Top 5 Best Blenders with Glass Jar (Reviews & Buying Guide) 2022

The best glass blender should be able to hold up against the stress of crushing, pureeing and blending without cracking or breaking. This makes it important that you pay close attention to all of your options. If you aren’t careful, you can easily end up feeling disappointed and frustrated.

With that, we’ve rounded up five of the most reliable products that deserve a spot in your kitchen counter. These blenders are guaranteed to live up to your expectations.

Glass Blenders Reviews

1. Braun JB7350 WHS Puremix Blender

Why we love it: Powerful

Braun JB7350 WHS Puremix Power Countertop Blender is probably the brand’s most powerful blender. With 1,000 watts of power, it can easily and efficiently process tough ingredients so you can achieve finer blends each time. It’s able to liquify quickly as well.

The appliance’s motor isn’t the only thing you will love about it as the blender is easy to use. With just a push of a button, you’ll get more options on how to process your ingredients. You can either pick from its 3 different speed settings and 2 variable functions or just choose from its preset programs (Smoothie, Ice Crush or Chop).

Now, the tricky part is getting familiar with the buttons. Unlike most blenders with word labels, this appliance has symbols which can take some time getting used to.

When it comes to cleaning, this blender won’t take a lot of your time. Just take out the blades, holder and jug and you can clean them up in a few minutes. The process doesn’t require special tools or methods which is just great for people who don’t like complicated things.

While convenient, this feature also has its downside.

Taking out the pieces frequently can speed up the wear-and-tear process. In addition, it will be easy for you to lose some of the pieces while you are taking it apart. With that, be extra careful so you don’t end up buying replacements.

2. Oster Pro 1200 Blender With Glass Jar

Why we love it: Powerful

If it’s durability, ease of use, and safety you are looking for, go with Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Glass Jar. It has two specific and unique types of technology to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for.

The first one is called the Smart Settings Technology which features 7 speeds and 3 pre-programmed settings. The other is called the Dual Direction Blade technology where the blender’s 3.5 inch-blade move in 2 different directions. This results in an easier and faster process.

In terms of capacity, this one can hold up to 6 cups. The smoothie cup it comes with, on the other hand, has a 24-oz capacity. So, whether you are on the go or you’re with your family and friends, you’ll find this blender reliable.

When it comes to power, this one is a bit more powerful than the first one. With 1,200 watts of power, it can make smoothies, crush ice, and make frozen desserts a lot faster. It can even pulverize dried nuts.

One of the things you might not like about this blender is the noise it creates when placed on a hard surface. It can be quite annoying, particularly when you’re trying to make your favorite drink at night. To avoid that, remember to place it on softer surfaces like rubber.

3. Oster Beehive Osterizer Blender

Why we love it: Simple yet durable

Oster Beehive Osterizer is simply a classic. It comes with a classic toggle switch which enables you to control two speeds to create sauces, dips, soups, smoothies and even process nuts. It can even turn ice cubes into snow in just a matter of seconds.

How’s that possible?

The blender runs with 600 watts of power. It features a metal blender shaft which adds not just to its power but durability as well. It won’t easily break after a year or two of frequent use.

Another thing that will impress you is the blender’s glass jar. It has actually been Thermal shock tested so you can run it inside your steamy dishwasher or process really frosty cold drinks without worrying about breaking it.

The problem with the pitcher, however, is its shape. It’s square which means some of your ingredients can get jammed in the corners and you’ll need to tamp them down. If you are always in a rush, that can be inconvenient for you.

The blender also has a tendency to dance and shuffle if you place a lot of tough ingredients inside. For safety, you can either make sure you don’t process a lot of ingredients at once or you carefully hold its base while processing.

Overall, however, those things aren’t enough to make this appliance look bad and awful. It’s easy to use, powerful enough to crush ice, looks classic, and reasonably priced which are the exact things the best blender with glass jar should be.

4. Oster Reverse Crush Couterforms Blender

Why we love it: Well-built and durable

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender features the Smart Settings Technology. It’s a nice feature to have if you’re new to using blenders at home since it takes the guesswork out of the process. You’ll get expert results just by pressing its one-touch controls.

The blades of this blender go in alternate directions automatically to make sure that there’ll be no unblended contents. You won’t even need to lift its lid and use a spatula.

The blender has 7 speeds. There are 2 pre-programmed control buttons and 3 manual speeds. For better precision control, it also has 2 pulse modes.

Unlike most blenders on the market, this one is well-built and solid. It has rubber feet which means it won’t vibrate or travel across your counter while you’re using it.

The blender comes with a stress-resistant glass pitcher. It won’t crack or break easily even if you use or expose it to freezing temperatures.

By now, you’re probably wondering about the downsides of this product. Surprisingly, the issues are really minor.

For one, the jar doesn’t have measuring marks so you may need to use the measuring cup it comes if you want to be accurate with your ingredients. Another issue is its lid. Because it fits tight to ensure no leaks, it can be hard to remove at certain times.

The biggest issue with the blender is its noise which tends to get worse when it’s on high speed and chopping ice.

5. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender

Why we love it: Not that noisy

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender is your best bet if you are looking for a versatile blender. With 14 blending functions, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun with it. You’ll have all the power you’ll need to crush, dice, mix and puree ingredients. And it can do all of those things without causing too much noise.

Its lid is a little tight which can make opening it during blending a bit challenging. However, with its spout, you’re sure to have a mess-free pouring. It won’t easily leak too.

Apart from that, the blender also comes with a cord storage where you can conveniently tuck in the wire. If you don’t like clutters in your kitchen counter, this feature will surely come in handy. It’s also great for safety purposes, particularly if you have kids at home.

The best part about this glass blender is its price. It’s actually cheaper than most products on the market. Despite its low price, however, it can still perform well.

Of course, it will still have limitations and that should be expected.

Crushing ice is one good example. Although it has enough power to crush ice, it can take a longer time for it to get the job done. It can water down your drink which can affect its taste and consistency.

How To Pick The Best Glass Blender

Before you go ahead and pick the best blender with glass jar, you have to know what you want to do with it first. This will help narrow down your choices.

Once you are certain with the tasks, here are some of the other factors you can consider to make sure you end up with the right product.


If you will be working with different ingredients and textures, it’s best to choose a glass blender with different pulse actions and speed options. In general, 3 speeds are more than enough for most blending tasks. You can, however, get blenders with 3 to 16 speed settings if you want.

For an easier and quicker blending, go with a higher wattage. Just keep in mind that the higher the watts, the more expensive the blender will be.


If you have a big family or you simply want to create several servings of your favorite smoothie, go with a blender with a bigger capacity. Typically, blenders can hold 1 to 3 liters so choose wisely.

And while you are considering your blender’s capacity, determine the maximum height of your storage or cabinet. It should be able to accommodate the height of your blender.


Glass blenders look nice and visually appealing but are they better than plastic blending jars?

The short answer is yes.

Glass doesn’t discolor or scratch. It doesn’t absorb food odors too. In comparison, plastic jars can become scratched easily, particularly when used for crushing ice or hard food items frequently.

Glass blenders are also sturdier and heavier. While they do require extra care, they can actually last longer than plastic ones.


It’s quite tempting to buy a blender that comes with several attachments and features. However, before you actually buy it, consider if you really need all those features. Paying high for something that you’ll seldom use will be senseless.

If you really need those attachments, check if they can easily be detached and replaced. Determine if they are fragile and easily damaged if not properly attached.


Ideally, you’ll need a blender with a cord storage space to keep it from getting wet. You should also look for a blender with safety locks to make sure it won’t start accidentally. This is really important if you have kids who help you.

Check its lids and blades if they can be clicked on. That way, they won’t get loose while you’re blending.


This will come down to personal preference.

If you are having a hard time determining what speed or how long you need to keep blending, choose a blender with touchpad controls. They are easy to use since both the time and speed are typically pre-determined. They are also a lot easier to clean since the surface is flat. All you’ll need to do is wipe it with a clean cloth and you’re done.

In case you’re used to blenders, you won’t have issues operating blenders with push-button controls or dials. The only problem you’ll have with them is maintenance. They are a bit difficult to clean and they attract spills easily. No matter how careful you are with them, you’ll still end up with stains and food debris stuck in between the controls.

Removable Blades

Removable blades are considered better when it comes to cleaning. You can easily take them out to get rid of any food stuck at the bottom of the jar. They are also convenient since they can be replaced in case you accidentally break the existing ones you have.

The only downside of removable blades is that they tend to leak more than the non-removable ones.

Now, don’t forget about the sharpness of your blender’s blade. It should be able to crush and blend all of your ingredients until they achieve a really smooth and nice consistency for your drinks.


The best blender with glass jar should be able to provide you with the power you need to crush, blend and puree your ingredients without sacrificing aesthetics and ease of use.

With that, we chose the Braun JB7350 Blender as the most reliable blender with glass pitcher. With 1000 watts of power, it should be enough to crush most of your ingredients, including ice. It even features a large capacity to let you serve 9 people at once.