Top 5 Best Citrus Juicers on the Market 2022

Having a challenge meeting your daily quota of micronutrients (found in vegetables and fruits)? Then just juice them and take a glassful every morning. Juicing presents one of the easiest ways to get adults and children to consume vegetables and fruits.

Fresh juices make the most critical micronutrients available as soon as they are ingested. The fiber in fresh juice is soluble, and so it will not need to go through several digestion stages before the body utilizes it.

Fresh juices don’t have a long shelf life, seeing as no preservatives are added. Getting the right citrus juicer will keep all the nutrients intact and reduce the chances of oxidation for up to 72 hours.

Citrus Juicers Reviews

1. Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press

This juicer is silver, and the die-cast stainless steel body matches well with any interior décor. The cone is excellent for juicing citrus fruits of any size, with stainless steel filters for controlling the pulp amount that goes inside.


Simple Design

Apart from looking good on any countertop, this juicer is quite small, and so it will fit in almost any space. It weighs 10lbs, and so you may have to get it a designated spot in the kitchen than move it from place to place. It also has a spout that spews the juice.


The body and cone are stainless steel, and so they resist the acid from citrus fruits. The maker gives it a year’s warranty, but the material will ensure a lifetime of usage seeing as it will never corrode. The entire juicer is dishwasher safe but you can also hand-wash it without ruining anything.

The Motor

The best electric citrus juicer has a powerful motor to make work easier. This Breville juicer’s 110-Watt motor enables it to perform its work ideally so that you can enjoy fresh juice. While a few reviewers complain about the dryness of pulp, you can still count on a good yield.

This juicer is quite easy to operate. You will only need to place your halved fruit on the cone, and then turn the machine on. The revolutionary arm system on the machine makes work so much easier so that a little press of the cover sends juice through the spout into the waiting jar. It comes with two filters for variable pulp adjustment and a dust cover. Some reviewers say that the 4-inch cord is too short and so you may need to use a cord extension.




Even though this juicer is priced on the higher side, it delivers excellent juice. The year-long warranty could be extended, but users haven’t encountered issues after the lapse of this period. It’s a beautiful study piece that we recommend.

2. TrueCraftware Commercial Citrus Juicer

This manual juicer is ideal for your citrus juices and nothing else. Seeing as it is 100% manual, the juice will be free from oxidation, and so you can refrigerate it for 72 hours. It is 72 inches tall, and all the parts are detachable, hence easy to clean.



This manual juicer is cast-iron made, and so it is virtually indestructible. Even though the manufacturer only gives you one year’s warranty on its body, chances of anything happening to it are almost nil. The handle is wrapped in rubber to protect your hand.

The Base

This juicer is quite heavy at 14lbs, and the broad base makes it stable to stand on whichever surface you place it. The bottom part is made of rubber to provide more support and prevent any scratches on your surface. As much its manual operation makes it possible to use anywhere, the weight is a bit of a downer.

Operation and Yield

One of the best attributes of manual juicers is silence in operation. No motors are needed, and so the juicer does its job efficiently without waking the whole household. It yields well too depending on how you press. The majority of manual citrus juicer reviews say that pulp is usually quite dry and that no much wastage is witnessed.




We like the price and the material of this juicer. It will guarantee a lifetime of fresh citrus juice.

3. Eurolux Citrus Juicer

Eurolux citrus electric juicer measures 12.2 x 9.5 x 8 inches and weighs 4lbs, and so it fits excellently in small spaces. It is quite easy to use as you only need to push the handle down to get it activated. The motor is a little noisy, but it makes work so much easier as the juice pops out with a little squeeze on the cone.

This electric juicer has two strainers to allow varying amounts of pulp in your juice. It is die-cast, so it looks good on any countertop, and the material is not corrosive. It comes with a year’s warranty.


The Grip

The cone at the top of the juicer is large enough for grapefruit. Once you have placed it in position, you will only need to bring down the handle or press the fruit against the cine if it is too large. The non-slip tip at the top ensures a firm grip till all juice is extracted.


The motor does not ruin the juice’s nutrients, meaning you can refrigerate it for several hours. It yields well depending on the fruit. Our review on this juicer produced dry pulp and excellent yield even from small oranges. No need for extensive prepping, seeing you can juice whole fruits.




It performs better than most juicers double its price. It looks good and yields even better, and we couldn’t think of a better electric juicer in its price range.

4. Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

The history of Cuisinart paints it as a company that has mastered the art of making the best food processors, and so this juicer is no different. 

This reasonably priced juicer is made of metal, measures 7.88 x 6.75 x 12.25 in and weighs 4lbs. Take good care of it, and you could have it for a lifetime.


Ease of Use

The cone is made of sturdy plastic that turns anticlockwise to extract all the juice from the pulp. This feature is solely what gives this juicer its yield ability. We tested it, and it produced one glass of juice from 4 medium-sized oranges. The cone is quite small, and so it works well with limes and oranges.

Motor Power

The motor is 25W, and so you may have to press a bit powerfully to extract all the juice from your fruits. The upside is the reduced noise in operation. Let’s just say you can hold a conversation with it on without needing to raise your voice too much. It works fast too.

The lever arm has a no-slip-grip handle that makes work pretty simple, and the pour spout is sealed so that juice collects in the transparent reservoir for a while. It comes with two strainers to allow for a varying amount of pulp in your juice, and all the parts are dishwasher friendly.




Are you on a budget? There are hundreds of citrus juicer reviews out there and the majority speaks highly of this Cuisinart juicer. You may struggle with large grapefruits, but it does well with smaller fruits.

 5. Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Juicer

Most electric orange juicers are noisy, but that is not the case with the Tribest CS-1000. From the get-go, you will like it for its looks, which make it ideal for any countertop. The outer cover is white and shiny, and the dimensions fit in any space.

It is easy to operate with a pour spout that locks if you wish, and the juice flows out directly into the container to allow for continuous juicing. The cone is made of plastic, but it is sturdy enough to take all the pressing that comes with a low-power electric juicer.

It has a stainless steel strainer that allows some pulp to come through while sieving out the rest. The pulp collects neatly in the area so that you can reuse it later. The 55W motor makes work faster, though you still have to apply some effort to squeeze out the last drop. It yields well.




The juicer looks good and yields well. While you may have to work a little harder to produce dry pulp, it yields better than most juicers in its price category. It is portable too.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Citrus Juicer


Before buying a juicer, consider your budget. The market is not short of amazing juicers, but the majority of the best are expensive. You want to consider the size and weight. A small juicer is excellent for a nomad, as is a manual one.

Spout Size

The spout is an important consideration, although many people pay it no mind. The larger the spout, the less mess you will create when juicing. Additionally, you want to look at the size of the cone to be certain that it will accommodate all fruit sizes, including large grapefruits.

Motor Power

Motor power will determine the dryness of your pulp, and so you are better off with a powerful electric juicer. How noisy is your juicer? The motor will determine that. In most cases, powerful motors make the most noise in the case of centrifugal juicers. A cold-press juicer (which is what we advocate for) is quiet in operation, albeit slow.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Whether looking for a manual juicer or an electric one, one of the most important features should be its build. You want a product that is made to last so that you get value for your money. These reviews present some of the best juicers on the market, and so it is hard to select just one as the overall best. However, Breville 800 CPXL is hands down the leader of the pack, thanks to its easy operation, powerful motor and ability to yield. We highly recommend it.