Vitamix 6500 Blender Review

Vitamix is a household name in the blending industry for all the right reasons. If you loved Vitamix 6300, Vitamix 6500 is the improved version. It is loaded with powerful features and is short enough to fit under your kitchen cabinet.

Juice love just got to another level. Thanks to Vitamix 6500, now stocking at Amazon. It is a 64oz container with a low, wide bottom. It comes with three different preset programs and a powerful motor of 2.2HP.

If you have been shopping for a blender or looking to replace the one you have, then this Vitamix 6500 review will give you the answer.

So why Vitamix 6500?


1. Versatility

This blender gives you more for less. The three preset programs allow you to blend anything you want easily. Whether you want hot soups, frozen desserts or smoothies, it will deliver just how you want it. Smooth and yummy.

2. Dependable power

If you love your smoothie silky, this blender has a higher rating than most blenders in the market in terms of horsepower. It is a beast that can handle anything without breaking. You don’t have to worry about how hard and frozen your vegetables or nuts are. The power is enough to deliver.

3. Speed Diversity

Love being in control? The pulse switch and ten manual speeds will turn your blending to play. Depending on how fast you want the blades to spin, the control lies with you.

4. Ease of Use and Functionality

You want something that you can work with right from your sleep without fumbling? This Vitamix 6500 review guarantee you the best choice. All you need is to collect your ingredients, put them in and choose a preset button. There is one for hot soup, smoothies and frozen desserts. Just hit the press button and control the speed the way you like.

You could even just sit back and watch the action as you whet your appetite or run other errands in your kitchen as you get ready to savor three cups of smoothie, thanks to the container size. The base is wide and flat preventing food products from sticking under the blades.

Tired of blockages and air gaps? Vitamix 6500 has a fitting tamper so you can tamp down your contents while blending. It is goodbye to the messy blending days.

5. Quality and Durability

If you are looking to buy a product that will serve you for the long while, look no further. Its design and construction is of high standards. Talk of metal couplings, strong plastic and shatterproof container. What more would you want.



Final Verdict

If you want to live a healthy life, it is impossible to do so without owning the most powerful blender in the industry. Want peace of mind? This blender comes with a seven-year warranty that can be extended up to ten years. If this is not reliability and value for investment, then I don’t know what is. Get yours now and you will never regret.