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Super Angel Juicer Review & Comparison – Ultimate Buying Guide 2021

Fruits and vegetables form part of a balanced diet. While they have been ignored for a long while as people preferred to indulge in fast foods, the world has started to appreciate their importance. Fruits and vegetables have plenty of benefits to the human body. Ideal for weight-loss programs and preventing many diseases, the fiber-rich foods are important for overall good health.

The company has created brands that are newly upgraded and reinforced to fully comply with the U.S electrical specifications. The new models come with added tools such as the ‘Juicing Bible’, a free fruit juice recipe, and Premium brush for scrubbing.

In realizing and appreciating their enormous benefits to our bodies, many people have resorted to juicing as part of a healthy, daily regimen for their daily intake of the necessary nutrients. Juicing gives a high concentration of nutrients as even not the fiber is lost during the extraction process.

Masticating juicers squeeze the very last drop out of the fruit or vegetable till only dry pulp is left. The result of the process is a nutrient-rich juice loaded with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes for the betterment of your health.

A good juicer can transform your life. For years now, Super Angel has been a leading brand when it comes to healthy juicers. The brand has manufactured super-quality juicers that have value and unparalleled service to their customers.

Let’s Find Out More About Super Angel

Super Angel

Celebrating more than 21 years in the industry, Super Angel is a worldwide leader in living juice extractors. Their juicers can outperform many similar products in the market as they are made of superior quality and state of the art technology.

Super Angel exclusive models; Plus, Pro, Deluxe and Premium Deluxe are advanced living juice extractors that have been tried and tested for durability and service.

The company has created brands that are newly upgraded and reinforced to fully comply with the U.S electrical specifications. The new models come with added tools such as the ‘Juicing Bible’, a free fruit juice recipe, and Premium brush for scrubbing.

Features of The Super Angel Juicers

  • All stainless steel construction for durability. This is the base model for the upgraded versions of the Super Angel juicers.
  • Newly designed main control board for easy reading and use.
  • Automatic cooling system. The feature present in all four Super Angel Juicers controls overheating in the machine. Once the sensors detect any overheating, the machine automatically switches off to mitigate that.
  • Worry-free plastic pieces. The machines do not contain toxic plastic pieces and is FDA-approved for the production of food.
  • Ease of operation from simple and long-lasting designs. The horizontal juicers have the simplest designs. With the touch of a button, you are able to juice a wide range of products for healthy drinks.
  • Effective gear force. The gears used in the Super Angel series have long blades for maximum juicing from minimum produce. The gears also work with very low speeds of 82 RPM to prevent oxidation and heating which destroys nutrients in the juices for longer-lasting drinks.
  • Reliable 10 year warranty. The masticating juicers have decade-long warranties to guarantee you great service and durability.
  • A wide range of functions. The juicers can extract juice from leafy greens, veggies, fruit, wheatgrass, herbs and sprouts. They can also be used to make nut butters, baby food, tofu, soy bean juice and frozen fruit sorbets.
  • Super Angel Juicers have automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensors that control the machines.

Super Angel Juicer Reviews

The new Super Angel Juicers are a pleasure to use, easy to clean and will give you more healthy juice than ordinary masticating juicers.

1. Super Angel Premium Deluxe Model

Designed for easy operation, the Super Angel Premium Deluxe model masterfully performs the art of juicing wheatgrass, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, sprouts and herbs with the optional grinding function to make soy juice, nut butters and frozen fruit sorbets. The new models have upgrades on the motor, gear, safety and main control board to ensure that the machine fully complies with the U.S electrical regulations.

The added and improved features include an anti-jamming system that adjusts the system when it overloads. The automatic reverse function helps the system restart when it jams. It has an automated cooling system that cools the machine when it overheats. To further impress us with its outstanding features is an automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensor that controls the juicer.

When you purchase the Super Angel Premium Deluxe model, you also get a juicing recipe book, a premium brush, a wooden pusher with a silicone seal, a splash guard, a pulp collector, a glass juice collector, and a twin gear set.


  • The premium deluxe set has a soft extraction housing set but it is not included when you purchase the set. You have to buy it as an extra feature.
  • It is not very easy to clean.
  • The pulp collector is relatively small, and the pulp and juice get stuck in the locking clamps when masticating.
  • The machine stops when it overheats. This is part of its safety features but that means that it might cause you delays as it cools down.

2. Super Angel Deluxe Model

The Super Angel Deluxe model is a masticating juicer that is designed for efficiency, longevity, reliability and ease of use. Just like the Premium Deluxe, The deluxe model is an efficient machine for juicing leafy greens, sprouts, vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass, and herbs. It also works great as a grinder for nut butters, tofu, soy bean juice, and frozen fruit sorbets.

The new models (2014-2015) have improved features that make the upgrade more desirable. Its newly designed main control board makes the Super Angel juicer easy to use. It also has an anti-jamming system, an automatic reverse function to prevent clogging and an automatic motor thermal sensor that stops the machine when it overheats.

The smart Super Angel Deluxe juicer comes with a motor base unit and twin gear set, a splash guard, a scrubbing brush, a standard wooden pusher, a plastic pulp collector, a pyrex juice cup, a power cord, a juicing book, and a soft fruit extracting housing.


Cleaning this machine can be laborious.
There are build-ups when using this super angel juicer and you might have to give it time in between juicing for smooth running.

3. Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer

The newly upgraded version of the 7500 model is here with improved and reinforced features that comply with the U.S electrical regulations. It is FDA approved for high-quality food grade. The super angel juicer has an anti-jamming feature that self-adjusts speed control when the machine overloads. It has an automatic reverse function that clears jams when juicing. This beast is made of all stainless steel parts with no plastic parts for durability.

This juicer will give you the maximum juice out of minimum produce as it squeezes the entire produce to give a nutritious and flavorful drink. Its large juicing gears are designed with FDA-approved stainless steel parts for the ultimate breakdown of your veggies, fruit and other products for the best possible nutrient content in your drink. The machine has its gears rotating at low speeds of 82 RPM for the less oxidation and heat which gives your juices a longer shelf life.

Included with the purchase of the Super Angel PRO juicer is a free juicing recipe book dabbed the ‘Juicing Bible’, a free scrubbing brush, a pyrex cup for pulp collection, a glass juice collector, a power cord and pusher.


  • It does not work very well with soft fruit and vegetable like grapes and oranges. One still needs the soft extraction housing which is only free with the deluxe model.
  • The feeding tube is quite small compared to other models making it slower.
  • The juicer is hard to clean despite coming with the tools to do so.

4. Super Angel Plus Stainless Steel Juicer

The Super Angel PLUS is a stainless steel juicer that boasts the newly designed main control board for easy use. It has a motor thermal sensor that is automatic for cooling when the machine overheats. Like the rest of the Super Angel exclusive models, the PLUS has worry-free plastic parts that are made for longevity. The Angel makes juices from leafy greens, veggies, fruits, sprouts, and herbs. It also makes seed juice, nut butters, soy milk and frozen fruit sorbets.

There is a notable difference between the PLUS and other models when it comes to the reverse function. It has a manual switch to clear a jam so you don’t have to dissemble the machine to unclog it.


  • The PLUS model has all the features of the PRO but lacks the anti-jamming and automatic reverse features making it inferior to the other models.
  • The Super Angel Plus is difficult to clean as it is a heavy machine thus requires more attention during clean up.

Comparing The Plus, Pro, Deluxe and Premium Deluxe Super Angel Juicers

To find out more about what masticating juicer you should purchase from Super Angel, we did a comparison between the four brands based on several factors listed below.

  • Anti jamming – The anti jamming feature which helps the machine unclog when it jams is present in all the Super Angel models except the Super Angel PLUS.
  • Automatic reverse mode – This is a feature on all the Super Angel models except in the PLUS model where it is not automated. You have to reverse manually on the Super Angel PLUS model.
  • Soft extraction housing set – The soft extraction housing set is available for free in the DELUXE model as it comes with the machine. In PREMIUM DELUXE, the set is available but can only be purchased as an extra feature. It is not included in the set on purchase.

Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Super Angel Living Juice Extractor

  1. It is a reliable juicer that is made with stainless steel body to ensure durability. The premium extractors are made of heavy duty material using top-quality material and workmanship.
  2. The juicers are a good resource for living nutrition as the machine chews up the fiber and pulp to extract the most juice out of your produce.
  3. The juicer ensures that you get the nutrient-value your body needs to live a longer and healthier life. The healthy juices, loaded with nutrients, provide the best for juice for the body.
  4. You get to enjoy fresh juice every day. The best time to have juice is when it is freshly-squeezed. This is because it still has most of the nutrients which are lost over time. How best can one enjoy this than to own a magnificent stainless steel Super Angel juicer for everyday use.
  5. Live long, productive lives by making the choice to stay and eat healthy. With precision engineering, the super angel juicers ensure you get the most out of your fruit and vegetable for great tasting and healthy juices.

It’s Well Worth The Money

Knowing what type of juicer to use when making your juices is the first step in the right direction. Often people confuse masticating and centrifugal juicers and when they do not, they fail to understand what features they should look out for when purchasing the right juicer.

Super Angel juicers produce more juice than other masticating juicers. The juicers’ stainless steel gears quietly masticate juice from your produce to provide flavorful, nutritious juices that have little pulp and less foam. The stainless steel build and finish promises durability and easy cleaning.

Covered by a 10-year warranty, you are assured that your juicer will give you impeccable service. The exceptionally powerful machines will wow your guests and family as they can extract higher juice yield than other machines, and the quality is definitely distinct.

Look no further if you desire a quiet, easy to operate machine that will give you sweet, nutritious drinks without having to sit there and plunge produce down its chute. Whichever you prefer, the answer to your juicing problem lies with the Super Angel exclusive models; PLUS, PRO, DELUXE and PREMIUM DELUXE!