Nutribullet Pro 900 Reviews: Is it Worth It?

Nutribullet Pro 900 is eye-catching. With its copper finish and compact design, it’s easy to get drawn to it, particularly if you’re just starting out your blending journey.

But, is it worth it?

Read on as we share with you a detailed review of the blender and why we think it’s one of the best Nutribullet models around.


Motor Power And Base Unit

The base unit houses a powerful 900-watt motor. It’s good enough for processing fruits and vegetables but it may have a harder time powering through frozen ingredients and ice. You may need to add a bit of water to make the process easier.

The blender comes with an internal breaker which will automatically shut off the appliance in case of overheating. This is a big help since the blender has a tendency to heat up fast, particularly if you use it for more than a minute without cooling it.


The blender has a set of 6-pronged blades. It’s made of stainless steel which means that it’s durable and strong enough to process your ingredients.

Programs And Settings

The Nutribullet Pro 900 has no control panel or even speed options. You can operate it the same way you operate your coffee grinder and that is to twist the cup against its power base.

While that doesn’t give you a lot of options, there are some techniques you can use to increase the operational abilities of your appliance. For example, you can use its “pulsing methods” to create salsa and similar recipes. If you get air pockets in your mixture, you can just shake the container.

Take note, however, that those techniques require a bit of mastery. If you are just getting familiar with your blender, you might find them tricky to do.


The blender measures 14×16.3×7.9 inches. It’s compact so you shouldn’t have any problem fitting it inside your cabinet or countertop. Measuring 11.4 pounds, it’s lightweight as well.


Aside from the blades and the base, the rest of the parts of the blender are safe to clean using your dishwasher. The base, on the other hand, can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

As an alternative, you can also clean the jar by filling it with warm water and a few drops of liquid soap. Turn on your blender and let it run the soapy water inside. If there’s no hardened debris, you should be able to clean the unit in just a few seconds. After that, you can run the jar under a faucet and let it dry.


The blender is a bit noisy but it’s not something you’ll find completely annoying. After all, you’re not really supposed to use it for more than a minute.

If you really want to reduce its noise and loudness, simply get a rubber matt and place it under the blender. It will help absorb some of its noise.


Compact design

The unit is small and designed to save space. It’s a great choice for people who are always in a hurry since the blender allows one to take the container anywhere.


The blender can quickly process fruits and vegetables, making it a versatile appliance to have in your kitchen. You can use it to prepare purees and liquify ingredients.

Easy to operate

There are no complex buttons or controls you need to familiarize yourself with.

All you need to do is put your ingredients in your blender, twist it, and seal it with the lid containing the blade attachment. Once secure, you can flip the blender and mount it onto the base. To start blending, simply push down the jar, twist it and it’s good to go.



While the blender is technically easy to clean, you may have a hard time when it comes to getting rid of sticky ingredients inside it. It has a cylindrical shape which can make manual cleaning hard. If you have normal to large hands, you might not be able to fit them inside the cups. You’ll need to buy a dish brush just to thoroughly clean the unit.


Although the blender’s motor is efficient, you can’t really run it for long periods. Doing that can cause overheating which can affect the lifespan of the blender.


There are consumers who complained about their mixtures leaking through the blades and seeping into the motor base. In some cases, it’s caused by overfilling the container which creates additional stress to the blades. In the long run, this can loosen the blades.


Most parts of the blender are made of plastic. Its containers are one good example. Unlike most brands, the containers that come with this blender are prone to cracks, particularly when used to process tough ingredients.

Lack of control

There’s no option for you to make the blending process shorter or longer. You don’t even have any option when it comes to speed. If your recipe requires precision or you just want to get the most nutrients from your smoothie, this isn’t the blender for you.

Adding ingredients

One common problem among upright blenders is that they don’t allow the addition of extra ingredients while blending. You’ll have to stop the process before you can do that. This means spending extra time preparing your smoothie or drink.


Is Nutribullet Pro 900 worth your hard-earned money?

Honestly speaking, this is a great blender to invest in if you’re just looking for a blender that can help you make nutritious smoothies and delicious recipes. It’s not that expensive and it has enough power to process vegetables and fruits.

However, since it’s more of a personal blender and because of its price, you can’t really expect too much from the appliance. It may not perform that well when it comes to ice and other frozen ingredients. Also, the blender is likely to overheat and there‚Äôs the issue of leaking. If those things sound too much for you to deal with every day, then you should probably consider other Nutribullet models.