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10 Best Cold Press Juicers (2023): Comparison, Reviews & Buying Guide

Embarking on a quest for the best cold press juicer? You’re not the only one. 

More and more people are discovering the unique benefits that cold-pressed juices bring to their health and wellbeing. As a result, many have (or are going to) developed the habit of cold-press juicing at home, both for convenience and economical purposes.

Today, we have rounded up the ten best cold press juicers the market has to offer to make your search an easier one. We take into consideration each of their unique performances and compare their pros and cons to come up with a thorough review below that will hopefully help you find the perfect one. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Our Top Pick of the Best Cold Press Juicers

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    What is The Best Cold Press Juicer?

    The answer to the question “What is the best cold press juicer?” isn’t a straightforward one.

    You see, the ideal juicer will vary based on individual needs, budget and how often one plans to juice. What can be perfect for you may not suit the other, likewise, the most expensive model may not necessarily be the best cold press juicer for you.

    Which is why we have handpicked the following models varying in different aspects so that there is a wide selection for you to choose from. They are cream of the crop, poised to meet a range of different requirements so certainly, you’ll be able to find the one.

    The Omega J8006HDC is a high-caliber cold press juicer that is distinguished by its powerful, dual-stage masticating extraction system.

    A design that is focused on health, it delivers nutrient-dense juice with reduced oxidation due to a slow 80 RPM operation. This is the cold press juicer technology – the low speed minimizes heat build-up and oxidation so that more nutrients are preserved in every drop of juice extracted.

    One distinctive feature of the Omega J8006HDC is its robust construction. Engineered with a sturdy and durable auger, it can handle a wide range of ingredients from crips carrots to leafy greens with quiet and efficient precision. The triple stage auger allows for high juice yield as the powerful squeezing action makes sure every drop of juice is squeezed out –maximum yield can be achieved with a minimum amount of produce, thereby preventing wastage.

    It goes beyond juicing though. You can use the Omega J8006HDC to whip up nut butters, extrude pasta, grind coffee beans or even prepare homemade baby food. Such multifunctionality does not come by often – certainly, you can’t find it in every cold press juicer so for those who value versatility or want more value for their money, this is a good choice to consider.



    Equipped with the newest and most innovative Alpha technology on the market, the sleek H-AA Cold Press Juicer is Hurom’s flagship model that has garnered a lot of positive attention lately.

    One look at it and we can safely say you’ll be attracted to the streamlined design it sports. Featuring smooth curves that gradually become slimmer in the back, it is not just for aesthetic purposes (although it certainly adds a touch of sophistication and modern beauty to any counter space) but the wavy curves on the bottom makes it functionally easier to move too.

    The same can be said for its performance. Equipped with the brand’s patented Slow Squeeze Technology, it rotates at a speed of just 43 RPM to mimic the motion of a hand squeezing juice so really, you get fresh, untampered juice that retains all its nutrients with this juicer here. Thanks to such low speed and also the near-silent AC motor which uses just 150 watts of power, it is very quiet during operation.

    Another aspect that we really like about the H-AA is its user-friendliness. The control lever lets you adjust the amount of pulp to suit your preference while the inner spinning brush rotates during juicing to clean the chamber and strainer simultaneously, thereby reducing clogging and increasing juicing efficiency.

    On the durability front, the matte black body of the unit is made of an impact-resistant ABS plastic material while the heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger are 8x stronger than traditional plastics. Such high-quality materials mean it can handle more than just produce – you can add nuts and seeds, even make homemade ice cream and tofu so it ticks our versatility box too.

    Overall, the Hurom H-AA Cold Press Juicer is an ideal choice to consider if you seek for aesthetic, strong performance and versatility in your cold press juicer.



    Designed for both domestic and commercial use, the Kuvings EVO820 Cold Press Juicer is a popular option amongst novices and enthusiasts alike with its ease of use and remarkable performance.

    This version has an upgraded drum lid that now has 4 assembling points (instead of the previous 3) for stronger and better-stabled assembly. The 5th generation drum improves durability and expulsive power by changing the internal structure and combination of the juice strainer and together with a patented low-speed masticating technology, you get a more efficient juicing experience with maximum juice yield and a quiet operation.

    Another improved feature is the feed chute which is now wider at 82mm so there is minimal prep time required. The varied strainers expand your culinary possibilities to include smoothies, frozen desserts and even baby food beyond just juicing which is why we think even the non-novice will find it an ideal option.

    You can tell the EVO820 is a popular juicer with the 7 color schemes offered – the leather pattern and streamlined body is already a distinguishing feature of its own. Definitely a strong contender in the realm of best cold press juicers!



    The Cuisinart CSJ-300 Cold Press Juicer is all about making your juicing process as effortless as possible. Its “Easy Clean” feature is undeniably its most appealing aspect, setting it apart from other competitors.

    How it achieves this is by having a mesh-free filter – there is no need to scrub on thousands of tiny holes anymore to remove residue that get caught in them – simply run it under the tap and you’ll get a clean filter. Pulp is ejected into its own pitcher where you can just dispose it and again, just rinse the container/pitcher for a quick clean-up.

    Extraction-wise, the CSJ-300 showcases a low-speed masticating process so all essential vitamins, enzymes and nutrients are well preserved in your juice. The dual-direction setting enables removal of any clogs so you don’t have to do it manually, and the quiet motor gives a pleasant juicing atmosphere without the loud noise.

    If cleaning up is the most detested part of your juicing session, you will love the Cuisinart CSJ-300 Easy Clean Cold Press Juicer. Its compact design makes it a desirable option for smaller kitchens too and the reasonable price point is affordable to most pockets.



    Quite different from the majority of cold press juicers where most are masticating-based, the Ninja JC101 Cold Press Pro Juicer is a centrifugal juicer that employs the Cold Press Technology to produce more and better-quality juice yield. 

    What sets it apart is its Total Pulp Control feature though. An innovative design that gives you control over the amount of pulp in your juice with the inclusion of three interchangeable pulp filters for low, medium or high pulp, you can customize your juice’s consistency the way you like it. This is a unique functionality in the cold press juicer realm that you don’t see in many other models.

    Whilst it is compact in size in that it can fit under cabinets, the horizontal footprint may require more space than those with a vertical design so that’s something to keep in mind. Nevertheless, for its size, this Ninja model boasts a powerful 150-watt motor so it can handle a variety of fruits and vegetables with ease. It maintains a relatively quiet operation and all parts are dishwasher safe for a breezy clean.

    If you are looking for an affordable cold press juicer that does the job without breaking the bank, the Ninja JC101 Cold Press Pro Juicer will be a good choice to consider.



    Distinctly known for their high-powered personal blenders, the Nutribullet NBJ50300 Slow Juicer is an innovative take on cold press juicing that adds a fresh spin to industry standards.

    Featuring the brand’s patented Slow Technology which is the star of the show, it ensures produce are squeezed gently and slowly to maximize the amount of juice extracted while preserving the most nutrients. To be specific, the high-torque low-speed motor quietly spins at 65 RPM to do all the crushing and squeezing without generating high heat that will tamper and oxidize valuable nutrients.

    Constructed with BPA-free materials, it keeps the health-conscious consumers in mind. While the 3-inch feed chute is not the widest, it is able to accommodate most produce in large pieces so prep time can be cut down significantly.

    Overall, this is a solid contender in the bid for the best cold press juicer if you are looking for a fuss-free option with solid performance.



    The Tribest Solostar SS-4250-B Cold Press Juicer is another horizontal masticating juicer that stood out with its impressive features.

    One being the Dual Stage Juice Extraction process which goes the extra mile to get every last drop of juice from your produce so you don’t need a lot to extract one glass of juice. Its gear reduction is equivalent to a 5.4 HP motor so it offers impressive crushing and squeezing power, further enhancing juice yield.

    Not only does this prevent wastage, you get to enjoy continuous juicing without exposing your family to harmful chemicals with the low-speed, cold-press squeezing action that preserves valuable enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. What’s impressive is that its drive system produces 26% more torque while using 10% less electricity – that’s efficiency!

    The machine’s versatility is another distinguishing feature – it is also an effective homogenizer with optional accessories. From making nut butter, sorbets, pasta to grinding coffee beans, it offers a multi-purpose operation.

    If you are looking for more than just a juicer, the Tribest Solostar SS-4250-B Cold Press Juicer is a very good choice to consider. Its thoughtful design and exceptional versatility has won us over – highly recommended!



    It cannot go any lower than this – operating at a mere 43 RPM, the Omega VSJ843QR Vertical Cold Press Juicer brings cold press juicing to a whole new level. 

    We all know that the slower the speed is, the less heat generated. With the gentle squeezing action of the VSJ843QR, heat build-up and oxidation are kept to a bare minimum (close to non-existent) so you get all your healthy enzymes intact and maximum flavor and nutrients in place for your juice.

    The dual-edge auger has a tighter fit tolerance so it is able to strain more juice and breaks down tricky fibers to a palatable level so that you get smoother, nutrient-dense juice. The automatic pulp ejection function allows for continuous juicing so that’s another plus point in addition to the super quiet operation that gives a pleasant juicing experience.

    Cleaning is a breeze without thoughtful features like a no-drip juice tap that can be closed during juicing for you to mix juice and make nut milks, or after juicing to keep mess away when you remove the juice cup. Best of all though, is the auto cleaning system that keeps the screen clear at all times, increasing the juice extractor’s efficiency while cutting down on clean-up times.

    If high-quality, nutrient-rich extraction is your top priority, this is one juicer that you can’t go wrong with.



    The Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer is another affordable option that does not compromise on quality and performance.

    This appliance is well-known for its two-speed regulation function which enables it to switch between soft and hard produce extraction efficiently. At ‘SOFT’ mode, it runs at 60 RPM while the ‘HARD’ mode operates at 80 RPM, both of which are small enough a caliber that does not tamper with the nutrients of your produce.

    In fact, for higher nutrient extraction, this machine uses a 9-segment spiral system to not only maximize the output of juice, but to also maintain at least 95% of their nutritional value. Oxidation and heat build-up are minimized and the less than 60 decibels silent motor will give you a quiet and enjoyable juicing environment.

    The one-button disassembly design is another game-changer. All parts can be disassembled in just a few seconds so that simplifies the clean-up process to a very large extent. Adding to the convenience is a reverse function in the juice extractor – it prevents clogging during the squeezing process which again, reduces the cleaning effort after.

    If you live a fast-paced lifestyle and would want minimum fuss with your juicer while prioritizing nutritional value and ease of use, we highly recommend the Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer. The long warranty period speaks volumes about its durability and reliability too – 10 years for the motor and 3 years for other parts.



    Finally, we have the Aeitto Slow Juicer, a cold press masticating juicer that takes a unique approach to the extraction process. 

    This one here separates the pomace from the juice so that you get less sediment, lesser oxidation and lesser nutrient loss. Operates at a low speed between 47-60 RPM, heat build-up is so minimal, the brand promises over 90% nutrition and 70% vitamins to be perfectly preserved.

    A distinguishing feature is the wide, dual feed chute. At 3.3 inches, this is probably the widest we have seen so far in cold press juicers and you know the drill – no cutting is required (hence no prep time) as the wide side of the chute can take in whole produce just like that. The smaller side is designed for strip shape ingredients so this is perfect for long vegetables like wheatgrass or celery.

    Other features such as the anti-drip function and one-click assembly and disassembly are excellent in keeping cleaning and maintenance simple and effortless. The quiet motor (less than 60 decibels) ensures no one is disturbed during those early mornings/late night juicing sessions and the BPA-free materials ensure you get healthier juice devoid of any harmful compounds.

    Overall, this is a straightforward, no fuss cold press juicer that gets the job done, is easy to maintain, and does not break the bank.



    What To Consider When Choosing The Best Cold Press Juicer?

    When you are in the market for the best cold press juicer, there are a few essential factors that you should consider to ensure you made the right choice. You see, these handy machines can vary greatly in their capabilities, features, and prices. What can be the best cold press juicer to one may not suit the other so it’s important that you choose a worthwhile investment. 

    To guide you through this process, we have detailed the following key elements to bear in mind:

    Understanding Your Juicing Needs

    First of all, have a clear idea of what you plan to juice often or regularly. Is it purely fruits or vegetables? Or a mix of both? Will they mainly be hard produce, or softer ones will do? Different juicers excel in different areas – some handle softer ingredients better than the other while some are designed specifically for one particular ingredient. For example, wheatgrass juicers.

    Ease of Use

    A cold press juicer with a wide feed chute can save a considerable amount of time in preparation. Some can even take whole produce so there is no need for cutting – these are the ones that are most time-saving. On the contrary, smaller chutes require one to chop the produce into tiny pieces before juicing. The assembly/disassembly process is another key factor – the easier and simpler it is to take apart and put together components and parts, the more likely you’ll use your juicer regularly.

    Quality of Juice

    This is more or less guaranteed when it comes to cold press juicers. Most apply the masticating system where operation is low speed so heat and oxidation are minimized, thereby giving you juice that is of a higher nutritional value and longer shelf life. Make sure the juicer you choose is a true cold press juicer though and not a centrifugal model. If it has to be the latter, make sure it is one that operates at a low speed or has a cold spin technology at the very least.

    Noise Level

    Juicing doesn’t have to be a noisy process. If you are a morning person and does not want to wake the rest of the household up, make sure you check the decibels of the juicer you’re looking at. While most cold press juicers are quiet in nature, their noise level can still vary so do keep an eye out for that.

    Size and Storage

    This is of particular importance if you have a smaller kitchen. When you have limited counter space, the footprint of your juicer will matter a lot. Choose a compact one and you’ll have space for other appliances – vertical designs are often more space-saving than horizontal ones, as a tip. Consider also whether it is light enough to move around or store away if you don’t plan to leave it out on your counter.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Cleaning is often the least favourite part of juicing for many people. Look for a juicer that has dishwasher-safe parts and see if they come with specialized cleaning tools. Some models have an ‘easy-clean’ (or equivalent function) where they can do a preliminary self-clean. Features like a Reverse function will help dislodge stuck-on pulp while One-Click Disassembly will make taking apart the machine easier and faster.

    Durability and Warranty

    Cold press juicers can be a significant investment so you’ll want to make sure your juicer is one that is durable and built to last. Look at the materials that are used to build the machine – are they flimsy or sturdy? A solid warranty can also provide insight in that regard to a certain extent – a long warranty period shows that the manufacturer is confident in its product. This gives peace of mind that you’ll be covered for any manufacturing defects or issues you may encounter with your juicer in the future.


    Cold press juicers vary widely in price. While you can find budget options, remember that you often get what you pay for. Higher-end models tend to be more durable, efficient and come with better warranties. With that said, it doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive model. Be sure to balance your budget with the features and performance you desire and you’ll not go wrong.

    Cold Press Juicer FAQ

    1. What exactly is a cold press juicer?

    Cold press juicers are appliances that extract juice from fruits and vegetables through a crushing and squeezing motion. Unlike centrifugal juicers that use high-speed spinning blades, cold press juicers work at a slower pace to reduce heat build-up and oxidation, thereby preserving more nutrients and enzymes in your juice. This is why they are also commonly known as slow or masticating juicers.

    2. How does a cold press juicer differ from a traditional juicer?

    The fundamental difference lies in the extraction process. Traditional juicers use a fast-spinning blade to separate juice from the flesh while cold press models press and crush on the produce to squeeze out juice. The former generates heat with the fast motion, and this can tamper with the nutrients of the juice and degrade its overall quality. Conversely, such will be much minimized with the latter’s slow speed so more natural goodness can be retained.

    3. Why is cold-pressed juice better?

    As mentioned above, there is lesser heat and air exposure in cold press juicers so more vitamins, minerals and enzymes are preserved. On the same note, there is also very little oxidation so you’ll get richer-tasting juice with less foam that can stay fresh longer.

    4. Is cold press juicing time-consuming?

    Compared to centrifugal juicers, cold press juicing does take a little longer due to their slower operation. For what it produces at the end though (superior quality juice), we think it more than makes up for the extra time. Many modern cold press juicers have user-friendly designs nowadays, for example, wider feed chutes that help with cutting down prep time so the whole process is smoother and quicker compared to what it used to be before.

    5. Can I juice anything in a cold press juicer?

    Generally, yes, most cold press juicers are able to handle a wide range of produce nowadays. From hard produce like apples and carrots to leafy greens and even wheatgrass, good cold press juicers are able to do it all. With that said, always check with the manufacturer’s instructions before trying something new as certain models may not cope well with very hard or fibrous ingredients.

    6. How should I clean my cold press juicer?

    Cleaning is crucial for maintaining your juicer’s performance and lifespan. Many cold press juicers are easy to disassemble and most parts are dishwasher-safe nowadays. If possible, always clean your juicer after using it as this will help prevent pulp and juice residues from drying and sticking to the juicer’s parts (and therefore become harder to remove).

    Wrapping Up

    Navigating the landscape of cold press juicers may seem overwhelming initially but with the insights offered in this guide, we hope it will give clarity to you when choosing the best cold press juicer for your household.

    As we have highlighted, each model comes with its unique blend of features and there is no one-size-fits-all. The optimal choice truly depends on your personal preference and requirements so make use of this comprehensive guide to make an informed decision that aligns with your personal lifestyle and health goals. Cheers to a healthier, refreshing future!