juicing for weight loss

The Ultimate Guide: Juice Cleanse for Weight Loss

Juice cleansing, often hailed as a rejuvenating detox method, has taken the health and wellness world by storm. At its core, a juice cleanse involves consuming only fresh fruit and vegetable juices for a specified period, typically ranging from one to seven days. The primary goal? To flush out toxins, reset the digestive system, and

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raw food diet

How Can Raw Food Diet Help Type 2 Diabetes?

Consuming a diet that has processed or overcooked foods, or food that are high in sugar is part of the causes of type 2 diabetes. Eating a raw food diet can help decrease the amount of sugar you put in your system and aid you to lose weight. There is evidence suggesting that losing just

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benefits of juicing

The Benefits of Juicing Lifestyle

Every day, doctors and researchers insist on the need to increase our daily intake of fruits and vegetables. When it comes to getting enough carbs, protein, and fat, we are the champions! However, when it comes to getting more micronutrients, we fail the course. The Center for Disease Control recommend that adults should consume about

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juicing for menopause

Can Juicing Help Menopausal Symptoms?

Hitting menopause isn’t one of the easiest or the best things to go through, at least not for most women. Once your menstrual periods stop, the hot flashes hit, terrible mood swings, not to mention the night sweats and the sudden weight gain! Unfortunately, there is no cure to stop or treat menopause. Well, you

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Is Juicing Healthy?

There are many fads and trends in the diet and health world. Juicing has become popular as a way to lose weight, cleanse the body, and significantly increase intake of minerals and vitamins. It’s always better to look at the science behind a diet trend, so you may wonder is juicing healthy? The juicing trend has

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Green Juice for a Healthy Heart

The term “green juice” refers to a broad range of vegetables processed through a blender or juicer and transforms the solids into smoother liquid. Spinach and kale are among the most common options. However, you can also include cucumbers, Romaine lettuce, bitter lemon, wheatgrass, broccoli, and many others. Then the fact that these green produce

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juicing for diabetics

Juicing for Diabetics: Guide + Recipes

Diabetes has been defined as a chronic disease by many. However, you shouldn’t feel helpless or as if it’s the end of the world if you are diagnosed with diabetes. Granted, you’ll be scared (shocked, even) when given such news but the thing is, you are not alone. Many people have been living with diabetes.

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Juicing for Hair Loss: Fresh Juice Recipes for Hair Growth

A few years ago, reports showed that about 1 in every 5 Americans dealt with hair loss. Chances are, these numbers have gone way up over the years. It goes to show that a lot of people do have this hair loss issue. If you are experiencing it, know that you are not the only

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