Top 5 Best Blender for Frozen Fruit 2021

Frozen smoothies are my absolute favorite drink. They are nutritious, tasty and rather satisfying. What’s there not to love? It has slowly become a familiar meal when I’m in a hurry. Smoothies are to me what sandwiches, oatmeal and scrambled eggs are to most folks.

I love how easy it is to make. I mean in one tidal swoosh I get to see my frozen veggies and fruits transform from an ice cold statue to an inviting murky green or rosy pink drink.

I however have to admit that I’ve not always had the easiest time making this delicious drink. There are times when my pile of frozen fruits and veggies just clung to the sides of the blender, while the motor rumbled and the blades spun around. I nudge and budge but eventually I’ll have to trade in the troublesome blender for a newer sleeker model.

Let’s just say I’ve owned my fair share of blenders over the years. I’ve dealt with everything from dull chipped blades to popping lids. Some did the job quite well but were too noisy. Others could not harness enough power to crush ice leaving me with a lumpy puree that’s far from smooth. To be quite honest, only a select few have been able to completely pulverize my frozen fruit with the desired ease. Below is my pick for the best blenders for frozen smoothies.

Blender For Frozen Fruit Reviews

Our Top 5 Pick Of Blender For Frozen Fruit

1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770

Chief among the reasons I would recommend this Ninja Mega Kitchen blender is its versatility. It can grind nuts, puree frozen fruits and mix dough thanks to 1500 watts torque. Matter of fact, it’s so efficient in blending frozen fruits one might mistake it for a juicer, were it not for the presence of pulp.

This nifty appliance has been a welcome guest in most of my Sunday brunches. Its 72 ounce capacity and a 64-ounce bowl allows me to make enough for a group of eight in one go.

If you hate a leaky blender as much as I do you are in luck. This ninja features suction cups at its base that prevent spillage while it’s running. What’s more, its lid lock-down mechanism ensures all its contents do not burst open.

The 1500 mixer pot is also safe; it is made from BPA-Free SAN plastic. I for one love that it doesn’t retain the odors and flavors of foods I’ve blended.

This blender is, in addition, very easy to clean. I simply pop the pitcher, secure addresses, blades and other fasteners into the leading rack of your dishwasher and you’re all set.

Finally, the Ninja Blender looks stylish. It meshes well with most contemporary kitchens and will enhance the beauty of traditional ones.



2. Aicok Professional High Speed Mixer

Truth be told, you’ll be hard pressed to find a 1400-watt triple threat at the price this Aicok professional blender is peddled at. Not only is it one of the best blenders for frozen smoothies, it also acts as a grinder and food processor.

The pitcher has enough room to make smoothies for me and our four kids. This however renders it a bit tall posing an issue in storage. I find it’s best to store it in the pantry as opposed to the kitchen counter.

I have dabbled with my fair share of blenders, and I must admit that when it comes to juicing abilities, this is one of the best. It barely leaves any pulp behind.

No stone has been left unturned in the safety department. Aicok has utilized Tritan BPA-free material making it safe for both me and my babies. What’s more, it is also dishwasher safe. It features a stop switch in the event of careless operation. A cooling fan and an overload protection mechanism have been thrown into the mix for your convenience.

I love my salsas to be smooth as opposed to chunky. Aicok has allowed me to refine my store bought salsas thanks to its automatic and manual modes. Settings for the former are programmed for specific items such as juice and frozen fruit. The latter features three speeds; low, medium and high. Both modes work in harmony to promote versatility.

Aicok has such an ergonomic handgrip that even my four year old is well equipped to handle it.



3. Bestek Professional Blenders For Shakes And Smoothies

Though it’s an underdog among critically acclaimed brands, the BESTEK Professional blender is a workhorse to be reckoned with. Its multi blade system allows me to slice, chop and dice to my heart’s desire.

1500W is more than enough torque to pulverize ice to snow. Back it up with 25000RPM and extraction of juices from frozen fruits becomes a walk in the park.

Its pitcher has a 2 liter capacity. This is enough for me to entertain my small group of friends in one session. Even with the extra large pitcher, the blender easily fits below my overhead cabinets.

It is made of BPA free material making it dishwasher safe.

The blender features 6 automatic settings for preparing specific items like sauces and frozen smoothies. The variable speed controls adds to its charm by allowing you to refine all textures ranging from the smoothest purees to the chunkiest salsas. Trust me; it doesn’t get any more user friendly than that!

It also features an 11.2 inch tamper that presses difficult-to-blend items towards the blades without any manual intervention. The result? Perfect blends and the smoothest smoothies.

BESTEK has a strong suction cup at is bottom to prevent dumping and moving. It also has an auto shut-off feature when it is overheating.



4. Cosori 1500W Professional Blender For Shakes And Smoothies

Cosori 1500W Professional Blender is one of the best blenders for frozen fruits. It has a commercial grade 1500 w motor that can easily blend, crush, mix veggies and fruits to a perfect puree.

It comes with six stainless steel blades that will allow you to customize recipes as you see fit. They can cut through seeds of fruits as well as nuts.

I gifted this to my mum for mothers day and she can’t stop raving about how user friendly it is and I couldn’t agree more. It features a unique pouring spout that guarantees no spillage when serving your drinks. Less cleaning for you and more silky smooth goodness for your palate!

Has a tamper to ensure chunky bits that are hard to blend get shoved down to the blades without having to stop the blender. You end up with a fine consistency with no lumps. You need not fret about over-processing or under-processing sauces. All you need to do is choose the soup function and you’re good to go. It also has variable speed settings and a pulse function.



5. Ninja Professional Blender With Nutri Ninja Cups BL660

The Ninja BL660 blender has a powerful motor of 1100 watt that not only blends frozen smoothies but also performs controlled food-processing. It is so powerful it can grind nuts like peanuts into nut-butter or peanut-butter.

Never did I have to contend with half-chopped, mushy, soggy veggies and fruits. This blender features a total crushing technology that ensures uniform cutting of fruits, complete blending of veggies and crushing of ice.

I especially love that with the touch of a button I could pulse my way to perfectly prepped smoothies. The one touch pulsing allows you to puree chop or mince.

For those who are keen on wastage, you will particularly enjoy the single serve option.

The ninja cups are perhaps the best deal you could ever get. Talk of total vitamin and nutrient extraction! Your fruits and veggies will be transformed to a rich a silky smooth drink that’s jam packed with flavor and nutrients.



Wrap Up

It can be quite daunting to find the best blender from a wide pool of brands. I suggest you skim through consumer reviews before tying your fate to one. This will make it easier to discern what’s full of baseless pump and what’s legit.

It’s also important to note the reason for buying the blender. The best blender for frozen fruit may be the worst at mixing dough. Do not be lax with your non-negotiable features. In the end, the best blender will be one that serves yours needs.

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