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Tribest SS-4250-B Masticating Juicer Review

The world is suddenly turning into a bunch of health conscious people and with good reason. The increased cases of lifestyle diseases in adults and children need immediate action.

Juicing has been found to be an effective way of curbing cravings, especially for all the unhealthy foods. It is also a tasty way of incorporating juices from leafy vegetables and carrots into your diet.

In this review, we look into one of the most recommended juicers on the market, Tribest SS-4250.

Tribest SS-4250 Slow Juicer Overview

This juicer is a cold-press machine that utilizes a powerful motor at a very low speed to reduce chances of heating. Due to its very low processing speed (56RPM), it yields highly especially with leafy greens and grasses that require that sort of speed.

It measures 16.3 x 6.4 x 13 inches and weighs 12 pounds. It comes with a 15-year warranty, which sets it apart from its peers in the industry. Due to its motor capacity, Tribest masticating juicer is ideal for the commercial sector.

It has few parts that do not take long to assemble and disassemble.

Features and Benefits

Tribest features a powerful enough motor to extract as much juice a possible from your ingredients while rotating at the lowest possible speed to ensure that your food is not heated. The low speed prevents oxidation and ensures that your ingredients retain 100 percent of their nutritional value. The resulting juice also stays fresh in the fridge for as long as 72 hours.

Tribest only has few parts that need washing; the chute and cylindrical entry point, the auger, nozzles, and the pulp tank. The cleaning process could take you as few as three minutes. The detachable parts are also dishwasher friendly.

The size of the juicer makes it easy to store in your dish rack or on the counter top. Due to its motor power, you can use it to process your foods too. Pasta, baby food, nut butter are only some of the things you can use it for.

Suitable For

It is ideal for the regular user who needs to make as much juice as possible multiple times in a day. It is built for longevity. It is also ideal for purchase the Tribest SS-4250-B Masticating Juicer from Amazon as it yields highly. If you regularly juice green vegetables and healthy grasses, you will find it quite beneficial due to its low rotation rate.


The feeding tube does no accommodate huge chunks of vegetables and fruits, and you have to chop them into tiny pieces first. Some reviewers also feel that the pace at which the motor rotates is too slow for them.

Bottom Line

This blender comes with one of the longest warranties. 15 years of guarantee repair shows the confidence that the manufacturer has on their piece. Its ability to yield highly is the other factor that makes it attractive to users, especially those who love their green juices. Is this juicer worth its value? Yes, it is. You can purchase the Tribest SS-4250-B Masticating Juicer from Amazon.