Vitamix vs Nutribullet: Which Blender Should You Buy?

When you buy a blender, you want to make sure that you get everything you’re expecting from the appliance. After all, choosing is hard and blenders don’t come cheap.

So, to save time and make sure you don’t end up with the wrong product, we’re sharing with you a really in-depth comparison between Vitamix vs Nutribullet. This can give you a better idea on which blender is worthy of your hard-earned money.

Vitamix Review

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Why we love it: Versatile

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender is more than just a blender. With 5 pre-programmed settings, it can easily create purées, frozen desserts and hot soups. Its functions don’t compromise style which makes it extra interesting.

The appliance has a low-profile design which means it can easily stay put below your wall units. It has a Brush Stainless Metal finish that allows it to blend effortlessly with any kitchen design.

The controls of the blender are clear and concise. There are 10 variable speeds which you can see on the opposite side of the programmes on the dial. There are also two switches to start and stop the blender and activate its pulse feature.

The container sits on top of the centering pad. Unlike most blenders, you won’t have to twist the jug in place.

Inside, you’ll find 4 stainless-steel blades which make processing ingredients quicker and more efficient. It spins at 37,000 rpm with its 2.2hp motor. It has just the right torque to blend, crush ice without water and mix cake batter.

The blender has a really great cooling system. With it, you won’t need to worry about tripping the appliance overheat sensor. In addition to that, you also won’t have to take frequent breaks if you’re creating several servings.

One thing you might not like with the product is that it isn’t the most silent blender you can find. It tends to be noisy, particularly when you’re processing harder ingredients. This can be a turn-off if you’ll be using it in front of your restaurant as that can easily annoy customers.


2. Vitamix 5200 Blender

Why we love it: Durable

If you are looking for a robust blender, Vitamix 5200 is definitely the one for you. It is strong and durable to withstand daily and repeated use whether for creating a smoothie, for breakfast or preparing a sauce to go with your dinner.

Like the first blender, this one also has a built-in cooling fan which ensures that the appliance doesn’t burn out even when you are processing hot foods

And yes, it can help you create soups easily. Its blades can blend cold ingredients and turn them into a hot soup in just a matter of seconds.

If you don’t feel like “cooking” in your blender, you can always process pre-roasted warm vegetables mixed with chicken or vegetable broth.

The blender is big and heavy which can be a problem if you’re planning on moving it around the countertops. The size of its jar can also be an issue since you’ll have to clean it after each use. It has a self-cleaning feature which you’ll find handy.

The appliance has a 10-variable speed dial that’s high powered. There’s a manual hi/ lo switch so you can get better control over blending. It has no touchpads but the switches have soft-touch rubbers.

3. Vitamix 5300 Blender

Why we love it: Big capacity

Vitamix 5300 Blender is powered by a 2.2hp motor which makes it powerful enough to do most blending jobs in the kitchen. Despite its power, this blender is a lot quieter than others with the same motor. It features 4-inch stainless steel blades so you can easily achieve consistent mixtures each time.

The blender has a low profile container with a 64-ounce capacity. It’s big enough for you to create something for the entire family.

The appliance comes with a low-profile tamper and a wet blade. If you have to process dry ingredients, you may need to purchase a separate dry blade and dry container. 

This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t use the blade and container for dry ingredients. While you can use them infrequently for such purpose, it’s still better to buy the dry accessories to achieve optimal results.

Another thing you’ll love about this blender is that it looks sleek and professional. You even have the option to select the color that’ll match your kitchen’s design. It’s available in red and black.

If you look real close, you’ll notice that this blender is similar to the Vitamix 5200 and they are usually sold at the same price range. The only difference is that Vitamix 5300 is more powerful. It also has a pulse setting which is more convenient than the on/off switch you’ll get with 5200.

This blender has a low profile which means you won’t have to use its tamper that much.

Nutribullet Review

1. Nutribullet Pro 900

Why we love it: Easy to use

Nutribullet Pro 900 features a more powerful motor, bigger cups and stronger blades. These things can easily catch the attention of anyone looking for a reliable blender that can deliver smooth and creamy mixtures each time.

Powered with a 900-watt motor, this appliance can process smoothies with really good consistency. It can even power through fruits and vegetables effortlessly. Additionally, the blender can be used to create homemade dips and flours.

Now, here’s the thing.

The blender has no speed option or control panel. To use it, you need to twist the cup against its power base. While that sounds convenient, it can be quite tricky if you’re working on recipes that require precision.

There are, however, some techniques you can learn from its manufacturer that’ll let you experience the better operational abilities of the appliance.

One of the downsides of the product is cleaning. Because it has cylindrical blending cups, you may find it hard squeeze a cleaning sponge into them, particularly if you have big hands.

Another thing you might not like about this blender is that it has no heating functionality. If you are planning on heating soup, this might not be the best choice for you.

When it comes to noise, this one isn’t on the quiet side. In fact, it’s quite noisy and you may need to use it with a rubber matt under to reduce the noise.

2. Nutribullet Rx

Why we love it: Has a powerful motor

Nutribullet Rx is considered a high-performance blender. With 1700 watts, it can easily power through tough ingredients and even ice. Plus, it can also make hot soups within minutes.

And you know what’s really nice about it?

The product is easy to store. You can fit it nicely in your cabinets to avoid cluttering your kitchen. Additionally, its bullet shape really looks sleek. It won’t look odd in contrast with your kitchen’s design.

You won’t have a hard time cleaning this blender. It easily rinses with soapy water to prevent food debris from accumulating around the blades. All of its lids and jars are also dishwasher safe.

Yes, you’ll get two cups with this appliance and each of them screw directly to the base. You can take it with you to the gym or even to work. And if you need to make several servings for the family, there is a 1-liter pitcher you’ll find handy.

Compared with previous models, this one has a metal drive socket. This makes the blender a lot more durable than most brands made with cheap plastic.

One of the problems you’ll likely encounter with the product is the loud grinding noise it makes when you place the pitcher or cup at a slight angle. While that won’t cause too many issues once in a while, it can cause wear and tear after some time.

Another issue is the blender’s gasket ring. It’s supposed to form a seal to prevent leaks while you are blending ingredients. You need to remove that part after every use to make sure you don’t contaminate your food.

The problem is the gasket’s position. Its housing sits next to the blades which means you’ll be exposing your fingers to its sharpness. The process isn’t that easy as well.

3. Nutribullet Magic Bullet

Why we love it: Good for small servings

Nutribullet Magic Bullet works with a 250-watt motor while its blade rotates at a maximum RPM of 2,000. This makes it an excellent blender if you’re planning on creating small quantities of smoothies, sauces or dips.

The blender comes with two cups – a taller 18 oz cup and a shorter 12 oz cup. Those cups are good for just one person and may not be enough if you’re planning on serving the entire family. 

It’s also not that powerful when it comes to crushing ice. It typically serves smoothies that are quite chunky. It also doesn’t have heating properties.

Now, don’t feel too discouraged about buying the blender just because of those things. Honestly, it’s actually a good product if you’ll just be serving yourself and you’re thinking of creating smoothies a few times a week.

Plus, it’s really affordable. It’s a good choice if you’re new to smoothies and just want to test things first without breaking your budget.

Nutribullet vs Vitamix: The Face-Off


Vitamix and Nutribullet are two brands you’re probably already familiar with. After all, they are two of the most sought after blenders for smoothie enthusiasts and people who are looking for ways to get more vitamins and nutrients into their diet.

But which one should you get?

To help you come up with the best decision, here’s a more detailed comparison on Vitamix vs Nutribullet.


One of the greatest differences between the brands is power. Vitamix has so much power than Nutribullet which makes it a better choice if you’re planning on pulverizing any ingredient into smooth and soft mixture. Additionally, Vitamix has a higher RPM than Nutribullet at 37,000. This means that Vitamix has a better capability of powering through tough ingredients quicker.


Vitamix blenders are big. Most of their models can’t easily fit into kitchen cabinets. There are, however, compact models you can choose if you’re too conscious about saving space in your kitchen. Just take note that compact designs can mean lower capacity.

Nutribullet, however, is smaller and looks more sleek and stylish. You won’t have a hard time making it fit into kitchen counters.


If you are looking for more control and precision, Vitamix blenders can give you that. They offer a variable speed dial which you’ll find handy in creating different mixtures. It even has more advanced models that come with pre-set programs.

Nutribullet blenders, meanwhile, don’t have as many controls which means you’ll have to put on more effort in using them. If you’re planning on just using them for smoothies, that won’t really be an issue since the appliances are really easy to handle.


With more power and control, Vitamix can help you create more things. It’s not just a smoothie maker but you can also use it to make hot soups, bread and frozen desserts.

Nutribullet doesn’t offer that much versatility. However, it has specific skill sets that can do specific actions, like extracting vegetables and fruits into juices.


Nutribullet tops this one. Pushing down the blender to turn it on may sound weird and unusual but it’s what makes the appliance stand out. If you’re always in a hurry for work each morning, you’ll definitely find it handy. After processing, you can even take the cup with you to work or to the gym.


Both blenders are easy to clean and you shouldn’t have too many issues maintaining them. The containers they come with are BPA-free which means that they aren’t made with any toxic plastics that can compromise your safety.


This is something a lot of people don’t pay attention to but it’s extremely important for you and your blender.

Vitamix is known for its long warranty. There are blenders that come with a 7-year manufacturer warranty while others have a 5-year warranty.

Meanwhile, most Nutribullet blenders offer a 1-year warranty which is a lot shorter.

Foam Generation

Nutribullet has a wider base which helps create a greater aeration of the mixture. As a result, you’ll often end up with a really thick foam layer. If you don’t feel like drinking a foamy beverage, you can simply let the juice sit.

Now, if you want to avoid such inconvenience in the first place, go with Vitamix. With its narrow cup base, you’ll be able to avoid generating a lot of foam.


One of the most common things people do with blenders is to make smoothies. While both brands are great at this task, Vitamix makes a better choice since it can produce smoother results.

Of course, that will depend on how you want your smoothies or juice. For example, if you want more fiber in your drinks, you can settle with the less powerful blender since it can’t liquify really fibrous ingredients.

Both blenders can also create great dips which are perfect if you’re about to throw a surprise party. Just take note that while both are great, the quality of dips you’ll get from the two will be noticeably different.

Vitamix works brilliantly for such task. However, you need to watch it closely since overdoing your dip will make it too soft. Nutribullet, on the other hand, isn’t as efficient as Vitamix in terms of smoothness.

When it comes to hot soups, Vitamix blenders are your best option. They have these really powerful blades that can steam liquids because of the friction they create. With Nutribullets, you may need to look out for the latest models as they are the only ones capable of processing hot soups.

Vitamix vs Nutribullet: Which One Should You Buy?

Your choice will depend on a lot of factors.

If you want to do a lot of things with your blender, like make soups, juices and sauces, Vitamix is a greater choice for you. Plus, it has larger containers which are perfect for serving the entire family or when you simply don’t want to make several batches.

It also makes a great choice if you want something that’s heavy-duty for daily use. It has powerful motors that are durable and strong. Among the 3 Vitamix blenders, I’d recommend the Vitamix professional 750 blender.

Now, if you are single and planning on making smoothies, shakes and juices for yourself, choose Nutribullet. It can liquify just about anything so you can enjoy smoother drinks. Take note that it can’t thoroughly process really fibrous ingredients. It also can’t separate pulps from the juice.

Also, Nutribullet is a lot cheaper which is good if you’re just starting out with smoothies. Among the reviewed Nutribullet blenders, I love the Nutribullet Pro 900.

So, for this Vitamix vs Nutribullet comparison, consider three things: your needs, purpose and budget.