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What is the Best Time to Drink Fruit Juice? Expert Advice!

In recent years, juicing has successfully become an integral part of healthy eating and daily routine of so many people. In fact, almost everyone has been bitten by the juicing bug; from the sports enthusiasts to lovers of outdoor activities to fitness gurus to gym rats to post-surgery patients, and to even, those looking to shed some extra weight. Here we explain a lot about best time to drink fruit juice, let’s check it out!


What is Juicing?

With the number of juice lovers increasing every day, you might wonder about what makes juicing so special. Simply put, juicing is all about extracting the juice from fruits, vegetables, nuts and tubers. Juicing allows you experience the best of all that fruits and veggies can offer; the nutrients and enzymes, rich taste, and easy digestion.

As we all know that fruits and veggies are important to our overall well-being. In fact, it is recommended to eat at least 9 servings of fruits and vegetables. Although this is can be quite unappealing, since eating that amount of fruits messes with the digestive system, and also due to the taste of some greens like broccoli.

However, with juicing, you can meet the daily requirement for a healthy lifestyle, all in a drink, and also get to mix your fruits and vegetables; thereby masking the unpleasant of taste of some greens with fruits like apples and limes.

Types of Juicers Available

Just as juicing has become a widespread practice, there are now different types of juicers available to meet individual preferences. Most importantly, these appliances decide the outcome of your juicing experience; if you want to get all the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Today, extracting juice from fruits and vegetables is now, more efficient and faster than the old method of hand squeezing.

1. Hand Juicers

Probably the first appliance designed for juicing. It involves placing the fruits in-between the curved surfaces of the appliance, and clamping down on it. This appliance is not totally efficient, and a lot of brute strength is required to extract juice. Lastly, the juice yield is usually small when compared to other type of juicers.

2. Masticating Juicers

This is unarguably, the best method of extracting juice. Extracts the most juice out of food produces and also leaves the nutrients intact using masticating juicers.

3. Centrifugal Juicers

Extracts juice in seconds, and efficiently separates the pulp from the juice. Although, centrifugal juicers does not guarantee the full nutrients present in the crushed food produce. 

What is the Best Time to Drink Fruit Juice?

With all the benefits of juicing, most juice lovers are not getting optimum satisfaction and this is due to the fact there’s still a lot of unknown facts when it comes the best time to drink fruit juice.

In fact, these unknown parts have been a major source of confusion to most juice lovers. It is therefore, not unusual for juice lovers to ask common questions like: Is it good to drink your fruit juice with a meal or before a meal?, or on an empty stomach? or after or before you exercise?.

For this reason, I have gathered guidelines that will not only ensure that you get the most benefits from juicing, but also increase your love for juicing.

1. Drinking Juice Early in the Morning on a Empty Stomach

This is the best time to drink fruit juice. You must have heard this phrase countless times, but with little explanation given about it. In the morning before eating or drinking your daily stimulant, it is advised to drink juice during this period. Why?, it because the stomach absorbs the nutrients and enzymes provided by the juice at a faster rate.

Furthermore, you should note that, combining juice with food, will not only cause indigestion, but also reduce the benefits to be derived from drinking juice. Additionally, there should be an interval of 1 hour between the time of drinking juice and eating. Finally, drinking juice is not restricted to the early part of the day. 

2. Drinking Juice Within 2 Hours After Extraction

The nutrients and enzymes in fruits and vegetables are vital for our daily activities. Since most juicer operates by crushing or spinning fruits and vegetables for maximum juice extraction, the nutrients becomes exposed and may deplete rapidly.

The best time to drink fruit juice after extraction is usually within this period. It is therefore recommended to drink juice within 2 hours after juicing to get maximum benefits of nutrients and enzymes.

3. Drinking Juice Before and After a Workout Session

It is quite sad that due to some false facts being circulated, most juice lovers are being denied the full benefits of juicing. A typical example is when people are advised not to drink juice before exercise. This wrong notion is based on the fact that the body will tap into its own fat reserves if there is no available food to burn first, hence it will make you lose weight faster.

Contrary to such facts, the body actually needs fuels like juice to provide energy for your exercise; either weight lifting or cardio exercise. In fact, this is one of the best time to drink fruit juice since it is the easiest and fastest way to supply your body with energy before and after a workout session. 

4. Drinking Juice With Raw Vegetable Dish

This is an exception to the first guideline. This is also one of the best times to drink fruit juice. With salad and raw vegetable dishes, it is okay to drink juice. Drinking juice with heavy meals causes acid reflux and indigestion, since fruits and heavy meals have different rates. However, drinking juice with vegetable dishes has no side effects, and this is due to the fact the body absorbs both at the same time. Therefore


Juicing is truly a nourishing way to start your day and to give your digestive system a break from the previous night’s dinner. Following the aforementioned guidelines will guarantee you the optimum benefits of juicing. From loss of weight to great detox to renewed energy, drinking fruit juice at the best time will totally change your lifestyle.