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10 Best Cheap Juicer (2023): Comparison, Reviews & Buying Guide

One common misconception surrounding the world of juicing is that it is an expensive habit to develop. That is not true, at least not anymore.

While a good home-use juicer may be quite the expensive kitchen appliance to buy once upon a time, the market is not short of a plethora of options nowadays. From renowned brands to new players in the field, one is not short of affordable juicers to choose from.

Here, we have picked some of the top affordable juicers the market has to offer and we compare and review each to provide insightful details and tips to help you make an informed purchase. Whether you’re a juicing newbie or just looking for an economical alternative, we’re pretty sure even the most budget-conscious individual can find the best cheap juicer tailored to their needs after reading this comprehensive guide.

Dive in and discover the perfect balance between affordability and quality.

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    What is the best cheap juicer?

    When it comes to budget-friendly juicers, the BLACK + DECKER 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juicer is a popular option. Seriously, it has a price that is very hard to beat.

    As its name suggests, this juicer is able to juice both fruits and vegetables (large variety of each) efficiently thanks to a dual-speed setting that lets you customize the juicing process. Turn on the high speed when you’re juicing hard produce or keep it at low for softer ingredients.

    One key highlight of this juicer is its large feeding chute – this one here can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables so there is no need to cut them up at all, thereby eliminating one segment of the juicing process. The cutter and strainer are both made of stainless steel which not only ensure effective juicing and easy cleaning but gives longer lifespan too. It comes with a pulp container to collect the extracted pulp so you don’t need to prepare one yourself (as is the case with some budget juicer).

    As an affordable option, we don’t have much to fault this BLACK + DECKER juicer. It gets the job done with its dual-speed setting, large feed chute and easy-to-clean design and while it may have its limitations when it comes to juicing trickier ingredients such as leafy greens and wheatgrass, it satisfies most basic juicing needs. If you’re looking for a convenient choice to make fresh homemade juices, you’ll be very happy with this one here.



    The Jocuu Masticating Juicer with Dual-Speed and Anti-Clogging Design is another budget-friendly option that offers efficient juicing without breaking the bank. For a cold press juicer, it really has a very reasonable price point that many would like.

    The standout feature of this juicer has to be its anti-clogging feature which mostly can be found only in pricier models. Such reverse function allows you to unclog the machine when it gets stuck so that you don’t have to do it manually. Incidentally, this gives a smoother juicing process especially when you’re dealing with fibrous produce such as carrots or celeries.

    The 7-spiral auger is able to squeeze most produce efficiently to get every drop of juice and coupled with a dual-speed motor, you get to customize your juicing process by choosing the higher speed for harder produce and lower setting for softer fruits and vegetables.

    While it may not be the fastest option for large quantities, the Jocuu Masticating Juicer is a cost-effective option if you’re looking for a cold press juicer to get your daily dose of nutritious juice. We like how it has a compact size and sleek design so that it doesn’t take up much counter space, and the straightforward assembly (and disassembly) facilitates quick setup and clean-up. Definitely one of the best cheap juicer options for those new to juicing!



    For those of you looking for an affordable juicer that does more than your normal fruit and vegetable juicing, the Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor is the best cheap juicer for that.

    This one here lets you make soy, almond or rice milk in addition to juicing a large variety of fruits and vegetables. The powerful 800-watt motor gives you fresh juice in seconds and the stainless-steel cutter and strainer ensure your juice is pulp and seed-free so that you get a smoother and more enjoyable drinking experience.

    It’s in the name so yes, this juicer has a ‘big mouth’ that can fit most whole fruits so prep time is minimized. And this may not seem much, but the extra-large pulp bin that comes with it actually makes a difference especially when you’re juicing large quantities as there is no need for frequent emptying, thereby streamlining your juicing process.

    It can be a tad noisy but that’s to be expected for centrifugal juicers – its affordability and versatility compensate for that. If you’re new to the juicing world and are looking for a convenient juicing experience, this is a good option to start with (and you’ll love the cleaning of this one here – all components are removable and dishwasher safe, BPA free at that too!).



    If you have limited counter space, why not consider the Dash Compact Centrifugal Juicer? This compact juicer has a small footprint that doesn’t take up much kitchen space and best of all, it doesn’t break the bank.

    Despite its compact size, it works powerfully with most fruits and vegetables (soft and hard) and it has a dual speed control that lets you customise your juicing process according to the hardness of your produce. There is no need to dice fruits and vegetables with its 2-inch wide-mouth food chute and it can cater to simple baking needs as well.

    The stainless-steel sieve separates juice from pulp so that you get smooth-tasting juice and the juice container comes with an anti-drip mouth that prevents spills. Small details, but impactful effect as it gives a cleaner and mess-free operation.

    It does have some limitations in that it doesn’t handle leafy greens too well but for your simple, everyday juicing needs, this space-saving centrifugal juicer will get the job done.



    The QCen 500W Centrifugal Juicer Machine is another popular option when it comes to the best cheap juicer on the market – this is a relatively new player in the industry but it has garnered a steady following quickly thanks to its easy to operate, no-fuss juicing process.

    Sporting a dual-setting function like most of its affordable counterparts do, it is able to juice most fruits and vegetables efficiently. The 500W motor plays a huge part in this – it literally turns carrots/oranges/apples and the likes into smooth juice in just seconds so this is a popular choice among those who live a fast-paced lifestyle. The large feed chute contributes to the convenience of a quick juicing experience, too.

    One feature that took us by surprise is that it has a safety lock arm design – usually you’ll only find this in pricier juicers so this is a plus point – the machine will not power on if the locking arm is not securely locked in place. With all parts being removable and dishwasher safe, we’d say this is one of the easiest to clean juicers out of many so for those of you who detest the cleaning part of juicing, this is the one for you.



    If the above are not fast and powerful enough, you may want to consider getting the SiFENE Juicer Machine Extractor. Equipped with an 800-watt powerful motor, this centrifugal juicer delivers some of the fastest and most efficient juicing in seconds.

    Despite being a centrifugal juicer, it uses the cold extraction technology to extract juice so more nutrients are preserved to give you better tasting (15% smoother, to be exact) and healthier juice. This is because with the cold extraction system, heat (generated during the fast processing) that can damage the valuable vitamins and minerals of your produce is significantly reduced so the nutritious value of your ingredients is better preserved. For a budget-friendly juicer at such price to have this feat, it is truly pretty impressive.

    Other features like a 3” large feed chute and dishwasher-safe parts complement its ease of use and value for money. Do note that there are some fruits that cannot go in this juicer – bananas, avocados, figs, mangoes, rhubarb and coconut – you’ll be better off tossing them into a blender.



    Most affordable juicers do not fare well with trickier ingredients (such as celery) but we’re happy to find that the ZNOAV 600W Juicer Machine is able to do just so.

    Which goes without saying that it is able to handle a large variety of other fruits and vegetables as well, making it one of the most versatile budget juicers ever. Sporting a 600W motor with 22000 RMP, you’ll get a full glass of juice in no time so this is another ideal option for those who want a quick juicing session.

    Compared to other models of this price range, the ZNOAV is able to deliver a higher juice yield so that’s good because it means lesser wastage. It also has a feeding chute that is larger than many ‘big mouth’ models, specifically, 3.5 inch so you don’t have to do much prep work with this one here. Features like security lock clamp and anti-drip design that many of you love are also present here and all plastic parts are BPA-free and easy to clean.



    Breville is known for producing quality kitchen appliances and their juicers do not disappoint. Contrary to belief, they actually have a good selection of affordable juicers and we’ve picked the BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Juicer to be the best cheap juicer from the brand out of all.

    Even though it is cheaper than many of its counterparts, it does not compromise on quality. You’ll find the same robust stainless-steel titanium reinforced disc and Italian-made micro mesh filter basket in this juicer just like those used in the more expensive models, which deliver a unique optimum juice and nutrient extraction process. Likewise, the juice jug that many people love for its built-in froth separator is present in this model too so you can pour more juice and less froth into your glass.

    Another distinctive feature that sets it apart from other budget-friendly juicers is its compact design. This one here has a vertical design that collects pulp within the unit itself so there is no separate pulp container on the side, effectively conserving valuable counter space with a smaller footprint. The 3”-wide feed chute takes whole fruits and vegetables so no pre-cutting is required and all parts are detachable and dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.



    The Juilist Wide Mouth Juicer stands out with its 3-speed setting and versatility in making more than just juice, of course, its price is also one of unbeatable which easily makes it one of the best affordable juicers on the market.

    Unlike most budget-friendly juicers which give two speed settings at most, the Juilist here offers three with a pulse control for maximum speed variation. Because of this, you can practically juice any fruits and vegetables in the blink of an eye. To be exact, the juicer promises a 400ml yield in 8 seconds – perfect for those busy mornings!

    Besides juice, you can also create pulp recipes such as vegan basil pesto, juice pulp fritters and muffins, fruit pie and jam and the likes. Clean-up is a breeze with most parts being dishwasher safe and we like how there are both a safety lock arm and non-slip foot at the bottom to keep the machine secured and steady (a thoughtful feature to have as the machine may vibrate slightly when on high-speed operation).



    There aren’t many masticating juicers on this list we know – they are, after all, more expensive than their centrifugal counterparts so finding one that is on the affordable side is not easy. Luckily, we found the CIRAGO Slow Masticating Juicer which tick the box in that regard while doesn’t compromise on quality at the same time.

    Compared to the old version, it now squeezes 95%-98% of juice with minimal oxidation all thanks to an upgraded auger. The 304 stainless-steel filter aids to that – the many different density filter holes squeeze out all the juice to give maximum juice yield which is evident from the very dry pulp produced. Not only is there lesser wastage, you’ll also get more nutritious juice as most of the beneficial enzymes, minerals and vitamins are not tampered by high heat.

    Because of that, the CIRAGO masticating juicer does operate slower so don’t expect it to perform the same high-speed way as centrifugal juicers do. The reverse button helps streamline the process though in that the compression rod will reverse to return any blockage, thereby preventing clog-ups and lets you juice continuously without stopping. Other features like a one-button disassemble and dishwasher-safe components make maintenance a breeze, and the 60 dB low-decibel motor provides a quiet and comfortable juicing environment.



    What to Consider When Choosing the Best Cheap Juicer?

    When it comes to the search for the best cheap juicer, there are several key factors to take note of. Although it is not some big investment that you’re splurging on, you’d still want to make the right decision without compromising on quality and performance. Here’s a comprehensive list of what to look out for:

    Juicing Mechanism

    Unless you’re short of time most of the time (pun intended), try to go for a masticating or slow juicer rather than a centrifugal one as the former, with its slower speed that minimizes heat build-up, preserve more nutrients to give you better-quality juice.

    Motor Power

    While budget juicers may have less powerful motors, aim for one with sufficient wattage to handle a variety of fruits and vegetables without strain.

    Build Quality

    Look for sturdy material that can withstand regular use. Stainless steel components are always a good idea as they are more durable and resistant to staining.

    Juicing Efficiency

    Consider the efficiency of juice extraction. As a general rule, masticating juicers extract more juice and retain more nutrients than centrifugal models.

    Noise Level

    This is of particular importance if you plan to use your juicer early in the morning or late at night, especially if there are other people in your household. As a whole though, a quieter juicer can make your juicing experience a much more enjoyable one, even if you live alone.

    Ease of Cleaning

    You’d want to look for a juicer that is easy to disassemble and with parts that are easy to clean as it will save you time and effort in the long run. Dishwasher-safe components are always a welcomed bonus.

    Feeding Chute Size

    A larger feeding chute can save considerable prep time as you won’t need to cut fruits and vegetables too much into smaller pieces, or at all!

    Juice Quality

    The only way you can know about this is through reading reviews of other users (as you won’t be able to find out unless you purchase and use the juicer yourself). See what they say especially in terms of flavour and pulp as these are good indicators of a juice’s quality.


    Even within a budget range, try to go for a juicer with a reasonable warranty period. The longer it is, the more durable you can expect it to be as it goes to show the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

    User Reviews

    You can find out a lot about a product if you go through the user reviews – the same applies to budget juicers. Get real-life experience insights into things like performance, durability and ease of use of the juicer you’re interested in.

    Additional Features

    Now this may not be a top priority to many people but if you’re looking into doing extra things with your juicer aside from juicing (e.g. make nut milk or sorbets), you may want to find out if a juicer comes with the extra attachments that let you do just that.

    Size and Storage

    Measure the counterspace available at your kitchen (or cabinet if you decide to store it away after use) before you purchase your juicer. Cheap or expensive, you will need that space for your juicer so take note of its size when you’re shopping for one.

    Brand Reputation

    Recognizable brands often offer better customer support and reliable products in general so if you’re particular unsure of a model, go for one that comes from a more reputable brand.

    Cheap Juicer FAQ

    1. Is a cheap juicer as effective as a more expensive one?
    Absolutely! Expensive juicers generally offer additional features and probably also sturdier construction (hence the higher price point) but budget-friendly options can definitely extract juice from produce effectively too, albeit the lesser or absence of advanced features.

    2. Are budget juicers difficult to clean?
    Not at all, high-end models can be hard to clean too. Many budget juicers come with parts that are dishwasher-safe or can be easily disassembled for hand cleaning so it is pretty hassle-free in that department nowadays. Simpler designs will make cleaning less of a chore in general.

    3. Do cheap juicers compromise on juice quality?
    Not necessarily, if you get the good ones. They may have a few limitations i.e. producing more pulp/foam, but good affordable juicers can still produce decent-quality juice. The key is to choose a juicer with a masticating mechanism for better nutrient retention.

    4. Can I juice a variety of produce with a cheap juicer?
    Yes, you can. Affordable juicers can still juice a variety of fruits and vegetables, although they may not be able to handle trickier produce as efficiently as high-end models (for example, wheatgrass and celery). It is also a good idea to cut larger items into smaller chunks to help with a smoother operation.

    5. Do budget juicers make a lot of noise?
    Budget or not, centrifugal juicers do generate some noise due to their higher speed but advancements in technology have led to quieter operations nowadays, even in affordable models. Read the reviews of the particular juicer you’re interested in – they’ll give a good idea of the noise level in most cases.

    6. Are cheap juicers durable?
    We’ll be honest – cheaper juicers may not be as rugged as high-end commercial juicers. They are still designed to withstand regular home use though and when used (and maintained) the right way, many can last longer than expected. Choose models with stainless steel components to help enhance durability.

    7. Can I make more than just juice with a budget juicer?
    Absolutely. Many juicers come with attachments that allow you to make nut milk, smoothies and even sorbets nowadays – even the more affordable ones. Check the product specifications and see if they have these features before buying if that’s what you’re looking for.

    8. Are there any health risks associated with using cheap juicers?
    Using a budget juicer is generally safe – make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use it as intended. It is important to clean the juicer thoroughly to prevent any potential hygiene issues (which is what you should do for every juicer anyway, cheap or expensive).

    9. How do I know if a budget juicer is right for me?
    Consider your juicing habits – how often do you plan to juice every week, the types of produce you’ll be using mainly… – and your expectations from a juicer. If you’re primarily looking for basic juicing without many frills, a budget juicer could be a great fit.

    10. Will a budget juicer provide enough nutrients in the juice?
    Don’t worry, budget juicers do still extract a good amount of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. They may not offer as high a nutrient retention as some high-end juicers but they can still provide you nutritious homemade juice that is beneficial to the human body.


    In wrapping up our exploration of the “10 Best Cheap Juicers,” it’s clear that affordability doesn’t equate to compromise when it comes to enjoying nutritious and delicious homemade juices. Throughout this guide, we’ve delved into a variety of budget-friendly juicers, each with its own set of advantages and features.

    As you consider your options, keep in mind that the right choice hinges on your unique preferences and requirements. From centrifugal to masticating, these juicers offer a spectrum of capabilities that cater to different needs. By delving into customer reviews and product specifications, we’ve unveiled an array of choices that provide commendable performance without straining your wallet.

    So, whether you’re a health-conscious beginner or a savvy juicing veteran seeking an economical option, you’re sure to find a suitable juicer among our top picks. As you venture into the world of affordable juicing, savor the simplicity and the savings, and relish the goodness of freshly extracted juices right at home. Cheers to vibrant health without stretching your budget!