Blendtec Reviews and Comparison: Which One Works Better?

A lot of people are wondering which Blendtec is the best. After all, it’s one of the most famous and in-demand brands among health enthusiasts and those really hardworking people in the kitchen. And because of that, we decided to go ahead and share our formal Blendtec reviews.

Since the brand has a wide range of blenders that differ in features, capacity, controls and ease of use, we decided to stick with the most efficient and top performing models to save you time.

Blendtec Reviews

1. Blendtec Total Blender

Why we love it: Has smart features

Blendtec Total Blender is a great performing blender that can make you wonder what it can’t do for you. With a 1,560-watt motor and a 4-inch blade, it can make juices, smoothies, baby food and so much more for you. It’s a really versatile blender.

The appliance has a really sturdy base unit. It feels a bit heavier which is why the unit doesn’t move around that much when in use.

Its 15-inch jar, on the other hand, is lightweight. It fits perfectly and firmly on top of its base unit even if you use the blender at its maximum speed.

Since the blender is a bit lightweight, however, the unit can move at times while processing. This makes it essential that you keep a close eye on it while you’re working on your recipe. Otherwise, make sure that it has a rubber mat underneath or that you’re not processing a huge quantity at a time.

Additionally, the blender has this rubber lid which works really well in keeping the ingredients inside the jar. It comes with a center opening which you can use to add more ingredients to your mixture.

Now, unlike most blenders, Blendtec have these blunt-edged blades which are just great for heavy blending tasks. They won’t easily wear down even when you are working with the toughest ingredients, like nuts, seeds, ice and frozen fruits.

This model features pre-programmed blending cycles. You can access them by pressing the buttons on the touchpad and just let the blender do the job for you.

If you want to process your ingredients manually, however, you can use the 10-speed settings or the blender’s pulse button. Just press the speed up or the speed down button depending on how fast or slow you want to power through your ingredients.

Now, to check how long you’ve been processing your ingredients, there’s an LCD screen you can look at. It’s an essential feature in preventing over blending which can greatly diminish the nutrients you’ll get from your recipe.

2. Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Blender Jar

Why we love it: Commercial grade

Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Blender Jar is a commercial-quality blender packed with 1,560-watt of power. It’s a great investment if you like creating massive quantities of smoothies, drinks and nut butter or if you’re a hands-on cook who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

The appliance is part of the brand’s Designer series. It’s available in 3 different color choices so you can easily match your blender with the rest of your appliances in the kitchen. Take note that the color determines the price. Black is the cheapest while Stainless Steel is the most expensive color you can get.

It measures 7 inches in width and 15 inches in height which means that it isn’t that huge. You can store it in your kitchen cabinet with ease.

As for the pitcher, it’s easy to grip while the lid is easy to take out. While there’s no spout, the pitcher has corners that make pouring easy.

The blender’s jar features a fifth side which helps prevent cavitation. This simply means that you won’t need to stop the appliance and work with the ingredients in order to get them processed thoroughly.

The blender has preset buttons too. Unlike most units, this one doesn’t have text labels. The buttons have images which can make it hard to use for some people. There’s also a digital display that lets you know how long you need to wait.

The unit has a rubber foot which is great for two things. One is that it helps the blender stay in place. Another benefit is that it reduces the blender’s operating temperature by preventing outgoing hot air from getting in contact with the incoming cool air.

3. Blendtec Classic Fit Blender

Why we love it: Powerful

Blendtec Classic Fit Blender is the best Blendtec blender that offers good value for money. For its price, you’ll get to enjoy the same powerful performance you’d get from much expensive and high-end brands. With its minimalistic design and great features, it’s a great blender to have whether you’re planning on eating healthier or you just want a great blender in your kitchen.

The blender only comes with four buttons so you’re less likely to get confused. The buttons are easy to understand even though they aren’t labeled with text.

On the left, you’ll find the button for the blender’s 30-second timer cycle. Then, there’s the button that will add 10 seconds to the existing processing time. The last two buttons are the low and high pulse options.

With the buttons, you’ll see an LCD panel. It’s handy when you need to tap the +10 button as it allows you to keep track of the processing time.

Now, when it comes to performance, the blender won’t disappoint you. Even though it’s an entry-level unit, it has enough power to process all kinds of tough ingredients.

Like most of Blendtec’s models, this one features dull blades which may seem counter intuitive at first. The truth, however, is that they work really well. They suck whatever you put into the jar with great force. This ensures that all the ingredients are thoroughly processed even without using a tamper.

Also, dull blades are better than sharp ones in general. Since they don’t rely on sharpness to power through ingredients, you won’t need to replace them frequently to achieve consistent results. Additionally, you lessen the risk of cutting yourself while cleaning the unit.

4. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

Why we love it: Versatile

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender has the perfect balance of style and functions. It’s versatile, easy to operate and durable. You can consider it as an all-in-one machine that can double as a food processor. Its 1,575 watts of power enables it to carry out blending tasks efficiently and quickly.

Despite the power this blender offers, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to clean. You simply need to wipe its surface since there are no dials or buttons that can accumulate food debris.

There are 4 pre-programmed cycles which you can choose from. There’s an option for making smoothies and buttons for activating the blender’s 60 and 90-second cycles. There’s also a manual control which allows you to choose from 5 incremental speed settings and an option for pulse control.

As for capacity, you’ll enjoy how generous this blender’s jar is. Capable of holding 90 ounces, it’s useful in creating large batches of soup or smoothies.

And you won’t even need a tamper to process such quantity. The blender has this unique capacity to pull all the ingredients toward the blade. You’re guaranteed to achieve a smooth consistency each time and even without relying on a tamper.

Interestingly, the model is available in 6 different colors so you can easily pick one depending on your personality or the interior design of your kitchen.

5. Blendtec Pro 800 With WildSide Jar

Why we love it: Really quiet

Blendtec Pro 800 with WildSide Jar is considered as the quietest blender around. It has a 360-degree sound enclosure and a unique sound dampening technology to reduce the sound of air intake. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to create a really healthy breakfast without waking up the entire family.

The blender has a 3.8 peak horsepower. It comes with 11 incremental speeds which you can control with its capacitive touch slider. There are 6 pre-programmed options as well.

The model isn’t that small but the unit can comfortably fit in most kitchen cabinets. It’s a bit heavy which means that it’s not that practical to bring when traveling.

Like most of the brand’s blender, this one has a square jar. It works wonderfully in eliminating the need to use a tamper since it’s able to pull the ingredients toward the blade. You won’t have a hard time blending smoothies and thick ingredients for that matter.

When it comes to cleaning up the unit, it’s actually a breeze. Its blade can’t be removed from the jar which means that you can clean the unit without taking everything apart. It even has a self-cleaning feature to keep your fingers safe from getting cut.

To activate that feature, you’ll need a bit of soap and warm water. Blend it for several seconds and then rinse the blender. If you’ll be processing bread doughs and nut butter, be prepared to do additional scrubbing once you are done.

This model has a very long cord length at 6’8″. This gives you a lot of freedom to put the blender anywhere you want in the kitchen.

Now, let’s talk about the cons.

The unit offers so many handy features but its price is something you have to seriously consider. It’s pretty expensive if you compare it with the other blenders’ price tags.

However, don’t let that factor discourage you from investing in the product. It has a lot of power and it offers ease of use. It will surely be worth your money.

Blendtec Blenders: The Face-Off

If you are still having a hard time coming up with a decision after reading our Blendtec reviews, we aren’t blaming you. Just reading all their amazing features and capabilities can easily make one want to purchase all of them.

Since that’s not ideal, we’re sharing with you some of the most important criteria you can consider when picking the best Blendtec blender. Below is a short list to help you out:


Most Blendtec models are packed with power. Majority of them are rated at 3-peak horsepower or above so you won’t have issues achieving a really creamy consistency for your recipes.

Take note, however, that you don’t really need to have so much power on your blender all the time. For example, if you’re simply planning on making smoothies with light ingredients, blenders with less power should be enough. However, if you’re planning on using your blender in making nut butters and processing nuts and seeds, aim for a more powerful one.


This will depend on your preference. Most models from Blendtec are bulky and large. On average, their units are between 5.75″ to 7.7″ in width, 15″ to 20″ in height, and 7.5″ to 9.5″ in depth. They can be as heavy as 12.5 lbs.

Considering those measurements, you shouldn’t stress yourself out when it comes to storage. Blendtec blenders are mostly designed to comfortably fit inside standard kitchen cabinets.


Blendtec takes on a more high-tech approach when it comes to controls. Most of its units either have built-in buttons or an illuminated touchpad which you can use to access speed controls and presets.

Consider these features carefully. Even though they seem convenient, they aren’t that simple.


The blending containers you’ll get from this brand are BPA-free with accurate volume measurement marks. They are lightweight, durable, and strong.

If you are thinking of getting glass blending jars, you won’t have any luck with this brand due to safety concerns. The force and power generated by Blendtec jars can easily break glass.

Additionally, if you consider the containers’ size, they would be really heavy if they were made of glass.


Blendtec blenders are made of stainless steel with 2 prongs. They are engineered in a way that will not require replacements. This is convenient since you won’t have to worry about cutting your fingers whenever you’re replacing your blades.


One of the minor flaws of Blendtec blenders is its lid design. It doesn’t stay on firmly and securely which can cause the lid to pop off while blending unattended. This frequently happens when the jar is too full.

Blending Programs

Blendtec is popularly known for its unique Smart-Touch Technology. It allows you to literally push a button and leave your blender to do the work. This hands-free program gives you the time to attend to other things in the kitchen.

Now, considering the issue with its lids, it’s strongly recommended that you don’t walk away from your blender, particularly when you’re processing a huge serving.

Clean Up

Blendtec jars are really easy to clean with its flawless square design and 2-prong blade. With hot water and a bit of soap and blending, you can remove any food debris inside the jar. If necessary, you can finish up the job with a little manual washing.

Consider this:

One important thing to consider when it comes to cleaning up your blender is to do it right after use. This way, you won’t have to deal with stubborn and hardened food debris later on. Additionally, proper cleaning and maintenance can also extend the life of your blender.


Most Blendtec blenders are on the heavier side. While that makes them a bit bulky, it’s actually a good thing. Being heavy means that their base is more stable and are less likely to move around during blending.

However, that doesn’t mean that every heavy blender can stay still while processing. The presence of rubber feet, for example, can make movements less possible. If your unit doesn’t come with such feature, you can always put a silicone mat under it. It creates friction which increases stability.


If you’re still having a hard time even after reading all those information, then allow us to share with you our top pick.

For us, Blendtec Total Blender is the best Blendtec blender you can get your hands on. With a 1,560-watt motor, it should be enough to help you conquer most blending tasks in the kitchen. Whether you’ll be processing smoothies or baby food, you’ll find this versatile blender extremely reliable.

Additionally, it has the right capacity that won’t get in the way of your family trip. It’s lightweight so you can take it with you on your holiday trips or vacation. It even has pre-programmed blending cycles which you can access in just a push of a button. It can save you a lot of time processing your favorite drinks and recipes.

Comparing it with the rest of the models, it’s not that expensive but it’s not cheap either. It’s reasonably priced for all the things it can do.