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10 Best Masticating Juicers (2023): Comparison, Reviews & Buying Guide

Heard all the good things about masticating juicers and are now on the lookout for one to enhance your juicing experience? Stop in your tracks and read the following guide before you head out and make that purchase!

You see, the choices available on the market are plentiful and abundant to say the least. After combing through and testing some of the market’s most popular options (and also some lesser-known ones – there are a few pleasant surprises, that’s all we’re saying), here’s our top 10 picks of the best masticating juicers that are well, creams of the crop.

Be it you are new to the world of juicing or are looking to upgrade your current gadget, we promise you will walk away with all the knowledge you need to make a wise and informed decision. Without further ado, let’s go!

Our Top Pick of the Best Masticating Juicers

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    What is the Best Masticating Juicer?

    Before anything, it is important to know that identifying the best masticating juicer is subjective to every person – it depends on one’s specific needs, lifestyle and budget.

    We can, however, narrow a few attributes down that you’ll normally find in a top-tier juicer – a slow RPM for nutrient preservation, multifunctionality, a robust construction, easy to use (and clean!), and positive customer reviews. Our analysis below will circulate around these few aspects, as you will see shortly.

    Coming from Omega, you know this is a juicer that doesn’t disappoint. Truly, the J8006HDS model stands out in the masticating juicer market with its superior design and impressive performance.

    Operates at a slow 80 RPM to minimize heat build-up and oxidation (to preserve healthy enzymes and nutrients), this juicer employs a triple-stage juicing system to extract the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, flavor and juice from very minimal amounts of produce. One taste of the juice produced and you can tell the difference instantaneously – it comes out richer and fresher.

    The adjustable end cap that features 3 pressure settings allows you to control the juice output and extraction while the automatic pulp ejection system makes continuous juicing possible. It ticks the multifunctionality box too as you can use it to extrude pasta, make nut butter, grind coffee and spices, mince herbs and garlic… even fresh baby food, frozen desserts and soy milk are possible with this one here.

    For our purpose that is juicing though, it can extract any fruits, vegetables and leafy greens including wheatgrass. Those of you who have worked with wheatgrass before will know just how tricky this produce is to juice due to its thick, long and fibrous content. The machine’s 2HP motor is able to generate enough torque to power through it with ease, and that’s a major plus point in our books.

    At a glance, you can tell that this device has a robust construction. Upon using, you’ll find that its durability is second to none too. Having said that, it does lean on the higher end of the price spectrum so it may not be for everyone. Also, it will require considerable counter space so if you have a smaller kitchen, this may not be ideal for you.

    Overall, the Omega J8006HDS offers a beautiful blend of functionality and quality which makes it a worthy investment to make. Highly recommended!



    No “best masticating juicer” list will be complete without a Hurom juicer and here we have the H101 model, a juicer deemed to be one of the easiest to clean ever. Thanks to a few innovative tweaks made to the average, standard juicer design!

    The most apparent and clever is by switching out the average strainer from one with numerous small holes to a brilliant design that features large, elongated grooves. A simple rinse is often enough to have it ready for the next use so gone are the days of vigorous scrubbing to remove any pulp.

    Adding to the ease of pulp removal is the pulp outlet – it opens up 180 degrees so you can flush out any remaining pulp inside the chamber easily. The inside of the chamber and juice outlet are built with a 3-degree tilt to make pouring easier and more thorough so there is less mess left inside the juicer, thereby further easing the cleaning process.

    Of course, all means nothing if its juicing performance is subpar – that’s not something you have to worry about with the H101. It has a patented Slow Squeeze Technology where it rotates at a speed of just 43 revolutions per minute, mimicking the motion of a hand squeezing juice to ensure the juice produced stays fresh and in its most natural state possible.

    Nevertheless, the Hurom H101 Masticating Slow Juicer does not come cheap. That’s not unexpected really, given its many amazing features. If you have a bigger budget, this will make for a compelling choice – the ease-of-use and excellent performance win us over.



    Next up, we have the Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Juicer which sets itself apart from other competitors with its array of seven different nozzles.

    What this entails is a versatility like no other – it can also mince, grind, extrude pasta and make ice cream even, taking it from just a juicer to a comprehensive kitchen assistant that will help streamline your meal preparations.

    For our purpose though, you’ll find the Kuvings NJE-3580 operating at a leisure 80 RPM which is within the range we’re looking for in terms of minimal heat build-up and oxidation. The auto-feeding design gives a quick and convenient operation and the 170-watt motor is reliable and robust.

    With that said, there are a few shortcomings that we find with this model. Firstly, cleaning requires a bit of tedious effort as it has quite the number of components involved. Secondly, it appears to struggle slightly with softer fruits as there is lesser juice yield than expected. Nevertheless, the Kuvings NJE-3580U Juicer is a reliable and versatile machine that is packed with useful features overall – if multifunctionality is a top priority for you, this model will be an ideal option to consider.



    If you like an Omega juicer but finds the J8006HDS model a tad too space-consuming, we have the VRT350 Juicer for you. Sporting a vertical design, this machine takes up at least half less the counter space compared to the former, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.

    One of its most compelling highlights is its dual-stage extraction system where it first extracts juice from your produce using the crushing method. Then, before the pulp is ejected, it squeezes it again at a second ‘pressing’ stage to squeeze out any remaining juice. What results is a higher yield of juice and a very dry pulp so in a way, it provides economical value because you don’t need a lot of fruits/vegetables to get a good amount of yield.

    You’ll also notice your juice is able to maintain its pure color and natural taste – this is due to the utilisation of the squeezing method instead of the grinding motion. The low speed, 80 RPM masticating system preserves all vitamins and nutrients to their optimum level and froth and foam are limited to prevent oxidation. So much so that your juice can be stored for up to 72 hours without degradation or juice separation!

    Another unique feature is its auto-cleaning system which really, is a godsend for anyone who dreads the after-juice clean-ups. The Reverse setting adds to that as you don’t have to manually unclog it if something gets stuck in the machine.

    With that said, it does have its shortcomings. Users find that the pulp can get stuck sometimes when juicing leafy greens, affecting its smooth operation so that’s something to keep in mind.

    Nevertheless, if fruits and vegetables (apart from leafy ones) are going to be your main juicing produce, then the Omega VRT350 juicer is truly an ideal choice to consider – its performance in extracting nutrient-dense juice and easy maintenance has truly won us over.



    The Tribest Solostar SS-4250-B Masticating Juicer is another slow-speed juicer that catches our attention with its powerful performance and high versatility (yep, this one here extends beyond juicing to make pastas, sorbets, nut butters, sauces and the likes).

    While it may not run as low a speed as the Hurom H101 Juicer, its 57 RPM is considered one of the lowest on the market and you know the drill – the lower the speed, the lesser heat build-up and oxidation there are and therefore, more nutrients and enzymes are preserved.

    It also employs the dual-stage extraction process and together with a class-leading auger size, it can extract maximum juice yield with very little produce. The standout point to us though is its efficient drive system. The gear reduction is equivalent to that of a 5.4 HP motor’s and it is able to produce 26% more torque while using 10% less electricity. That’s some impressive energy efficiency, we tell you.

    One thing you will notice is that it bears a horizontal design. This inevitably means that it will require more counter space so it may not be ideal for those with a smaller kitchen. Also, it will be slower than other models – the aforementioned low-speed operation says it all but for all the nutrients it can preserve, we think it is a trade-off we’d happily accept. And oh, it comes with a 15-year warranty too!



    If all the above are too pricey an option for you, the Ninja JC101 Cold Press Pro Juicer will certainly suit the brief in terms of affordability.

    Or if none of the above fits on your counter space, the Ninja JC101 Cold Press Pro Juicer could very well be your answer, too. After all, when it comes to compact, power-packed kitchen appliances, Ninja is a brand to reckon with and this particular model is so compact, it can fit under cabinets.

    Despite its size, the JC101 has a 150-watt high-torque motor base that rotates the stainless-steel 9-segment auger at low speed and this is where it stood out from the rest. This innovative PowerFusion blade design combines the efficiency of a centrifugal juicer with the slower, nutrient-preserving qualities of a masticating juicer so really, you get the best of both worlds. The quickness that you can only find in centrifugal models but without the noise, and with higher yield, lesser foam, brighter colours and better nutritional value in your juice.

    One thing to note though is that even though all components (except the motor base) are rinseable and dishwasher safe, some users find certain parts difficult to clean. We highly recommend using the dual-sided cleaning brush that comes with it as it’s designed to clean these hard-to-reach areas.

    While the Ninja JC101 Cold Press Juicer has its drawbacks, its price and size are definitely winning points. We think it is a great option to consider especially if you value speed and efficiency and nutritional value all in one.



    The EVO820GM Whole Slow Juicer is another exceptional model coming from Kuvings. One look at its chic gunmetal finish and you can tell it encapsulates high-end design coupled with ingenious functionality all in one unit. This is the juicer that we will recommend to those who have a bigger budget and are looking for a premium masticating juicer.

    The crowning glory of the EVO820GM is undoubtedly its patented low-speed masticating technology. By rotating at a speed of 50 RPM, you can be sure all nutritional integrity is well retained to give you juices that burst with essential vitamins and enzymes.

    Another key selling point for many customers is its 3.2-inch-wide feed chute. This generous size makes accommodating whole fruits and vegetables possible so prep time is significantly reduced, ensuring the juicing process is a breeze from start to finish.

    The EVO820GM does have a bigger footprint so that could be a drawback to some people. Also, its higher price point may not fit everyone’s budget but if you have the allowance for it, we do think it is a worthy investment to make (especially if nutrient value is your biggest priority).



    At a glance, the Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer may look a little ordinary but delving into it, we’re blown away by the advanced juicing technology that is stored within it.

    The exclusive Twin Gear technology is definitely its most distinguishing feature. Revolutionary in fact, as the advanced bio-ceramic, magnetic jumbo twin gears have unique points on them which replicate the human mastication system and truly, this is second to none.

    The pocket recesses and cutting positions aid in the grinding motion so that higher quality juices can be extracted. It’s like having three different types of teeth to perform three different functions that begin with the digestive process, making it a complete masticating juicer from start till the end.

    While it may have a rather staggering price point, we think it is good value for money especially when it includes a considerable number of items in its set. You’ll find a fine and coarse screen, homogenizing and breadstick blank, a glass juice pitcher, twin gear set with drive and free wheel gear, cleaning brush, both plastic and wooden plungers, a drip tray and a strainer – all in one package. They don’t need to be bought separately as is the case with many other juicers. You can utilize its multifunctionality straight out the box according to your needs on the day.



    The Nutribullet NBJ50300 Masticating Juicer is a relatively new contender in the masticating juicer world but this little machine here ticks all our boxes with its innovative design and functionality.

    Firstly, it has a steel-tipped auger which is something you don’t usually see in masticating juicers. Nonetheless, it is a brilliant design as it aids into the crushing and squeezing motion to give more juice yield – no doubt this is one distinctive feature of the NBJ50300.

    It operates on a high-torque, low-speed 150W motor base that quietly spins at 65 RPM to extract and preserve all the goodness from your fruits and vegetables. It comes with both pulp and juice containers and the latter’s 24-oz capacity makes for a good amount for standard households.

    Sporting a minimalist and sleek profile, this vertical juicer has a compact frame so it will fit in most kitchens. Cleaning is relatively straightforward with all parts (except the pusher and auger) being dishwasher safe but some users do find the smaller parts a bit more time-consuming as they may need to clean them manually with the brush given.

    Overall, we don’t have much to fault the Nutribullet NBJ50300 Masticating Juicer – if you are after a compact juicer that doesn’t compromise on nutrient preservation and juice yield (and doesn’t break the bank!), then this is one strong contender that we’d recommend.



    Finally, we have the Kuvings C7000S Whole Slow Juicer Elite which sports a clean, silver aesthetic. Standing tall with a vertical and slim-base design, it will fit on any kitchen counter so this is an ideal choice for those with limited counter space.

    Equipped with a patented, low-speed masticating technology that operates at 60 RPM, this juicer gently squeezes the ingredients to preserve all their beneficial nutrients and to prevent oxidation. So much so that the juice produced can be stored up to 72 hours without degradation!

    We also notice that it has a larger pulp outlet duct compared to other competitors. What this does is that it reduces pulp in the extract, thereby making more juice. The 3” wide feed chute allows for larger ingredients without cutting so that’s always good (less prep time!), but it also comes with a funnel/detachable hopper to make putting smaller ingredient in more convenient. Now that’s thoughtful!

    Versatility-wise, it is equipped to prepare sorbet, baby food and nut milk besides juicing. For our purpose here though, you’ll be glad to know that it handles all fruits and vegetables well – even herbs and wheatgrass pose no problems.

    It’s not without drawbacks though. Some users found the machine slightly noisy – its motor is 240W after all – but that’s something we can put up with. It comes with a 10-year warranty so that speaks of its quality and durability, highly recommend!



    What To Consider When Choosing The Best Masticating Juicer?

    With the multitude of choices in the market, zeroing in on the perfect model that suits your needs can be rather tricky (even with our curated list above).

    That is why it is crucial to understand various key factors first before you go out and buy the best masticating juicer for your household. The following guideline will give you clarity in that regard – by the end of this segment, you should be well equipped with all that you need know to make an informed decision.


    While price may not be the primary consideration when it comes to other types of juicers (there are other prioritising factors), with masticating juicers, we think it should be the first starting point to think of.

    This is because they can vary from as low as $100 (or even lesser) to upwards of $500 and beyond. By setting and knowing what your budget is, it eliminates a lot of needless effort and time spent looking at models that do not fit the bill.

    While it might be tempting to opt for a cheaper model, remember that the more expensive models often offer better juice yield and longevity. In the long run, they can provide better value so that’s something to keep in mind when setting your budget.

    Size and Weight

    These two factors play a significant role especially if you have a compact kitchen, or if you plan to move your juicer around often.

    It goes without saying that lightweight and smaller models are easier to manoeuvre and store (therefore satisfying the aforementioned circumstances) but they might compromise on the juice yield. Larger and heavier models often fare better in that regard (higher juice yield) so that’s a trade-off there to consider. Also, the latter are more stable in general but again, they will take up more counter space.

    Ease of Use

    An easy-to-assemble and user-friendly juicer can make the whole juicing experience a breeze. Look for models that have a wider feed chute as they can reduce prep time significantly. If possible, avoid those that have many parts as they will require more cleaning effort. Juicers that come with a detailed instruction manual and clear labelling on parts get brownie points for user-friendliness.

    Noise Level

    While masticating juicers are generally quiet during operation, their noise levels can still vary. If you plan to juice in the early mornings or late at night, a quieter model would be more ideal. Check the product specifications and customer reviews for insights on this regard.


    You cannot expect your masticating juicer to give you the speed of a centrifugal one so that’s one expectation to manage. Look at the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) of the machine – this is the indicative of their speed. The lower the RPM is, the better it is in preserving nutrients and preventing oxidation because less heat is produced and therefore lesser oxygenation. This is what gives you a higher quality glass of juice that stays fresh for longer.


    The longevity of a juicer is directly related to the quality of materials used in its construction. Stainless-steel components and BPA-free plastic parts are typically more durable and safer – they are also the main materials used in most juicers so there’s not much to worry about in this aspect. Regardless, there’s no harm in reading customer reviews as they can provide valuable insights into the product’s long-term performance.


    This is often neglected by many users but the warranty of your juicer speaks a lot about its quality and durability too. A longer warranty period often indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability so make sure to check the warranty details (including what parts are covered and the terms for claiming warranty service). For masticating juicers, warranties can range from a year to a lifetime.

    Masticating Juicers FAQ

    To many people, the very first thing that came into mind when talking about masticating juicers is that they are able to extract more juice and are better at nutrient and enzyme preservation.

    However, many do not know how that came about, likewise, a lot of people are actually clueless to the aspects of this type of juicers. So here are some clarity and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

    1. How does a masticating juicer work?

    Masticating juicers operates by crushing and squeezing produce at a slow speed (usually around 50 to 120 RPMs). This is to minimize the production of heat and oxidation, both of which will strip valuable nutrients away from healthy ingredients. As their operation is considerably slower than their centrifugal counterparts, they are also known as slow juicers or cold press juicers.

    2. How do you clean a masticating juicer?

    Cleaning a masticating juicer can be very simple if you follow the right steps. Right after juicing, disassemble the juicer immediately and rinse all removable parts under warm water. That should be about it but you can use some liquid detergent too when need be. Try not to wait too long as any pulp or residue may harden and get stuck to the parts, making cleaning harder.

    Usually, it is the strainer that is the hardest to clean – use the brush that comes with most models to scrub it off (same for any nooks and crannies). Most components are dishwasher-safe nowadays so you can just chuck them into the dishwasher, but always check the manual first.

    3. How long does juice from a masticating juicer last?

    Thanks to the slow mastication process, most juice from a masticating juicer can last up to 72 hours in the fridge without degradation or significant nutrient loss. It is still advisable to consume it immediately after juicing to enjoy the freshest and maximum nutritional benefits, so as not to waste your juicing efforts.

    4. Why is there foam on my juice?

    Foam is created when air gets trapped in the juice during the extraction process. While masticating juicers produce lesser foam than centrifugal ones, some foam is still pretty much inevitable. It is harmless and can be scooped off or mixed in before drinking.

    5. Why is my masticating juicer getting clogged?

    Clogging can happen if you are juicing a lot of fibrous or pulpy fruits and vegetables without chopping them into smaller pieces first. Look for machines that have a “Reverse” function as it will help a lot if this happens. Otherwise, alternate between hard and soft produce to prevent clogging.

    6. Can a masticating juicer process all kinds of produce?

    Good masticating juicers can handle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, even leafy greens. Most wheatgrass juicers are masticating ones so that speaks of their efficiency (if you’ve worked with wheatgrass before, you’ll know how tricky it is to juice). A lot of models are able to go beyond that though nowadays – nut milk, baby food, sorbet, pastas are just among some of the versatilities offered by these juicers.

    Wrapping Up

    Navigating through the best masticating juicers on the market doesn’t have to be a daunting and overwhelming task. With our comprehensive guide above, you should now be well-prepared to make an informed decision in selecting the best masticating juicer that tailors to your unique needs and preferences.

    Be it you value compact design, easy clean-up, versatility or the absolute highest juice yield and nutritional content, there is bound to be one model among our top 10 handpicked selections that will fit the brief.

    Remember, choosing the right juicer that aligns with all your needs will be an absolute game-changer. So take your time, list out your priorities and choose wisely. Happy shopping!