8 Best Fruits for Juicing

So you have the vegetable sector sorted out. Time to know what fruits would go well with either of the vegetables we have discussed.

Fruits bring life to the juice. They add color, taste and they are perfect for nutritional value.

1. Magical Apples


There is a reason behind the ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away saying’. Apples boost your health in profound ways. Apples are rich in antioxidants that fight nasty toxins that swim in our bloodstreams.

Eating apples can whiten your teeth, guard you against Alzheimer’s, reduce your risk of diabetes, lower cholesterol and prevent certain cancers.

Following the benefits apples offer, it is an essential ingredient in your juice. They are also low sugar content fruit.

2. Juicy Pineapples


We all love pineapples. They are not only juicy but also tasty. They add a fantastic tropical flavor to juice blends. They are perfect because they mask the flavor of vegetables for those who can’t stand the taste of plain vegetable juices.

If you are a mother always trying to get your kids to drink liquid nutrition juices, pineapples will act like a magic pill. Despite the fact that pineapples are high in sugar, they are very beneficial to your health. They contain antibacterial, ant-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

These properties ensure that they prevent hair loss, cure skin ailments, strengthen gums and bones, and they can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers.

3. Colourful Tomatoes


I know, you’re wondering ‘aren’t tomatoes vegetables?’ no! They are fruits and they taste fabulous. The best way to add these red lovelies into your diet is by juicing them.

Tomatoes can reduce cancer risks with lycopene. They are rich in vitamin B-6, vitamin C, vitamin A, and antioxidants that help promote heart problems.

They ensure a great tasting juice because they blend perfectly with your vegetables and other fruits.

4. Tasty Papayas


Even babies love papayas! They offer all the lush taste of the tropics, with less sugar and unique flavor. Papayas have vitamin C, B vitamin, Panthothenic acid, plenty of flavonoids, folate and much more that make them nutritional powerhouses.

They help in weight loss because they lower cholesterol. They also boost your immunity and they are really great for your eyes.

5. Romantic Berries


In the event of love, romance, berries seem to fit. They are small, super tasty, super convenient, and they are crammed with goodness that help build you into a healthier you.

Berries have essential antioxidants that protect your cells from radical damage. They are also low in sugar. They best thing about berries is that they give you a variety of options.

You can have blackberries today, strawberry juice tomorrow. Or you could use blueberries or raspberries instead. The choice is yours for the taking!

Due to their size, they are not the easiest fruit juice. You could blend them instead and stir into your vegetable juices, that way you can retain their insoluble fiber as well. Berries have low to medium sugar content, however blueberries and raspberries are your lowest sugar options.

6. Lovely Lemons and Limes


What I love about lemons is the fact that you can never go wrong with them. If you’re looking to add a citrus zing to your juice, lemons and limes will do the charm. They contribute to a fresh, crispy fruity flavor to many juice recipes.

Lemons have been used to help with internal bleeding, dental issues, sore throats, indigestion, high blood pressure, respiratory disorders and more. They are basically miracle cures.

They can also lower your risk of stroke, lower your body temperature when you catch a fever and they have high vitamin C content that protect your immunity and keeps the colds away. If you are concerned with high sugar fruits or diabetes, lemons have low sugar content.

7. Cherry Cherries


Cherries have antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. They have Ellagic Acid that helps protect against cancer. They are also high in iron count that helps support healthy blood. They are high in Vitamins A and C, potassium and biotin.

However, consider carefully when adding them to your juice because they are high sugar.

8. Gracious Grapefruits


Grapefruits are particularly gracious with women. They are loaded with immunity boosting vitamin C and limonene that help protect women against breast cancer.

They contain soluble fiber that help lower cholesterol and add a fresh zing of fruity flavor to your vegetable juice without too much sugar. Pink grapefruits are especially tasty.