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Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer Review

The Breville BJE820XL is a centrifugal juicer that has been around for years now.

It was designed to juice all types of fruits and vegetables including leafy greens and hard fruits but does it deliver this with ease?

Read the review below to find out.​

Features and Benefits

Juicing Power

It makes use of a very powerful 1200 watt motor to fulfill all your juicing needs.

The electronic 5-speed dial lacking in many other juicers enables this duo Dual disc juicer to juice both soft and hard foods with ease. The five speeds range from 6500rpm-13000rpm. The Nutri (cutting) disc is for hard produce like crisp apples while the puree disc is for soft fruits such as berries. Both discs are made from stainless steel which keeps rust at bay.

The Patented direct central feed system, where the feed chute is centered over the shredding disc, is perfect for quick and maximum juice extraction. The same system also works to minimize vibrations and noise.

Matters Time

You will find a 3-inch feeder that allows you to throw in fruits and vegetables uncut. Isn’t it great you don’t have to waste time going chop-chop-chop? It also works fast because of its powerful motor, high speed and Patented direct central feed system.

How About Cleaning?

Like all juicers, you should clean it immediately after use to make work easier on you. Most of its parts are dishwasher friendly (top-shelf) which is a great cleaning option. The only parts not dishwasher friendly are the mesh filter basket or Nutri Disc and the food pusher. Every Breville BJE820XL also comes with a cleaning brush. So even if you opt for hand washing, thorough cleaning should not take more than 5-7 minutes.


The die cast metal body largely improves its chances of lasting longer than plastic juicers.


The pulp jar and collecting jar are relatively big. The pulp collector can hold up to 3 liters while the collecting jar can handle 1.2 liters.


Breville did ensure safety first with this one. It has a safety locking arm that prevents it from operating when the cover isn’t locked in place. This will surely save you from making a mess in your kitchen. The overload protection is designed to keep the juicer from overheating. It will just shut down if it senses an overload. It is also BPA-free. You can never be too safe nowadays. The only plastic part is a smoothie attachment but even this is BPA free.

Added Benefits

With this model you no longer have to put up with froth: the collecting jar comes with a froth separator.

What Is It Suitable For?

It works on nearly all produce, whether hard or soft as long as it is not frozen. Frozen fruits and vegetables stick to the blades in the Nutri Disc which keeps them from doing their work. It can be used by first timer juicers as it is very easy to operate and even easier to assemble and disable. Assembly and disassembly can be done in 5 easy steps which are shown in the manual.

Any Caveats

This Breville model is no light weight but that might come in handy in matters stability. Also, the higher the speed the noisier this model gets. The level 5 is the loudest which may sound like a plane landing. However, you might only need this level once in a while so it might not be a major problem.

Bottom Line

The Breville BJE820XL is a highly capable juicer and, you might want to try it out if you don’t juice frozen produce.