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Vitamix 7500 Review

Have you tried Vitamix 7500 blender? If not, this Vitamix 7500 review will make you head to amazon to get yours before they run out of stock.

Vitamix has never disappointed when it comes to blenders but it took it services to another level by launching this 64oz ,17’5 tall,7’7 wide and 9.4 deep machine. It has a HP of 2.2 which can work at 12 amps with a speed of 270 miles per hour. 

It fits easily under your average kitchen cabinet, gone are the ducting days. Your storage problem is solved.

If you were worried about the noise of the other Vitamix series waking up your sleeping baby, this one is 40 percent quieter. It is for the foodies, juice and smoothy junkies who value the quality of what they put on their table. If you are a big fan of food processing, this is a must have.

What Sets Vitamix 7500 Apart?

1. Ease of use and Functionality

If technical complexity gives you a run for your wits, the Vitamix 7500 has you covered. They care enough to even provide a DVD with instructions to help you get started. In place of the high/variable toggle, Vitamix 7500 has an easy to use pulse control that allows you chop vegetables and make salsa comfortably. Just hit the press button.

When you are working with different food products and textures, the variable speed control will allow you to vary the speed to fit your needs. Are you worried about the common chunks in your vegetable or fruit smoothies? This blender will fix that for you and deliver smooth and silky product. The fast and sharp blades are the reason behind the undisputed quality.

When it comes to cleaning, you only need some warm water, some drops of soap then run it for a few seconds, rinse and air dry ready for the next use.

2. Versatility

It is capable of handling anything you throw in. Ranging from smoothies, a block of cheese, nuts, carrots, hot soups or even vegetables. If you are a blend fanatic, you will have all the service you need under one container with ease and convenience.

Are there days when you just run out of recipes to try out? No more worries, when you buy this blender you will be gifted a modern professional recipe book. Who doesn’t like free goodies?

3. Safety

If you are worried about the powerful motor producing too much heat, erase that thought. It comes with an in-built thermal protection system and a cooling fan that protects it from overheating by simply turning it off. So, you can leave it on for long without worrying about it burning your kitchen.

4. Quality and durability

If you are stressed from the short relationships with your previous blenders that broke down sooner than you anticipated, this Vitamix 7500 review is focused on giving you value for your money. The other cheaper brands are made of plastic but this one has metallic lid clips that won’t shatter. All the materials used are of high quality and design. The BPA-free polycarbonate material gives it the ‘built to last’ ability.



Final Verdict

This blender is a whooping improvement of the other previous blenders. It may look expensive. However, you will realize that the quality it delivers, the unmatched functionality and convenience is worth every coin. Don’t settle for average, get this serious blender for the best experience.