Top 5 Best Blender Under $200 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Blenders are among the most used home appliances. They make work easier; crushing food no longer takes us hours to do. We even make less of a mess when trying to get the right consistency. Blenders have equally improved their capacity and utility. We no longer have to chops items into small pieces or use a motor for others.

Powerful blenders now turn seeds into dough and turn ice into snow. Their use is popular with those who enjoy making fresh soups and juices as part of a healthy diet. Blending foods or vegetables helps unlock the nutrient contained within them.

The near endless choices in the market make settling for a blender that suits your needs quite difficult. You may have attempted to search for the best blender for frozen fruits or the best blender for crushing ice online and get confused as to what’s best for you.

Here, we will give you our top five choices for the best blenders under $200 and a buying guide that dictates why they were our top selections. The buyer’s guide can still help you if you’re looking to purchase something more industrial or high-end.

Our Top 5 Blender Under $200

1. Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

The Breville Hemisphere Control Blender helps draw down whatever you’re blending to get the job done. That means you won’t have to stop the blender to push food or fruits down to get them blended. 

It comes with an electronic five-speed control with a pause feature. You’ll get consistent results because you’ll have consistent blade revolutions each time.

The jug’s material is Eastman Tritan copolyester. This material is BPA-free and impact resistant. It means you can use it without the fear of shattering, especially when cleaning. 

Given its toughness, you’ll be surprised to note that it’s lightweight. The blade and motor do their job effectively and in relative quiet. The contoured jug makes for easy cleaning for it doesn’t rap food. It holds up to 48 oz. (1.5L) of contents.

The illuminated button makes it easy to use even in low light. The Breville Hemisphere blender offers you an LCD timer that counts up and down, top display with five-speed settings and the three pre-programmed buttons that include crush ice and smoothie settings. That way you get full control as you blend your foods. The wattage is 750.



2. KitchenBro Heating Blender

If you’re looking for a high-powered heating blender, then the KitchenBro Blender is one to try. With it, you’re able to turn your veggies into a smooth hot soup without pasting the bottom of the jug. 

The food-grade stainless steel blades give you the consistency you desire and just as well crush ice. This BPA-free glass jug holds 1.8 Liters and can withstand temperatures between 20℃~150℃. There are seven speeds to choose from including a pulse button.

The high-powered nature of this blender means there won’t be any residue in your food. It is expected since it is a 2300-watt machine. The heating power is 800 watts. Though the power is high, it shouldn’t be a concern. The machine provides an overcurrent and overheating protection system. It has added double systems that ensure the heating blender stops should the lid or cup come off.

You access the heat, time and speed settings through the touchscreen LCD that also has a flash indicator. Overall, this heavy duty blender gets the job down with low noise and convenient cleaning after that. KitchenBro gives you a free recipe book containing DIY food and juices.



3. Jamba Appliances 2.4HP Blender

Jamba Appliances blender gives you the freedom to prepare foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. With it, you can add tasty supplements to your diet, whether veggies or fruits, that you wouldn’t eat by themselves. 

The infinite speed dial and pulse function give you precise control while the four program settings mean you can walk away instead of having to monitor what you’re preparing. The functions illuminate for easy reading.

The 1.9 liter Tritan BPA-free jug accommodates family-size servings as easily as it does a single serving of smoothies. The emulsion cup makes adding liquids convenient. You also don’t have to be anxious when it comes time to clean; it’s shatterproof. You can use it for frozen fruits, seeds, nuts and ice given the stainless steel blade and metal drive gives it added speed and power.

Jamba Appliances offers you a free full-color recipe book featuring over 150 recipes that span everything between appetizers and desserts. The steps are easy to follow and use fresh ingredients for a colorful end product. An eight-year limited warranty backs this machine.



4. Ninja Professional Blender

With this brand of blender, you’ll find three speeds, a pulse function and single-serve functions. The jar’s capacity is two liters. 

That allows you to make family size portions or large quantities that you can then store in your fridge or freezer. 

The blender is capable of turning ice into snow consistency to make those creamy smoothies and frozen drinks we all love in just seconds.

What we like this machine for is that it comes with two 0.5 liter Nutri ninja cups. You’re able to make personalized drinks for you and someone else on the go. All three parts are BPA-free and dishwasher friendly. The wattage is 1100, making this an equally ideal high-powered blender for you to use when making nutrient-rich drinks.



5. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

With a 2 Liter jug and Nutri Ninja cups, the powerful motor allows you to blend frozen foods and extract vitamins and nutrient from them. It gets your food blended in seconds, making for seamless cooking, serving and hosting experience. 

The blades crush and pulverize ice and turn it into snow in just seconds and do the same to vegetables and fruits in just seconds. You can use it for smoothies, dips and sauces.

The XL 8 cup bowl gives you the freedom to process food and make the dough in large batches. There are two blades. With the dough blade, you can effortlessly mix 2 lbs. of dough in about 30 seconds. These stainless steel blades give you perfect chopping every time.



Characteristics Of A Good Blender

Shortlisting your requirements is one of the ways to narrow down on a blender. Here are some things to consider.


The buzzword that marketers use nowadays is ‘high-powered” when talking about blenders. If it doesn’t fall above 1000 watts, then it’s not. With this added power, they should offer more functionality than a regular blender otherwise the extra power would be in vain. It would probably only dent your budget and not do much else.


Though we do list the best blender under $200, your exact budget is what is first likely to guide what to get. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend, look for the best blender in the given price bracket.


Do you wish to have a blender you can manually set the controls or are you content with pre-programmed settings? Do you prefer analog or digital displays or a combination of both?


What are you looking to make using the blender? If you’re looking smoothies only then added features in a blender for making bread dough or hot soup might not matter. Look to purchase something that specifically works for you instead of paying extra for features you won’t use.

Frequency of Use

Another thing you ought to look at is how often you’ll use a blender. A blender you use once in a while, and one you use daily may not necessarily be the same. Reviews should help you know how long a blender can run for without overheating or giving out.


Most of us prefer going with manufacturers we’re familiar with. Other are not as picky and will go with a brand that promises to deliver. There’s also the option of getting a new one or a refurbished one for a lower price.


Most of all check the reviews. It is not unheard of about popular brands missing the mark. Worst still, some companies highly advertise and give fake discounts for their praised products. Take the time to check a product’s ratings and review of the same. Read both good and bad.


Some of us would prefer having Nutri cups that make our task to blend-and-go easier so you may opt for a brand that gives you these added accessories. Some offer recipe books; they are perfect if you don’t know where to start.

Wrap Up

Something else to keep in mind is a warranty. It is not entirely uncommon to receive a defective machine from the manufacturer. Before making the purchase, look for the warranty. You also have to read the fine print – under what circumstances can you get a refund or replacement? We recommend that you purchase an additional warranty. It may mean dishing out more than the budgeted 200 dollars, but it’ll be worth it. We all would like to stick to one blender for as long as possible. With an extended warranty you’re able to get a new blender should anything happen to yours. In the long run, it’s much cheaper.

Getting the ideal blender doesn’t have to be a daunting process. When you keep what’s important to you in mind and follow the basic steps provided, finding the right match becomes easier. As indicated, as per our top five picks, KitchenBro Heating Blender would be our pick for best blender under $200. Jamba Appliances Blender gives you the best blender for frozen fruits. Lastly, the Ninja Professional Blender would be the best blender for crushing ice.