10 Easy To Clean Blenders in 2024

One common “problem” people find with juicing is how troublesome it is to clean the blender after all work is done.

Indeed, the amount of effort it takes to detach, wash and clean every part before attaching them back together can easily put anyone off juicing.

If this sounds like something that you (too) are experiencing, perhaps the following list of easy to clean blender will help you solve the problem once and for all.

  1. Vitamix 5200 Blender
  2. Ninja BL660 Compact Blender
  3. Nutribullet Personal Blender
  4. Ninja BL480D Auto-iQ Blender
  5. NutriBullet NBF50520 Touch Combo Blender
  6. Black+Decker PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender
  7. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender
  8. Oster Blender Pro 1200 Plus
  9. Ninja CT810 Chef Premium Blender
  10. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

Best Easy To Clean Blenders

1. Vitamix 5200 Blender

The Vitamix brand is no stranger to many but the Vitamix 5200 Blender is especially popular among consumers given its unique self-cleaning feature.

All you need is a drop of dish detergent and warm water and the Vitamix 5200 Blender can clean itself in 30-60 seconds. No disassembly whatsoever required – just blend in the highest speed and watch it self-clean!

Another highlight of the Vitamix 5200 model is its powerful blending. Boasting a 1,380-watt motor, you can bring cold ingredients to steaming hot in about 6 minutes just by the friction heat created from the high-speed blending blades. Yes, you can even make hot soup with it without the stove.

With that said, it is also one of the most expensive blenders so it may not be for everyone. They have also changed the turn dial using a different material so that’s something to keep in mind too.



2. Ninja BL660 Compact Blender

While the Ninja BL660 Blender does not self-clean like the Vitamix 5200 does, it is one of the easier to clean ones compared to other models in the market.

This is thanks to it not having too many parts to detach, nor is there any complex mechanism to navigate about. Plus, all parts are dishwasher safe so just chuck them into the dishwasher and off you go.

The standout feature of the Ninja BL660 has to be its powerful blending – it chops up almost anything. In mere seconds, you can turn ice into snow so if you have a habit of freezing your fruits (or like to make frozen drinks), you will love this blender.

One thing to note is that there seems to be an issue with its pitcher container a few years back – the base tends to crack rather easily if you go too high too quickly on the blend. Nevertheless, this seems to have been resolved by the brand as there is no durability complaints anymore in recent years.

The Ninja BL660 Blender comes with 2 extra to-go cups so that’s certainly extra value for money.



3. NutriBullet Personal Blender

If making shakes and smoothies are all that you’re going to do with your blender, the original NutriBullet nutrient extractor will be more than enough to serve your purpose.

It may look small and compact but do not underestimate its blending power. The NutriBullet is able to blend whole food into liquid easily, even frozen fruits and ice (just make sure they are not in huge chunks) and you can make most smoothies in under 60 seconds.

In terms of ease-to-clean, this one here ranks very high on our list. Just twist off the blade and rinse it with soap and water – the cups can be placed into the dishwasher – and that’s it. Super easy and convenient!

We do recommend reading the manual thoroughly first before using it to make sure you know how to layer your ingredients. This is to avoid overstraining the blades which may cause the cups to break, as some users have experienced. Also, you are not supposed to blend things without adding liquid, so make sure you do that.



4. Ninja BL480D Auto-iQ Blender

If the Ninja BL660 is a tad too big for you, the BL480D Auto-iQ Blender will be right up your alley.

Similar to the original NutriBullet above, this is Ninja’s version that blends into a to-go cup, just more powerful. It has a 1,000-watts motor (compared to NutriBullet’s 600-watts) so you can expect it to crush through ice and frozen/hard ingredients with ease.

One trade-off you’ll have to make is the noise though – the Ninja BL660 Blender is considerably louder than the NutriBullet due to its more powerful motor, but nothing intolerable.

Compared to its counterpart the Ninja BL660, it is easier to clean as it is smaller. Likewise, all parts are easily detachable and dishwasher safe so cleaning is a breeze.

We do have to say that we really like the auto IQ technology featured in this model. It is not pure gimmicky in that that it serves no real purpose. Rather, each pre-programmed setting combines a unique timed pulsing, blending and pausing pattern that does all the work for you. Even if you are clueless in juicing, rest assured you will get the most delicious drinks at just a touch of a button.

Highly recommend, especially to juicing beginners!



5. NutriBullet NBF50520 Touch Combo Blender

Here’s another option for you if you like your blender high-tech.

The Nutribullet NBF50520 Blender has 4 expertly designed intelligent blending programs that automatically adjust to the content and capacity it holds. 

You see, it comes with both a large pitcher and 2 to-go cups in different sizes so these programs will automatically adjust to that.

Not only does that make juicing easier, you can also cater for both single and multiple servings. That’s value for money, and you can take control and do it manually too if you want.

It also has, by far, the most powerful motor we have ever came across in blenders – at 1,500 watts, that’s even stronger than the Vitamix 5200 Blender. However, it cannot make hot soup like the latter does due to a different technology employed but tackling the toughest ingredients? You bet it can turn them into the smoothest results.

All components are top rack dishwasher-safe so cleaning is pretty straightforward. We especially like how its lid has a locking mechanism so it wouldn’t fly off even when you’re blending at the highest speed.



6. Black+Decker PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender

Not ready to shell out hundreds of dollars for a blender? No worries, the Black+Decker PowerCrush Blender is the perfect budget option at under $50.

Seriously, this blender surprises us in quite a few ways. First, its pitcher jar is made of glass. Yep, at this price, you get a thick glass container that is more durable than the usual plastic ones so it would not crack easily.

Next is its ease-of-clean. If all it needs is a quick clean, you can combine hot water and dish soap in the blender and run it on low for 30 seconds – very similar to the Vitamix 5200 Blender, but at a fraction of the price.

On the other hand, if there is any caked-on food, you can loosen it using the motion of the blending blade by pressing the “Easy Clean” button first before washing it. Speaking of which, all removable parts i.e. jar, blade and lid are dishwasher safe.

The Black+Decker Blender makes up to 6 cups and there are 4 speeds to choose from. With a 700-watt motor, it will do any creamy smoothies and icy drinks justice. So even though we could do with a little tighter lid, at this price, we are mostly happy with the quality of this blender.



7. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

The Vitamix E310 Blender is one of the newest machines from the Explorian series, which is a more advanced version of the Vitamix 5200.

As such, you can pretty much expect very similar features i.e self-cleaning option, frozen-to-steaming-hot soup in minutes and a powerful blend that can crush almost anything.

There are still some differences between the two though. The 5200 has a much wider base and bigger jar capacity at 64 ounces, whereas the E310 holds 48 ounce and has a lower profile.

Remember the shortcomings of the 5200 we mentioned above about it not being able to fit under lower-hanging cabinets? The E310 Blender will not have this problem.

There is also a slight difference in the size of the blades – the E310’s 3 inches whereas the 5200 is 2.8 inches. No obvious difference to the final (blended) end product though, with both being made of stainless steel.

With the E310, there is a “Pulse” mode which you cannot find in the 5200. Instead, the latter has two different speed settings where switching to “High” will give you a burst of increased speed.

If you are blending smaller to medium batches, we recommend getting the Vitamix E310 Blender as it pretty much delivers the same results as the 5200, but cheaper and easier to store. Do note that this one here comes with a shorter warranty period though (5 years) as opposed to the 5200’s 7 years.



8. Oster Blender Pro 1200 Plus

To those who are resistant to plastic containers, the Oster Blender Pro 1200 Plus is another option to consider.

Similar to the Black+Decker blender, its blending jar is made of dishwasher-safe Boroclass glass that is able to withstand thermal shock. 

In addition, it also comes with a 24oz smoothie cup that you can blend directly into so that’s added value to money.

What stood out to us is the patented dual direction blade that this model is equipped with. Compared to older models, its blade system is now 50% larger and they blend in a forward and reverse motion, allowing ingredients to flow down into the blade easier and faster. This ensures every single ingredient is thoroughly blended with no leftover chunks in sight.

Cleaning is pretty straightforward. While it doesn’t have a self-clean button, we find that you can still do so by adding detergent and warm water, then use the Pulse function for about 10 seconds. We also like how it has pre-programmed settings as it makes juicing easier for beginners.

Do keep in mind that there is a small gap between the gasket and the metal plate of the blade assembly. This can trap ingredients but the gasket can be removed easily to clean the area so make sure you do that.



9. Ninja CT810 Chef Premium Blender

The Ninja Chef CT810 Blender is the brand’s premium line and is somewhat a combination of both the BL660 and BL480D, with added features.

Makes up to 72oz like the BL660, it has not 1 but 10 auto IQ programs. Just press the button of the mode you want and the machine will start operating until it is done. There is no guesswork required and we like how there is a timer that display how long each job will take. It allows manual operation too, if that is what you like.

Like the Vitamix 5200 and E310, this one here is also able to make dough and other varieties i.e. ice cream, puree, dips, dressing, nut butter etc. It is electric stovetop compatible, and has a self-cleaning function that takes away all the cleaning hassle.

While the CT810 Chef is more expensive than the brand’s other models, it is comparatively cheaper than other big brands like Vitamix and NutriBullet. If budget is an issue but you’d still like to have something comparable, the Ninja Chef CT810 Blender will be the right blender for you.



10. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

Last but not least, we have the Ninja BL770 which really, is the ultimate value of all.

Not only does it come with a 72oz pitcher and two 16oz to-go cups, there is also a 64oz food processor bowl so yes, this blender is a food processor as well. In just 30 seconds, it can make up to 2 pounds of dough so making pizza, cookies or cakes is not a problem.

All containers come with their own blades and there are 4 functions (including Single-Serve) to create any recipe you want. We especially like how it has suction cups at the bottom so it stays on the counter and does not jump around when it is on high speed, something blenders this powerful tend to do (and is pretty unavoidable).

There seems to be some durability issues with the food processor bowl though and the down side is it is not included in the warranty. Nevertheless, for a multifunction blender at a price like this, we cannot complain much.

As with all Ninja blenders, all removable parts of the BL770 are dishwasher safe.



How to Choose the Best Easy-to-Clean Blender that Fits Your Needs

There you have it – the top 10 best and most popular easy-to-clean blenders that are currently available in the market.

The thing is, which one suits you best? They are all pretty easy to clean, do an incredible job in blending and juicing and well, look pretty much the same (at a glance). If you find yourself stuck with making a decision, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

What is Your Main Usage of Your Blender?

Do you intend to make soup, dressing, dips, puree, baby food or even grind your coffee beans with your blender, or is juicing all that you’re going to use it for?

If it is the former, the Vitamix 5200 or E310, Nutribullet NBF50520 and Ninja BL770 will be some good options to consider. These are one heck of a beast when it comes to blending and crushing even the hardest ingredients so you can basically create anything you want with them.

For example, both the Vitamix are able to grind nuts and coffee beans with the 5200 even allowing you to make steaming hot soup without the stove. The Ninja BL770, well, it is basically a blender and food processor all in one with a processor bowl included and all.

On the other hand, if you intend to use your blender purely for juicing, you do not need to go too premium a blender because there won’t be much use of these extra features. Depending on the capacity you need, any other blenders mentioned in our Top 10 Best Blender Review above will be good enough.

Which brings us to our next point.

How Big is Your Household?

Are you an individual living alone or do you have a big family to cater to?

The NutriBullet Personal Blender and Ninja BL480D are two excellent options if you are juicing/blending just for yourself as both blends directly into an individual to-go cup.

You can drink straight away from the cup without having to transfer from a pitcher, or you can cover it using the lid that comes with the cup and bring it with you on-the-go if you are in a rush.

If you have a particular big family to cater to though, you will want to choose a blender that comes with an extra-large pitcher. Both the Vitamix 5200 and the Nutribullet NBF50520 make for 64oz, while you can choose any of the BL660, BL770 and CT810 Chef from the Ninja line if you want something even larger (up to 72oz).

For comparison, the standard size of most blenders is around 48oz, where you have the Black+Decker and the Oster.

For the best of both worlds, consider the Nutribullet NBF50520, the Oster or any of the Ninja BL660, Chef CT810 and BL770 models. These come with both family-sized pitcher and to-go cups so you can make large batches for the family and individual cup-size for yourself without having to buy the cups separately.

The to-go cups that Nutribullet NBF50520 provides even come in different sizes, so that’s more choices there and we really like that.

Do You Prefer Manual or Automatic?

Most of these easy-to-clean blenders that we recommend above are to be operated manually but there are a few that comes with pre-programmed settings.

If this is what you prefer, you have the BL480D and CT810 Chef from the Ninja line to choose from. Both blenders are equipped with what they call the Auto-IQ technology – a unique combination of timed pulsing, blending and pausing patterns that do all the work for you. The Chef has considerably more programs though (10 in total) so it is probably the most convenient and user-friendly machine out of all.

The Nutribullet NBF50520 also has something similar, with 4 extra blending programs that automatically adjust to the capacity of the container you’re using. The Oster does it slightly differently with 3 settings specifically pre-programmed to make smoothies, salsas and milkshakes – just press a button and it will do all the work.

The rest are basically manual blenders which is not hard to operate. They either come with a dial knob or low/med/high buttons for you to control the speed – just turn or press accordingly to get the results you want and pulse in the middle if required.

Speaking of which, not every blender comes with the “Pulse” feature which gives added control and precision, and prevents the over-processing of ingredients. The NutriBullet for instance, do not have a “Pulse” mode so do keep that in mind if such feature is of particular importance to you.

Just How Much Do You Detest Cleaning Your Blender?

If detaching parts (no matter how easy it is to do so) is something you really hate doing, then go for a blender that self-clean itself. No fuss.

You won’t have to take anything apart – just add some detergent and warm water into the pitcher, press a button and that’s it. You have a few options here – the Vitamix BL600, E310 Explorian, Ninja CT810 Chef and Black+Decker are all blenders that come with this function.

The good thing is these blenders are spread across different price range so you do not have to limit your choice to budget.

Otherwise, any of the blenders reviewed above will fit the bill in terms of ease of clean. They are easy to detach and all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

What is Your Budget?

Last but not least, how much is your budget?

There are people who just want the best blender with the most functions and are not too bothered by the price; then there are those who just couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a blender. Either way, we have the best options of both worlds for you with our list of selections above.

When it comes to premium blenders, it has to be the Vitamix 5200 and E310 Explorian. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given its renowned reputation in the blender world – Vitamix has been in the business for over 100 years. You can basically create anything you want with either Vitamix model, and their self-clean function is truly one that no one can resist.

For cheaper options i.e. under $100, we have the Oster and the Black+Decker. By no means are they inferior in any way – both come with a glass jar which even their pricier competitors cannot match, with the former even has smart settings technology inbuilt. The Black+Decker though, well, nothing can really beat it for what it offers with its price!

Of course, do not expect a lower-priced blender to have the same quality or number of functions as a pricier one. To then complain about one not being as good as the other when there is an apparent price gap between the two of them would be like comparing a Mercedes Benz to a Honda – that’s just unrealistic.

Cleaning Your Blender: Something to Keep in Mind

While the soap + hot water combo is a cleaning shortcut many uses for their blenders (yes, people use it even though it may not be an advertised feature for their blender), you do have to take your blender apart every now and then to give it a thorough clean.

Especially when meat or dairy is involved as residue tend to stick to the parts. It is highly recommended that you do so even for self-cleaning blenders like the Vitamix BL600, E310 Explorian, Ninja CT810 Chef and Black+Decker.

All the blenders we recommend above are relatively easy to take apart – most basically involves just removing the jar from the base and taking off the blade and gasket seal. Be careful when you do so and do make sure that you have read your instruction manual to get familiar with the steps.

Once you have disassembled them, give each part a good wash by using warm soapy water and then rinse them off. That should do the trick but try to wash your parts immediately after you use your blender. This is because when (any) food residue hardens, it will take a good amount of scrubbing to remove them and this is where the hassle/headache comes in.

So yeah, just clean it immediately after you’ve used your blender to avoid the pain. If you really do not have time, take your jar off from its base at the very least and soak it in water. This will prevent any food residue from hardening, and to make cleaning much easier later.

Which Easy To Clean Blender Should You Buy?

Overall, if we are to choose one blender for ourselves, it will have to be the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender.

We really dislike having to take apart the different parts of a blender so the self-clean feature of the E310 is a clear winner for us here. Yes, the 5200 does the same but we like the E310 better because its shorter jug makes it easier to store under our hanging cabinet. The 48oz capacity is just the right size for our family, and the 10 variable speed is more than enough for us to create anything we want. Frozen or steaming hot, we like the versatility that it brings.

It will be better if it comes with to-go cups as that way, we can blend directly into it for added convenience but by no means this is a deal breaker for us in any way. We like that it is made in the USA and the long warranty gives peace of mind, after all, it is not a cheap blender. Nevertheless, this is an investment we’re happy to make and are confident that it will last a long time in our household.