best blender for smoothie bowls

10 Best Blenders for Smoothie Bowls

Through the years, people have become more and more creative when preparing a healthy breakfast. Decades ago, this just meant pouring cereal into your bowl, then adding in some milk and fruit. But now, we have overnight oats, energy bars, vegan pancakes, avocado toast, and protein shakes with an exact calorie count.

Out of all that, though, perhaps the trendiest one is a smoothie bowl.

This type of food is perfect for anyone looking to indulge in something tasty, while consuming all the necessary vitamins and minerals in a single go. A smoothie bowl is basically frozen fruit blended up into a thick consistency with nuts, wheat, and berries.

Besides having those ingredients available, you also need a high-quality blender to make the perfect smoothie bowl consistently. And that’s what we’ll be discussing in today’s article.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best units available, so you won’t have to scour the Internet or your local appliance shops anymore. Our team will be discussing the best, worst, and most dreadful characteristics about each one, so just have to decide which among them best fits your current needs.

  1. Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender
  2. Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender
  3. Ninja SS101 Foodi Smoothie Maker
  4. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo
  5. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender
  6. KitchenAid K400 Variable-Speed Blender
  7. Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional-Grade Blender
  8. Breville Super Q Blender
  9. Magic Bullet Blender
  10. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

What is the Best Blender for Smoothie Bowls?

1. Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender

When it comes to high-performance blenders, you can’t go wrong with a Vitamix.

The company has been around for over one hundred years, and has remained committed to providing solutions that help improve the public’s well-being. From the very first product it introduced in 1937 up to its latest technologies available today, they have made health as their unquestioned top priority. 

The Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender is a true testament to this.

It’s designed to prepare your family’s meals – from hot soup to ice-cold desserts – in mere minutes. It comes with an extra-large 64-ounce container, big enough to make meals good for 4-6 people. This includes a tamper tool, too, which is very useful when pushing ingredients down towards its blades.

Speaking of its blades, the Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender is equipped with aircraft-grade cutters made from stainless steel material. This way, you are assured it can blend through the stems, seeds, and skin of fruits without any resistance. Preparing smoothie bowls will be a breeze because you’ll get a smooth, chunk-free consistency each and every time.

As an added benefit, we love how easy this machine is to handle.

The Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender has an easy-to-locate power switch, pulsing controls, and a variable-speed control dial. All these help you manage its current functions and how fast it operates. Not even beginners would be overwhelmed.

Washing the blender is pretty simple as well, thanks to an easy-clean feature. Just mix warm water with a few drops of liquid detergent, and crank it up to the highest speed. All the gunk should begin sliding off its sides, ready for rinsing.

The only aspect interested buyers need to worry about the Vitamix 5200 is its size. Measuring just below 21-inches in height means it can be challenging to store. Most kitchen cabinets are too small, so make sure there’s enough space on your countertop. Otherwise, you’ll have to disassemble everything after each use.

Besides that, there’s not much else to complain about.

The Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade model is one of the best blenders for smoothie bowls, and a reliable option overall. Its combination of power, user-friendliness, and versatility would be a welcome addition to any work environment, whether that’s residential or commercial.



2. Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender

Even though it’s only been around for less than three decades, Ninja (otherwise known as SharkNinja) has already built a reputation for introducing high-quality kitchen countertop appliances. 

Their founder, Mark Rosenzweig, said they’ve always prided themselves on conceptualizing innovative products that are easy to use and competitively-priced, too.

Ever since its BL610 Professional Countertop model was released, it’s been widely known to be great at crushing ice. Of course, this is an important feature when preparing smoothie bowls.

According to multiple reviews, countless users have attested to this.

The blender has a powerful 1,000-watt motor with three available speed selections. There’s even a pulsing feature for tasks requiring some extra oomph.

Like most machines its size, the Ninja BL610 blender has stacked blades that can be easily removed. Extra care is needed because it’s very sharp. Hold them from the top during installation to prevent any injuries.

Thankfully, it comes with a built-in safety provision. The device won’t turn on if the pitcher or lid isn’t locked on properly. This is really useful, especially for those juggling multiple responsibilities at once.

We tried out the Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender ourselves, and it’s as good as advertised. It crushed ice with ease, which allowed us to prepare our smoothie bowl very quickly. The overall consistency produced was a bit lumpy, though, but we can’t really complain too much considering it costs less than one hundred dollars.

Having a 72-ounce container also has its downsides. Although this blender is great when making meals in large batches, it’s not made for single-serve orders. You’ll end up just having a lot of leftovers, which won’t taste fresh anymore after a few days.

In our opinion, we would recommend the Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender to beginners not looking to spend much on their initial investment. They use this as an entry-level option first to perfect the basic skills before upgrading to a more high-performing model, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.



3. Ninja SS101 Foodi Smoothie Maker

This upcoming contender isn’t your typical smoothie blender. Unlike others that have a big pitcher, the Ninja SS101 model comes with two extraction cups instead. This way, you can take your drink along as soon as it finishes blending. It’s also light and compact, taking up way less space at home.

But even though it’s small doesn’t mean it lacks muscle.

In reality, the Ninja SS101 Foodi Smoothie Maker is backed by a reliable 1,200-watt motor. It operates continuously with minimal stoppages in between — a true testament to its mechanical prowess. This pairs perfectly with high-grade stainless steel blades that cut through all types of fruits, vegetables, and nuts with relative ease.

Usually, blenders of this caliber are only manually controlled. But the Ninja SS101 model comes with six preset functions for one-touch blending, pulsing, extracting, preparing smoothies, making spreads, and yes, putting together smoothie bowls.

This feature automatically adjusts crushing and pulsing times, as well as how often it pauses, per your chosen command. There’s also a predetermined length for each one, so won’t have to worry about over blending.

All in all, we had an enjoyable time using the Ninja SS101 Foodi Smoothie Maker. Its manufacturers really prioritized user-friendliness when conceptualizing this, and succeeded! Focusing on seemingly minor details like adding measuring guides, and including accessories like a tamper, smoothie bowl mixer, and an adorable recipe book really rounds out the experience.

We highly recommend it to either beginners or seasoned homecooks. It’s a potential gift idea, too, because of how affordable the Ninja SS101 Foodi Smoothie Maker is. Anybody would be elated receiving this on their special day.



4. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

Another reliable brand to consider buying is NutriBullet. They’ve been a trusted proponent of the single-serve blender, aiming to simplify nutrition. To date, they have amassed more than eighty-million satisfied customers all over the world.

However, while this concept has been great for on-the-go health enthusiasts, other fans have clamored for a more versatile design. Which is why there was so much hype when finally, the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo made its much-awaited debut.

Like its predecessors, this model comes with two bullet cups measuring 32-ounces and 24-ounces respectively. There’s a large-capacity 64-ounce jug, too, when cooking in bulk. This flexibility makes it so much easier to prepare delectable smoothie bowls, regardless of the group size.

In terms of functionality, the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo is pretty straightforward.

It only has two commands to choose from, plus three speed settings for each. This setup can be quite daunting, especially at the beginning. So we recommend testing it out first before any important tasks.

Still, this blender did not disappoint, producing a wonderfully smooth consistency every time. It pulverized ice cubes and frozen fruit in mere seconds. Plus, having the to-go lid is great when you’re running late. Easily add all your topping straight to the cup without spilling anything.

Of course, we have to admit there are times when the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo feels like it lacks strength, especially when used continuously for several hours. That’s why this is better suited as a secondary device at home or on extended trips.

For its price, the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo serves as a practical option for anyone looking to buy a simple yet functional machine to use daily. And among all our contenders, this is definitely one of the best.



5. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

If you’re looking for something more formidable, then Blendtec is a good brand to consider. No wonder it’s so popular in restaurants, cafes, and professional kitchens all throughout the world. Having one of its products at home will surely help elevate your dining experience.

Of its multitude of offerings, the Blendtec Classic 575 Blender instantly comes to mind.

This is a multi-purpose device that processes fruits, vegetables, and ice, into different drinks, desserts, and even soup! It’s quite hefty, too, with a maximum liquid capacity of 36-fluid-ounces. Although this may not seem like much, it’s still good enough to serve groups of three to four people.

The jar itself is built very durably, made from BPA-free plastic, and can be stored in cold temperatures. There’s even a spoonula included for scooping out thick mixtures like nut butters or when preparing smoothie bowls. We really like this design because it doubles as a serving pitcher as well!

Plus, the Blendtec Classic 575 Blender is really compact compared to other high-performance models. It remains steady and produces minimal vibrations, even when running at top speeds.

One thing to watch out for, though, is the controls.

Not that it’s bad, but this blender uses soft-push buttons instead of the standard speed dials. For us, it lacks flexibility and maneuverability when shifting to different settings. We know most users will probably need some adjusting as well.

The overall layout feels a bit cramped, too. Imagine having all functions in just a single space. We often made mistakes, which prolonged the entire food preparation experience.

While that’s certainly not ideal, the Blendtec Classic 575 Blender does come with a preset smoothie feature. Just load up all the ingredients and you’ll have an amazing meal ready in no-time, ready for consumption.

Even though it costs slightly more, we would still consider this model affordable. Especially because of everything it’s capable of achieving. People who love experimenting with new recipes will appreciate having this around.



6. KitchenAid K400 Variable-Speed Blender

Our best blender for smoothie bowls article cannot be complete without an entry from KitchenAid. 

Like Vitamix, this brand has been around for over one hundred years, providing consumers with quality kitchen equipment.

The K400 Variable-Speed model is perhaps the product that best encapsulates the company’s vision. Visually, this blender looks incredibly appealing with its chic exterior. You should have no trouble matching it with your countertop appliances at home.

We got ours in black matte, but users can select from the eight other colors available.

Make no mistake, though, because the KitchenAid K400 Variable-Speed Blender is more than what meets the eye. It’s very powerful, running on a 1,200-watt motor. This is protected by a heavy-duty die-cast metal base that almost minimizes vibrations completely.

Sadly, this also adds to the total weight. Being 12-lbs means it can’t be moved as easily, but will definitely last you many years.

Upon unboxing this marvelous machine, our team immediately put it to work. And the KitchenAid K400 Variable-Speed Blender did not disappoint. We crushed different berries, and it yielded a smooth, chunk-free mixture in just seconds.

The preset function available for smoothie bowls was really accurate in achieving that perfect consistency. This allows users to just dump everything into the pitcher, then focus on other tasks. However, it comes with ten variable-speed settings, too, for kitchen jobs that require a bit more control.

Besides frozen fruits, we blended nuts, coffee grounds, vegetables, and ice cubes. None of that stood a chance against its unique asymmetric blade. The KitchenAid K400 Variable-Speed Blender even automatically maintains an optimum speed, depending on the current contents. This is all thanks to its Intelli-Speed Motor Control technology.

All in all, this is definitely a great device to invest in. Again, other than being bulky and a bit loud, it’s pretty nifty, and should come in hand on many different occasions.



7. Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional-Grade Blender

If you’re looking for something dependable, but aren’t looking to spend so much, the Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional-Grade model is an ideal choice. It’s an entry-level model that’s affordably-priced without compromising any power or performance.

That model, in particular, is perfectly equipped for everyday kitchen tasks, which includes preparing drinks, desserts, and other condiments. It has a medium-sized 48-ounce container to blend food in batches. This will help save you time, rather than doing each job individually.

Controlling the machine has been made simpler, too.

On its body, you’ll find a variable-speed dial with ten available settings, as well as a switch for pulsing. This setup helps users better manage how fast or slow the motor runs, and in turn, achieve your desired consistency.

Unfortunately, though, since the Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional-Grade Blender is an older model, all its controls are manually operated. It doesn’t come with the usual preset functions that consumers are accustomed to. This will likely take some getting used to, especially for beginners.

Based on experience, we only needed a bit of adjustment. The blender is big enough so you can just dump all your ingredients, before choosing a specific speed setting. Just remember to test it out first before taking part in more serious activities. Otherwise, dinner might get ruined.

The Vitamix E310 is pretty formidable, boasting a 1,400-watt motor — the strongest one on this list. It pairs nicely with stainless steel blades that are surprisingly dull, but still get things done. We suspect this is intended by the company to prevent any horrendous accidents.

Still, newbies should not worry about having that much power. This blender has been equipped with an automatic overload protection feature that shuts everything off when a certain internal temperature is reached. There’s also a radial cooling fan to prevent that from happening.

All these wonderful attributes make the E310 model one of the best blenders for smoothie bowls around. It’s simple and straightforward, with just enough power. Plus, you can never go wrong with a Vitamix.



8. Breville Super Q Blender

True to its name, the Breville Super Q Blender really does go above and beyond for its loyal customers. It’s not surprising, really, because this brand has basically exemplified the values of reliability and longevity ever since its inception in 1932. Since then, they’ve introduced numerous appliances worthy of recognition.

But for now, let’s focus on just this one.

The Super Q Blender is certainly built for convenience. It comes with five preset functions installed for crushing ice, preparing frozen desserts, cooking up soups, and yes, putting together the most appetizing smoothie bowl with any ingredient you could think of.

Of course, those pre-determined controls aren’t the only way to operate it. There are also twelve speed settings available for choosing how fast or slow the device goes. Usually, seasoned chefs will prefer using this. Even though it requires more effort, they’ll end up enjoying greater maneuverability.

One aspect they hope to harness is its exceptional blending strength.

Our team was really impressed with the Breville Super Q Blender strength. We knew it had a 1,800-watt motor (peak speed of 186-miles-per-hour), but were pleasantly surprised at how quickly it pulverized frozen fruits and nuts.

Everything happened in mere seconds!

Having this much power, needless to say, requires as much responsibility. So the manufacturers decided to include technological advancements to minimize noise. A specialized cooling fan suppresses any unnecessary sounds, helping you focus on the task at hand. It also makes the Breville Super Q Blender ideal for home-use, even during the wee hours.

Many will attest that because of these characteristics, the Super Q remains one of the best blenders available. As for us, we were in awe the moment we held it in our hands. This exceeded our expectations, more so when it provided that smooth, creamy mixture.

The only setback perhaps is its ridiculously high price tag. Only those serious about cooking will find it worthwhile. However, having a combination of performance and innovative features should make any interested buyer really think twice — in a good way.



9. Magic Bullet Blender

Don’t judge its low price.

If all you’re looking for is a straightforward blender that’s easy-to-use and without any fluff, then the Magic Bullet could just fit the bill. It’s a personal device with just one function and speed — because that’s all you might need.

Using this machine is just as easy as it sounds. Simply pour all your ingredients into the cup, and push down onto the blender’s base. Its motor will instantly activate to liquify every solid ingredient, ready for consumption.

Just don’t expect the Magic Bullet to be as enduring as the other nominees on our list. So we recommend cutting up tougher foods into smaller pieces before blending them. This should make the entire process go much more quickly.

Still, its main selling paint has to be the ease-of-use it provides for people on-the-go.

You can simply grint up all your favorite fruits before sleeping, then store them inside the fridge overnight. Just remember to seal the container with a special resealable stay-fresh lid. In the morning, just blend everything at once to prepare your favorite smoothie bowl breakfast.

But how about if there are leftovers? No problem! You can always twist on the to-go caps, and drink it while on the road. Once again, it’s the perfect companion for individuals rushing to work, who enjoy morning runs, or are training for a marathon.

We would just remind you to please temper any unreasonable expectations. The Magic Bullet Blender is far from perfect, and would often yield very chunky mixtures. It’s best suited for soft foods like melons or smushed-up leafy vegetables.

If you can live with that, then this handheld appliance will be a great addition to your kitchen. And sometimes when you take trips out of town.



10. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is already challenging enough as is. You shouldn’t have to worry about not having the right equipment around. If so, then the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System could be an answered prayer. It’s a do-it-all blender that comes with all the necessities to cook mouth-watering meals at home.

What makes this machine so unique is that it combines the best qualities of a blender and food processor into one.

Users will receive four containers ranging in size, each with different roles to play. There’s an extra-large 72-ounce pitcher for preparing meals in bulk, and also a smaller bowl-like canister that’s great for chopping up vegetables.

Having this dynamic duo around offers incredible versatility.

You can crush ice and frozen fruit with the bigger jar, but also knead dough and grind nuts with the food processor. The best part is you can keep switching them as you please, depending on what each task requires.

In case you’re running late to a meeting, the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System includes two 16-ounce nutri-cups, too, which doubles as a tumbler. It’s the perfect holder to consume your smoothie bowl when on the road. Just make sure you have a reusable spoon ready always.

Besides that functionality, this machine is easy-to-use as well.

In reality, even our team was surprised at how quickly we learned the commands. The Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System comes with four available preset functions, and not much more. There isn’t even a way to adjust the speed manually.

Now some may argue that it feels limiting. We probably have to agree, to an extent. Users won’t have the freedom to control how much power is used. Typically, it’s the seasoned cooks with very specific requirements who will need adjusting. In any case, they’re better off with something that’s more formidable, anyway.

Nevertheless, its 1500-watt motor offers just enough cutting strength for basic, everyday kitchen jobs. And when you realize you’re essentially getting three appliances put together, spending a few hundred dollars doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore, does it?



What to Consider When Buying the Best Blender for Smoothie Bowls?

As you probably already realized, you need very specific functions in a blender when preparing the perfect smoothie bowl. Although some features are nice to have, they may not exactly contribute much to the task at hand.

You know what they say — specific is terrific.

Which is why in this next section, we’ll be discussing what the top five considerations are when making this decision. Our team read up various reviews and customer feedback forms to provide you with a cheat sheet to simplify the process.

Cutting Strength and Motor Quality

Oftentimes when making smoothie bowls, you’ll probably be dealing with a lot of tough ingredients. This includes ice cubes, frozen fruit, nuts, and oats — just to name a few. As such, your chosen blender needs to possess sufficient power to create a smooth consistency.

As such, we recommend choosing one that has at least a 1,200-watt motor installed. Doing so will help ensure it doesn’t labor through difficult tasks, and easily crush a wider variety of foods.

Typically, people may also take too much time assessing the blade quality. While it can definitely affect blending time, we also don’t consider it a major factor. Because ultimately, the motor will be the driving force behind its prowess.

Just find a blender with enough cutting strength, and you shouldn’t experience many issues.

User-Friendly Controls

In the previous section, we spent significant time describing how a model’s controls looked like, and whether it was easy to operate. Well, that’s because this has a direct impact on the overall user experience.

After all, we want you to enjoy the process of preparing a smoothie bowl; not just labor through it. But similarly, the controls must provide enough flexibility, too.

The best case scenario would be having both preset functions and a variable-speed dial. Thankfully, almost all the high-performance options available right now carry this setup. This way, specific tasks are triggered through one-touch commands. However, you can manually adjust the speed whenever the need arises, too.

You will probably also have to decide whether you prefer dials, switches, or buttons. Now, no option is better than the other, so it should boil down to preference, really.

Just picture yourself in a hectic and messed-up situation when juggling multiple responsibilities is normal. Which among those control options are you most comfortable with, and will likely get you through the day?


As we always say, how much something costs is usually a definitive factor. Especially since smoothie bowls aren’t that difficult to make. You won’t exactly need to invest in a complex gizmo for such a simple task.

Targeting a blender anywhere between $100 to $400 is reasonable. It should include enough features to simplify this task, while also providing a good two years of reliable service.

If you’re okay with that price range already, just focus on models or brands there. Then, just identify qualities that you resonate with the most. Each consumer goes through their own journey of what value for money means.

So identify the aspect that you consider most valuable, and just make a decision.


Don’t you just hate it when appliances suddenly break down, and there’s nobody to turn to? Most buyers don’t realize that having a lengthy warranty coverage should solve this issue immediately, protecting your initial investment.

We’ve always been asked what a fair package looks like.

That’s tricky. But in our opinion, this should span no less than three years. Additionally, it must include complementary part replacements, all labor costs, and mobilization fees when the problem is caused by faulty equipment or negligence from the manufacturer.

A positive and supportive after-sales service channel is a big plus, too, particularly for first-time users. This way, you’ll always have someone to turn to in case you have any questions.

Additional Accessories

Although this isn’t necessary, having add-ons at your disposal is always enjoyable. Receiving additional containers, recipe books, or access to a company’s mobile application — at no extra cost — will always leave consumers wanting more.

One of our favorite accessories is the travel cup, which so many companies are already including in their blender package. We find this exceptionally useful when preparing smoothie bowls because you instantly have a secondary container.

Plus, it’s obviously a great companion when snacking on the road.

All in all, these little extras don’t cost much, but they go a long way in elevating our experience as customers of said product. It could actually spell the difference between loyal and fair-weather followers.


After considering all the factors discussed, our team now has to make a decision on what we think is the best blender for smoothie bowls. But let us tell you now, it’s certainly not easy because there are so many quality options out there.

However, one contender in particular has risen to the top like

The Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional-Grade Blender is our top choice because of its blending strength, timeless design, and easy-to-understand controls. We feel it is the perfect partner for everyday kitchen tasks, getting them done so efficiently.

And while this package doesn’t instantly include a single-serve blending cup, interested buyers shouldn’t feel bad about splurging because of how durable its containers are. They’re designed to last you a very long time.

All in all, there’s no perfect blender for smoothie bowls, but the Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional-Grade Blender definitely feels close.