6 Body Detox And Cleansing Facts and Myths

Every single day, people raid Google search looking for how to body detox and cleanse. The search always has a lot to offer, some of which are facts and others are just assumed myths. Detoxification is meant to get rid our bodies of the unnatural pollutants and chemicals, often said to damage the liver, kidney, and also help you lose weight.

Ever wonder why everyone is not detoxifying if it is meant to be that helpful?

It is important to know that detoxification has to be done in the right way for it to work. If done wrong, you could end up damaging your health. Take time to go through some of the facts and myths we have outlined before you begin your juice detox cleanse.

Detoxification Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Detoxification Is The Quickest Way To Lose Weight

The thing about losing body weight is, the minute you stop the regime, it comes right back. So, even though detox may help you lose weight quickly unless you plan to be consistent, you might end up being frustrated.

Detox helps loosen your stool through diarrheas which then results in weight drop. However, as soon as you eat, the stool builds up again. The fact is, you can only lose so much weight when participating in a detox and cleanse diet.

The best and most convenient way to lose weight is through eating low-calorie diets and exercising. Adding healthy eating and workout plan to your lifestyle will give you better weight results when indulging in detoxification.

Myth #2: Detox Diets Are Better For You Than A Diet Consisting Of Exercise And Low-Calorie Meals

A detox diet may be able to get rid some toxins from your body. However, it never helps you lose a constant amount of weight. If you want to cut weight and keep it off, then try eating healthy unprocessed foods and do regular exercises.

Myth #3: With A Detox Diet, You Don’t Have To Exercise

The last thing you want to do is lose muscle while trying to lose weight. This is what is likely to transpire if you try to lose weight by sticking to a detox diet without adding exercise to the program. Going to the gym, or just doing exercises at home will help you to build or keep muscles healthy while on a detox diet.

Myth #4: You Need To Avoid Eating And Take Many Strange Juices When Detoxing

This is false. The fact is, there are healthy foods that can cleanse your body while you are detoxing. There is no reason you should start drinking juices or avoid solid foods. In fact, instead of juicing, you could eat a lot of sesame seeds, lemons, and leafy vegetables.

There are also natural detoxification drinks for those who want to detoxify without having to juice fruits and vegetables. One of them is green tea. It will clean your body without you having to starve.

Myth #5: Drinking Excess Water Will Detoxify The Body

Well, there is partial truth in this myth. Water helps the kidneys and the liver to function. However, drinking too much of it could prove dangerous for the body. Excessive water can affect the electrolytes of the body negatively and end up causing the kidneys to work overtime trying to get rid of the excess amount of water. There is a recommended amount of water you should take before partaking a detox diet.

Myth #6: You Only Have To Go To The Sauna To Detoxify Your Body

Saunas are an excellent way of removing toxins from the body after working out sessions. However, it is not meant for longstanding detoxification. Spending too much time in the sauna will only lead to dehydration. If you keep trying to use sweat as a way of getting rid of the toxins in the body, you will end up blocking the body’s ability to detoxify in the long run.

Final Thought

You could decide to start a detox diet based on all the right reasons. However, it is crucial that you be aware that some could be potentially dangerous for your body especially if they are not taken right.

The best way to go about healthy weight loss is by lowering your calorie intake content, making healthy foods in moderation, and adding an exercise routine to your days. Exercise will tone your muscles and keep their mass up to help your body lose weight.