10 Best Masticating Juicer (Reviews & Comparison) 2022

Have you ever heard of a juice cleanse?

Health experts say this is one of the best diets for removing toxins, losing significant weight, and overall, living a healthier lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables are filled with countless nutrients. So ingesting them in liquid form only fast-tracks the absorption process further.

For those looking to kickstart this way of living, having a juicer at home is necessary. And among all the types available, a masticating juicer offers top results.

Finding the perfect model can be difficult, which is why it’s important to have options. In this next section, you’ll learn what the 10 best masticating juicers are. Each one will be evaluated based on several factors including performance, affordability, functionality, and design.

As each of their top characteristics are identified, it will become much more apparent which among them would fit your needs.

1. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

In just a short period, Omega is already considered by many as one of the top kitchen appliance distributors globally. So it’s no wonder their J8006HDS dual-stage masticating juicer has also been turning heads.

This device is an all-in-one nutrition system capable of juicing, making pasta and frozen desserts, mushing baby food, and a lot more. This is great for moms with little kids who love experimenting on new recipes. Compared to other brands, it’s a lot more affordable, too.

As a dual-stage slow juicer, the Omega J8006HDS is equipped with Cold Press Technology. This is really effective at extracting the maximum amount of antioxidants for each fruit or vegetable. A 3-step auger and adjustable end-cap helps control how pulpy the liquid is. Great news for households with multiple users and varying preferences.

The Omega J8006HDS masticating juicer is quite compact at 13-lbs. It fits atop most kitchen counters and isn’t difficult to move around. But this size also has a downside.

According to several reviews online, the feed shoot is really narrow. Users often have a challenging time fitting ingredients through there. This likewise affects how long before an actual glass of juice is produced. On average, it takes about an hour for two people.

Still, if you’re fine taking your sweet time, and don’t mind the additional steps, the Omega J8006HDS would be a great option. As an added treat, this device is easy to maintain, operates quietly, and is very stable. Not bad for a first-time investment.



2. Hurom H101 Easy-Clean Slow Juicer

What buyers love most about the Hurom H101 slow juicer is its ease of maintenance. This device comes with several handy innovations, so you spend less time washing, and more time drinking all those healthy concoctions.

Visually, the Huram H101 model looks very well-made. It measures 15.5-inches in height, and is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. These are indications that it’s not only suited for personal, but also commercial use, too, like in coffee shops and cafes.

The body has three main openings: a feed shoot, a pulp outlet, and where the juice comes out. Each part is lined with large grooves for fast gripping. The juicer is also very easy to clean, so you won’t feel troublesome about using it daily.

Its functional design has been lauded by consumers, based on countless online reviews. They share that the Hurom H101 slow juicer is easy to disassemble, and then put together again, even for beginners.

One thing to take note of, though, is as a slow juicer, it runs only on a 43-RPM (revolutions per minute) motor. Thus it might take some time even to fill just one glass. On average, you’ll probably spend one hour juicing for two people.

Price is another determining factor as the Hurom H101 costs more than its competitors. So budget conscious buyers must steer clear. But hey, living healthy isn’t cheap. What’s important is the quality of juice produced. From everything we’ve read, this masticating juicer easily ticks off that box.



3. Kuvings NJE-3570U Masticating Slow Juicer

For small business owners, versatility is everything. To save up on expenses, their kitchen tools need to be multi-purpose.

The Kuvings NJE-3570U model is one of the few masticating juicers with multiple function capabilities. It operates as a food processor, grinder, mincer, and ice cream maker, among others. So despite being quite bulky, it’s well worth the counter space. Simply change a nozzle, depending on your need.

Weighing close to 18-lbs, the Kuvings NJE-3570U is built for heavy-duty work. Its stainless steel frame is aptly supported by a robust 80-RPM motor. Crushing foods, even those with thick skins, almost feels effortless with this juicer.

In spite of its strength, though, several users have voiced out that it produces minimal juice. Upon further investigation, the filters aren’t able to catch it, causing the remnants to go all over. This results in a consistency that’s more mushy than liquid.

The Kuvings NJE-3570U‘s fatal flaw makes us realize it’s better suited for fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and wheatgrass than nectarines or oranges. Using an additional strainer seems inevitable to achieve a watery finish.

One the flip side, operating this juicer is simple. Assembling and cleaning the machine isn’t so difficult, either. Given its relatively affordable price, we would recommend it to beginners as well. You can have lots of fun experimenting through its wide range of capabilities.



4. Tribest SS-4250-B Single-Auger Masticating Juicer

The Tribest SS-4250-B single-auger model is one of the most cost effective masticating juicers available today. It comes with a rugged 5.4-HP (horsepower) motor that yields 26% more torque. This energy-saving feature means you also save 10% less on electricity.

Being relatively small, and having just one auger, means it’s very easy to transport. Such a convenience for users who travel a lot. Just remember that the body is made from plastic. When dropped, it most definitely will crack, causing potentially irreparable damage.

While it’s not the sturdiest, the Tribest SS-4250-B Single-Auger Masticating Juicer makes up for it by producing high-quality and fresh-tasting juices. Its low-speed operation, coupled with a cold-press squeezing action, guarantees maximum yield per each piece of fruit.

Freely use it on hard foods or root vegetables. The Tribest SS-4250-B is really powerful, and would breeze through them with minimal issues. However, if you have a large quantity of fruits and veggies to juice, cut them up into smaller pieces first. This will ensure that your juicer runs efficiently for longer periods.

Given all these insights, it is known that the Tribest SS-4250-B Single-Auger Masticating Juicer is better suited as a secondary device. It’s not great for commercial use because of its limited production capacity. But everyday users should enjoy it very much, especially as a portable option.

True to their promise, Tribest has indeed made “healthy living easy”. This juicer is a practical first-time investment for newbies into juicing. Minimal learning curve, with massive benefits.



5. Omega H3000D Cold-Press Masticating Extractor

Unlike its more versatile cousin, the J8006HDS, Omega’s H3000D model is more straightforward. It only has one function – juicing – but performs very well. The machine runs on a motor with a maximum speed of 110-RPM. Perfect for leafy greens and meaty fruits, but avoid anything that has a thicker exterior.

Don’t be deceived by its appearance. This juicer is very affordable. Although made from hard plastic, the Omega H3000D looks really stylish with a sleek black exterior. The design is timeless, so it isn’t too difficult to match with your already existing repertoire of kitchen appliances.

Its price is appealing to beginners who want to get into a juicing lifestyle with minimal financial outlay. This model is ideal for beginners to understand the basics of juicing before moving on to a more complex model.

With its cold-press technology, the Omega H3000D Cold-Press Masticating Extractor doesn’t sacrifice the quality of juice produced. Each glass is filled with countless vitamins and antioxidants. The internal system performs very well to draw out as much liquid as possible. As an added bonus, the machine operates quietly.

For what it’s worth, the Omega H3000D Masticating Extractor doesn’t come with any bells and whistles. It is a serviceable unit that contains all the basic elements, intended to make your life easier when juicing.



6. Ninja JC101 Cold-Brew Masticating Juicer

There are mixed feelings online about the Ninja JC101 masticating juicer. On one hand, its price appeals to consumers looking for a great deal for a juicer made from stainless steel.

However, performance has been a major issue. This particular juicer is quite difficult to operate, especially at the beginning. Plenty of users would get pulp stuck everywhere when learning the ropes. Not exactly the first impressions you want to experience.

The way how the juicer is put together affects the quality and flavor of the juice. According to several reviews online, the juice extracted was too liquified, meaning it might have lost the majority of nutrients.

Cleaning up is equally challenging. Though the Ninja JC101 is really compact, there’s a number of hard-to-reach spots inside of it. You’d need a long toothbrush, several washes, and lots of patience to get everything spotless. In some cases, remnants couldn’t even come off.

The Ninja JC101 masticating juicer‘s only saving grace is its size. Weighing just under 8.5-lbs, users hardly break a sweat when moving it around. The same applies when storing or transporting this machine.

All in all, despite all the aforementioned weaknesses, the Ninja JC101 does enough to crack the top 10. It offers enough convenience and price flexibility to still be useful, particularly for those still learning how to juice. But professional health buffs and athletes with more rigorous schedules should opt for a higher-end option.



7. Kuvings EVO820GM Slow Juicer

For 40 long years, Kuvings has been a major player in the juicer industry. No wonder they have two contenders on our 10 best masticating juicers list.

The Kuvings EVO820GM Slow Juicer is a well-built, durable device with additional motor strength. It is ready for more rigorous tasks, or running for longer periods. The feed shoot was also made wider, so you no longer had difficulty stuffing larger fruits and vegetables down such a narrow shoot.

As you do, the ingredients pass through several ducts before coming out in liquid form. Almost simultaneously, excess waste is separated and forced out through the pulp outlets. The waste doesn’t get stuck.

Having this smooth flow only encourages users to explore what the Kuvings EVO820GM has to offer. Besides making juice, this can also produce baby food, smoothies, ice cream, nut milk, and a whole lot more. People who love experimenting in the kitchen will appreciate this extended range of functions.

This looks like the perfect tool. But remember, a machine this sophisticated doesn’t come cheap.

Only super dedicated health advocates would even consider investing in a machine this expensive. The rest would probably be gyms, coffee shops, cafes, juice bars, and wellness centers who could achieve a return-of-investment faster.



8. Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 Cold-Press Masticating Slow Juicer

Like other heavy-duty options, the Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 is also exceptionally reliable. It’s equipped with several advanced technologies to ensure the juice extracted isn’t only of high quality, but also tasty.

Besides a strong 110-RPM motor, there are stainless steel twin-gears that slice and dice the fruits or vegetables to maximize its available pulp. 

Finally, an internal electric juice extractor keeps living enzymes packed in. Based on multiple reports, the Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 machines can keep up to 200% of minerals zinc, iron, and calcium from going to waste.

Given the high quality of juice it produces, the Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 is great for athletes, fitness coaches, wellness planners, and even those with existing comorbidities. Ingesting nutrients from natural ingredients helps their body recover quicker, as well as remain in tip-top shape during competitions.

This could also be a possible option for stay-at-home moms. Besides functioning as a juicer, the Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 doubles as a salsa maker, pasta cutter, and for preparing other delicacies, too. As it slices through different foods, your prep time also gets cut in half.

Then after a long day of cooking, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up. Each part is easily removable, and large enough to wash thoroughly. For those tight spaces, you can just use a brush, which already comes as an add-on.

Some users are just taken aback by the Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 slow masticating juicer’s steep price. That’s a normal reaction, especially those won’t be able to maximize its offerings. But given all the inclusions, that high price tag is completely warranted.



9. Nutribullet NBJ50300 Slow Masticating Juicer

Do you often travel cross-country for business or to run marathons? All that moving around definitely has an impact on your lifestyle, and makes sticking to a diet only that much more difficult.

Juicers like the Nutribullet NBJ50300 are designed for people always on the move. It weighs just 11-lbs with an elongated shape, making it very easy to bring almost anywhere. You should find space for this in your suitcase with any trouble.

Because this masticating juicer is made from hard plastic, alloy, and stainless steel, it can withstand the rigors of an airplane flight or car ride. Its firmness even allows it to crush all types of produce.

Its small size, though, may take some adjustment. Especially from those already with previous experiences with larger juicers. The feed shot is really narrow, too. Be prepared to cut up larger ingredients first before inserting them into the juicer.

Once you’re done, wash all the parts with warm soapy water and scrub lightly. Bits of residue should slide off instantly. Also, if you’re too busy to hand wash them yourself, all parts except the pusher, auger, and motor base are dishwasher safe.

Finally, enjoy owning the Nutribullet NBJ50300 without breaking the bank. It is completely affordable, considering all its inclusions. So consider this as a gift or simply a secondary juicer.



10. Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

Since its inception in 1932, Breville has made a living supplying countless households worldwide with quality kitchen appliances. Truly, they did not disappoint once they launched the BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer.

What separates this juicer from other compact models is its cutting strength. Others may have taken a step back, but Breville introduced a 240-watt ultra-quiet motor. This powers the extraction process, making sure you yield maximum results.

Another super useful feature is its feed chute, which is the broadest among slow masticating juicers. It spans 3-inches in width, capable of fitting an entire apple, with no additional preparations required.

The Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer is also manufactured from stainless steel, a testament to its durability. As it operates, you will not hear any sound. It’s been equipped with minimal heat transfer, so there’s a higher likelihood that it lasts longer.

However, one downside to consider is how easily the leaves and skin of ingredients get stuck in the blades and mesh lining. Several users have complained they had to stop juicing, just to clean it. There seems to be a sweet spot in terms of speed that users will need to figure out.

Some parts ended up rusting after several washes, too. To prevent this, spray on rust removal solution first, and wipe with a towel before rinsing it off in warm water. This simple solution should help preserve the quality of your masticating juicer.



What Makes a Masticating Juicer So Special?

There are several kinds of juicers found in most local appliance stores. They can be categorized according to their speed, or the consistency of liquid it produces. Potential users will need to consider these two factors because it directly affects the quality of drink you get.

Masticating juicers are classified as slow juicers. These typically operate between 80 to 100-RPM, resulting in juice that’s pulpy, chunky, and with a really earthy taste.

Still, despite those, professionals would still prefer this, especially from a wellness standpoint. Masticating juicers preserve more vitamins and minerals, while using up less waste. In a lot of ways, their bi-product yields greater health benefits.

What to Consider When Buying a Masticating Juicer?

Purchasing a juicer can be really challenging. These are the 6 main things you should consider. As you learn what those are, hopefully, the decision of what to buy becomes easier.


Most websites will tell you that a stainless steel juicer is best. But this isn’t always the case. Choosing one made from hard plastic or aluminum is perfectly acceptable.

Since replacing parts these days is so difficult, put more focus into the quality of nozzles, tubes, ducts, and controls in a juicer. Chances are, these would be the first ones to break down. Do your research, and find a brand with a good track record of reliability.

If you see feedback that it stops working after three or four instances, run for the hills because that’s an obvious red flag.


In a similar way, you want to buy from a brand with dependable after-sales service. This isn’t something you hope to use, but it’s always good to be prepared.

A warranty is a clear sign that a company believes in their product. Prioritize masticating juicers that offer at least a five-year premium. Be sure it includes complimentary service, replacement of parts after a certain period, and refund whenever necessary.

These are conditions you never hope you did, but it’s always good to have, anyway.


The price of a brand-new masticating juicer ranges from $150, all the way to $800. That’s a lot of different options.

To narrow down your list, start with your own capabilities first. Right now, what amount are you willing to spend? Or better yet, ask yourself how invested you are in this lifestyle? Both these should help determine how much cash you are willing to shell out.

Once you do have a number in mind, proceed to finding options in that category. Put a plus-minus allowance of $50 for more flexibility. Doing so will give you a clearer direction on what aspect to prioritize, in order to stay within that budget.


Although very similar, each masticating juicer brand operates in a unique way. With that, some drinks produced are pulpier than others. Still, a few create a more refined finish. Choosing between both sides will all boil down to your personal preference.

Just remember that chunks are usually a great sign that nutrients are kept in. Completely liquified juices have still kept a good deal of vitamins, yet their taste is a lot more appetizing.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Juicing loses its fun when you have to take a long time to disassemble everything, wash up, then put everything back again. Gravitating towards juicers that can be easily maintained will make your life easier. Keep things simple. If you can get this task done in under 15 minutes, that’s already a major win.

Waste that’s left inside your machine might attract pests. Worse, it could damage the gear and filters, too, causing potentially long-term issues. So protect your initial investment by choosing something that’s not a headache to maintain.


The size of your masticating juicer isn’t for portability. If you’re like most users, you probably already have many kitchen equipment at home. Having a tool that’s compact means it can be quickly stored or moved around a countertop, since less space is required.

Moreover, those who travel or take regular out-of-town trips will need to take their juicer along, too. Since it snugly fits inside your car’s trunk, you won’t have to leave anything else behind.


Identifying the best masticating juicer is by no means an easy task. If only possible, you’d probably want to get the most useful part from everything, and put them together in one machine. But sadly, this Frankenstein experiment isn’t possible.

Thankfully, there is one model that comes, providing consumers with a healthy balance of functionality, aesthetic quality, user-friendliness, value for money, and of course, some fine tasting juice for you to enjoy.

Based on everything we discussed, our choice for the best masticating juicer currently on the market is the Omega J8006HDS Dual-Stage Masticating Juicer. It may not be ideal for commercial use, but both newbies and seasoned professionals can enjoy its many different functions.

So if you’re currently canvassing through options, make sure to strongly consider that as a companion on your health journey.

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