes you can do with it.