Vitamix 6300 Review

Why is Vitamix 6300 the best blender for smoothies?

It takes a lot of effort to start and stick on the healthy eating path. Most of the time, we slack off, and it gets harder to get back once you become a slave to junk food and other unhealthy foods. 

However, through the years, we’ve found to be increasingly easy to stay on the healthy path when drinking healthy green smoothies instead of chewing can chowing down celery or kale, even with the best salad dressing.

For this reason, we’ve endeavored to find the best green smoothie blender that are reasonable and affordable. As you can guess, there isn’t much we can do with a recipe minus a blender. We scoured the internet, researched and considered user reviews to determine the best blender. After months of research and hard work, we found the Vitamix 6300 to be one of the best blender.

Vitamix is a big name in the blending world, but this Vitamix 6300 is the best Vitamix for smoothies. In this Vitamix 6300 review, we’ll highlight all the features of the blender.

Vitamix 6300 Features

Pre-programmed settings

Compared to other Vitamix models like the 5200, this blender stands tall as the best with its three pre-programmed settings. With these three settings, you get to automatically process different dishes like hot soups, smoothies, and frozen desserts.

These settings mean that the appliance is in automatic mode so, you just need to add ingredients, choose the present and voila, you have desired food.

It also comes with a pulse function and ten variable power speeds which simplify preparation of smoothies and soups.


This blender is one of the most powerful blenders on the market hence considered a commercial-grade blender. It has 2HP (horsepower) motor that spins the blades at high speeds of up to 240mph. With this power, the blender liquefies the toughest ingredients within the shortest time. You can use this blender to churn, chop, cream or heat your ingredients in a short time. This is the blender for preparing baby food, ice cream, salsa, pasta sauces, protein shakes and dough.

The power and the versatility of this blender come from the high power and the variable speed control. These two allow you to fine tune the blender to very texture.


It has four-prong laser-cut stainless steel hammermill cutting blades with diameters of 3 inches. These blades make for consistent blends all the time.


It has a radial cooling fan as well as a thermal protection system which protects the user (and the blender) from accidents.

Large capacity

This commercial-grade 64-ounce blender will save you the trouble of blending ingredients severally.

Ease of cleaning

This blender has a large capacity, but it doesn’t make cleaning difficult. You just need to a drop of dishwashing liquid into the blender, add some warm water and run it on high for a few seconds, Just make sure you towel-dry it before storage.




In conclusion, this Vitamix 6300 blender is the best on the market with its pre-programmed settings, exceptional power and versatility. With it, you can prepare large batches of smoothies, batters, soups, dough, hot soups, baby foods, and dips. If you are looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle, then this Vitamix 6300 is a must-have.