Top 5 Best Smoothie Makers (Reviews & Buying Guide) 2022

It’s hard to think of anyone who can resist a refreshing glass of a fruit-flavored smoothie.

Smoothies are delicious, convenient, and have several health benefits. A single glass can be packed with so many nutrients, depending on the combination of the fruits and vegetables used to make the smoothie. Smoothies also have high fiber content and are great for people who are picky eaters.

The best smoothie maker will let you experience all these benefits and help you adapt to clean eating. We have selected some of the best blenders on the market for your consideration. Some of them also come with recipe books that will let you discover exciting treats and flavors that you hardly knew existed.

Smoothie Maker Reviews

1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

Features Overview

  • Six blade assembly
  • Pulse control
  • Durable construction

Whether you want to make a delicious glass of your favorite smoothie or a large batch of healthy beverages for your family, this Ninja Professional blender has got you covered. It comes with a professional jar that’s large enough to handle your smoothie needs.

You’ll be able to puree, blend, crush, and carry out controlled processing, whenever you want. It comes in a sleek design and offers outstanding performance. Buyers also get a 25-recipe cookbook, which lets them explore new recipes and come up with all kinds of blending creations.

Product highlights

You can use it to make anything from creamy to frozen drinks. It has Total Crushing Technology, making it reliable enough to handle all kinds of frozen treats. Some people even refer to it as one of the best blenders for frozen fruit smoothies. The blender’s 1000-watt motor is powerful and of professional grade. When coupled with the blender’s unique blade design, it effortlessly blasts through all the ingredients and crushes ice in a matter of seconds.

The best thing about it is that it has four manual programs and four automatic programs. The programs and controls are part of what makes the blender user-friendly. The reason being, you’ll have full control over all the blending processes.

The Good/ What I like

The motor base can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The Bad/ What I don’t like

The pitcher is of questionable quality.



2. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor

Features Overview

  • Reversible slicing/shredding disc
  • Grating dis
  • 30 recipe inspiration guide

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System does more than the average smoothie maker. As the name suggests, it’s more of a system because of its versatility. You’ll get to carry out vitamin and nutrient extraction, frozen blending, and food processing.

The food processor is so effective that you can use it for both chopping and dough making. Thanks to its powerful dough blade, it takes less than 30 seconds to mix up 2 pounds of dough. That’s part of the reason why this Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes highly recommended. Its performance is almost unrivaled.

Product highlights

You’ll get to have some of the best tasting smoothies because the blender helps create highly nutritious beverages. Its extraction feature ensures that your drinks will always have plenty of vitamins and fiber as well. This model also has the brand’s Total Crushing Technology.

You can rest assured that you won’t have issues with any ice-related recipes. It’s guaranteed to pulverize vegetables, ice, and whole fruit, to ensure that you get quality smoothies, dips, and sauces in the shortest time possible.

When you buy this Ninja Kitchen System, you will get Nutri Ninja Cups, a 72oz. Pitcher, and an XL 8 cup processor bowl. All the Ninja cups come with lids so that you can have your smoothie to-go.

The Good/ What I like

All the parts are BPA free.

The Bad/ What I don’t like

The warranty does not cover the processor bowl.



3. Oster Blender | Pro 1200

Features Overview

  • Premium stainless steel finish
  • A 16-inch cord
  • A 24-ounce smoothie cup

Oster also offers a professional blender with a food processor attachment. You can use both functions interchangeably, depending on what you want to prepare. It will not limit you to smoothies alone. You’ll also have the option of preparing soup, one-touch salsas, and a ton of other foods. It has seven speed settings that will make the recipes easy for you. Such that, you’ll only need to control the speed to make sure that it’s up to par with the recipe you’re following.

The settings are part of the blender’s Smart Settings Technology. The tech is impressive since it includes a few pre-programmed options. You’ll be able to switch from pulse to puree with the touch of a button. The pulse setting will come in handy whenever you want added control and precision. The three main smart settings are there to ensure that you can easily get the blender to function as you please, by eliminating all the guesswork.

Product highlights

The blender’s food processor has a 5-cup capacity. It comes with a chopping blade and a stainless steel slicing disk. The bowl will help you shred, slice, and chop produce, making food prep faster and easier for you. You’ll also get a durable Boroclass glass jar with a 6-cup capacity.

One of the reasons why this blender stands out is because of its Dual Direction Blade Technology. The tech is why the blender is capable of producing faster and smoother results. It simultaneously moves in forward and reverse directions to effectively move the ingredients to the blade. The blade system is both powerful and precise. It’s also 50% larger than other blades in previous Oster blenders.

The Good/ What I like

The smoothie maker has a DURALAST All Metal Drive limited 10-year warranty.

The Bad/ What I don’t like

Some users claim that they’ve had trouble getting replacement parts.



4. Ninja BL455_30 Nutri Professional Personal Blender

Features Overview

  • An instruction book
  • Durable construction
  • 1-year warranty

The Ninja BL455_30 blender is less bulky than the smoothie makers we’ve come across. However, that shouldn’t make you question its performance. It has powerful pro extractor blades and a 900-1000 watt motor that makes it worthy of being on this list. You can count on it to break down seeds, ice, vegetables, and whole foods as well.

Product highlights

It’s the perfect smoothie maker for people who want to add more juices and smoothies into their diet. The blender comes with 3 cups, which makes it easy for you to have your smoothies on the go.

It’s an excellent fit for people doing juice cleanses because they’ll have more storage options. Sticking to such cleanses becomes manageable if you have some juice with you at all times.

The cups are 24 ounces, 18 ounces, and 12ounces in size. They each come with sip and seal lids for added convenience. If you have a family, you could also use the cups to carry juice for you and your kids as well.

The Good/ What I like

It comes with a cookbook that has 75 exciting recipes. You’ll always have something to look forward to whenever you want to try something new.

The Bad/ What I don’t like

Some users don’t like how the manufacturer handles repair issues.



5. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Features Overview

  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Five buttons
  • 700-watt motor

Some blenders will frustrate you when you want to clean them. Hamilton Beach offers an easy to clean and user-friendly alternative. The blades are removable, and the jug and lid are dishwasher safe. The spout is even designed for easy pouring, meaning things won’t get messy when you’re making your smoothie. The blender also has an easy-to-read control panel and several blending functions.

Product highlights

This multifunctional blender is effective because of its Wave Action System. The system ensures that you’ll always get smooth results when making your smoothie. It’s designed to pull the mixture down into the blades for excellent consistency. The blender can also crush ice and make frozen drinks.

It has twelve blending functions, so you’ll be able to play around with the settings until you get one that can flawlessly execute your recipe. The settings will also make it easy for you to create purees, dressings, sauces, and even drinks like frozen daiquiris. When you’re done making your drink, you’ll be able to conveniently store the cord at the bottom of the blender.

The Good/ What I like

The pouring spout is unique since it has a hinged cap for easier serving.

The Bad/ What I don’t like

Ingredients tend to get trapped below the blade sometimes.



Buyer’s Guide

Let’s look at some of the things that you should consider when shopping for a smoothie maker.

1. Blender jar capacity

Blender jugs do not come in a standard size. Some are small, while others can readily make up to 14 cups. If you have a large household, a small blender will ultimately frustrate you because you’d have to make several smoothie batches if you’re serving a lot of people. You’ll tire yourself out even before you get to sit down and enjoy the smoothie.

Get a blender with a jar that can accommodate your household. That way, you’ll not have to dread making smoothies, and will always have enough for your family.

2. Blender size

Some blenders have a lot of components and are considerably larger. That’s why you need to check if you have enough storage space or if you can accommodate it on your kitchen counter. You could opt for a compact or single-serve blender if you have such concerns. However, you’ll be better off with a large blender if you like to meal prep in advance or cook for a lot of people.

3. Functions and features

Some smoothie makers are multifunctional. They are capable of doing more than the average blender. Some will even let you make processed foods and take on a variety of complex tasks. These units often cost more and have powerful motors. That’s why you need to narrow down the kind of functions that you’re looking for in a blender.

You don’t need any special features if you only plan on making smoothies, pureeing, and using it for simple mixing tasks. However, you need to make sure that your blender can crush and grind if you want frozen drinks and nuts in your recipes. Others even come with extra accessories for the chopping and food processing functions.

4. Speed and power

The power of the blender you want will be influenced by the tasks you want to use it for. What this means is that you can only decide on the wattage you want once you have an idea of how you’ll be making use of your blender. Otherwise, you might end up with a blender that can’t handle things like frozen drinks, all because you didn’t take your time to consider what you want it for.

Blenders that are 500 watts or less are a good fit for people who only want to make simple smoothies and blends. However, a wattage of 600 going upwards would work better when it comes to more complicated recipes. Such blenders make better smoothies and milkshakes, as well.

If you want to grind and crush, you should consider getting blenders that are 700 watts or higher. They are ultimately the best blenders for making smoothies with ice. Their motors and blades are built to handle such tasks effortlessly. But, you should make sure you get commercial grade alternatives if you want to use your blender for bar and restaurant applications.

When it comes to speed, you want to settle for a smoothie maker that will give you as much control as possible. On average, the best smoothie blenders have three to ten-speed settings. One speed setting will not give you enough control, and more than ten settings aren’t really necessary.

5. Noisy Operation

Some blenders can be loud and almost deafening. You want to go for an option that won’t have you wearing earplugs whenever you want to turn it on. It’s even worse if you plan on making frozen and iced drinks since most blenders get even noisier when crushing ice.

Things like the motor’s sound capacity, the material of the top lid, surface hollowness, and blade design, are factors that will determine the blender’s noise levels. That is why it’s advisable to go for blenders that have quality user-friendly materials and sturdy construction since they won’t produce too much noise.


1. Are blenders expensive?

Blender prices vary depending on the brand, features, and overall quality. You don’t have to spend so much to get the best blender for smoothies and ice. There are several pocket-friendly options on this list that will meet all your smoothie needs.

2. How many types of blenders are there?

Generally, there are four types of blenders in the market.

High-Performance blenders: You can use these blenders with both soft and hard ingredients. Their versatility is part of what makes them expensive. They’re also sturdy and of exceptional quality.

Immersion blenders: These blenders are handheld and extremely user-friendly. They don’t require much counter space and they are very affordable. You can get one of these if you’re only planning on using soft ingredients to make soups and smoothies.

Countertop blenders: These are the traditional types of blenders. They are moderately priced and often feature multiple blending speeds. The only issue is that you need to have enough counter space, which can be a bit challenging for some people.

Bullet blenders: You’ll take the least amount of time to make your smoothie when using a Bullet blender. They are fast and quite sturdy even though they only have one speed. However, they are not meant for cooking purposes.

3. Is there a way that I can make my blender less noisy?

Yes. There are several ways that you can make your blender produce less noise.

a) You can reduce the blender’s vibration by using it while it’s on a rubber mat, silicon trivet, or a folded dish towel. Doing so will also help absorb the noise.

b) Position your blender away from the wall. That way, the sound won’t bounce off of the walls and amplify the noise.

c) If the noise is still too much to handle, you could replace your blender with one that has better sound absorption features.

4. How will I know if I have the best smoothie maker?

You’ll know you have a good smoothie maker if it’s sturdy, durable, and has a powerful motor. It will be able to carry out all the functions you want and allow you to make enough smoothie batches. You’ll have several speed and control settings as well.

Final Verdict

We recommend the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender as the best blender for smoothies and ice. The blender has Total Crushing Technology, which makes it stand out because it can effectively make all kinds of frozen drinks. It also has a powerful motor, a six-blade assembly, and comes with a 25-recipe cookbook.

If you’re looking for an affordable smoothie maker, you should consider getting the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender. The smoothie maker is user-friendly and easy to operate. It also stands out because of its twelve blending functions, Wave action system, and three-year limited warranty.