8 Tips to Make Your New Juicing Habits Stick

Juicing is one of the ways that help us adapt to a healthy lifestyle. You can start juicing anytime.

There are numerous benefits of drinking vegetable and fruit juice. It improves your digestive system, increases your body’s ability to repair itself, bolsters your immune system, just to mention a few.

However, like any other routine, sticking to juicing can prove to be a difficult task. We look at some of the tips that will help you make juicing part of your daily routine.

Tips To Make Juicing Your Daily Routine

1. Make A Juicing Plan

If you want to start a juicing lifestyle, it is essential to account for the extra effort. Prepping the veggies and fruits can take up some time because they require washing, cutting them up into appropriate sizes for the juicer. It is therefore essential to prep them at night, especially if you are a busy person.

Prepping needs a plan. You need to know what time you intend to make the juice and clean the machine before cutting up the veggies and fruits. Make a plan to wake up a few minutes early and juice everything you prepared overnight.

2. Stock Up On The Ingredients You Need

Lack of ingredients will quickly lead you to abandon the juicing lifestyle. If you lack the leafy greens or the fruits you need to juice, then the process becomes harder than it should be.

To avoid such a scenario, you need to make sure that you keep the veggies and fruits you intend to use in the fridge. Always having fresh supplies of the products will help you solidify the juicing habit.

3. Solve The Taste Dilemma

Even though juicing veggies has numerous health benefits, the taste can easily put you off. Chances are, if you have the taste of juiced kale or spinach, you will quit the juicing lifestyle easily. The best thing is to find ingredients that are tasty and easy to juice.

Fruits like grapefruits, limes, pears, lemons, apples, and ginger will add taste to veggies like broccoli, spinach, or kale hence making your juice taste great.

You need to aim at getting the nutrients from juicing but consider making the process tasty and enjoyable. With time, you will have to get used to the taste of veggies since they are a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle.

4. Invest In A Quality Juicer

Getting a quality juicer is the first step towards making the juicing life easier. Getting a poor quality juicer will result to poor quality juice. That is juice with large chunks of the veggies or fruits. Poor quality juicer makes the juicing process unappealing.

In most cases, the poor quality juicers are the cheap options. Cheap juicers are prone to clogging and breaking. To make your juicing life easy, do research on the juicers you can get in the market.

If you are looking to adapt juicing in your lifestyle, then we advise you to get a high-quality juicer.

5. Mind Your Calorie Intake

Juicing is great, however, for you to benefit from juicing, you need to understand that there is no replacement for actual vegetables and fruits. Juicing is not meant to allow you to substitute complete meals with juice blends.

We recommend taking the juice as a meal supplement or a snack. Juicing fruits and vegetables is not as satisfying as having actual meals.

Adopting a 100% juice diet could lead to feelings of hunger and negative feelings from hunger and fatigue, which defeats the purpose of living a healthier life.

6. Easy Storage

Juiced veggies and fruits can last for up to 3 days if they are well stored. Buy an airtight container that will allow you to store the juice and make juicing easier for you. Storing juice will also save time for you during the process.

7. Watch Your Sugar Intake

The same way juicing helps one to lose weight, it could also result in weight gain if you juice the fruits and vegetables aimlessly. If you make the juice primarily from vegetables, you could either gain weight or get sugar overload.

Fruits can also easily go into calorie or sugar overload because they are very high in sugar. This will negate the whole point of juicing. It is best to choose low sugar fruits, like berries and apples and use them in moderation.

8. Buy A Portable Container

Juice blends take little time to consume. However, if you have a busy program and can’t spare time to sit and sip your drink, then it might be tricky to build a juicing routine.

One of the ways of making the habit stick is by purchasing portable containers like a thermos.

Portable containers allow juicing to be part of your life because they enable you to drink on the go. This allows you to make juice as part of your daily activities. With a portable container, you can make your juice and carry it to work or jogging.

Final Thought

If you don’t take time to plan your juicing routine, adapting to it can prove to be difficult. Focus on some of the issues you experience in your juicing journey and develop methods that will help you overcome them and stick to the juicing lifestyle.